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Catchup AI

There has been a problem in video games for some time now and it has pre-dated what many people consider to be the beginning. Most people believe this problem to be known as "Mario Kart Syndrome", but I have noticed this for quite a long time. Yes, the problem does exist in Mario Kart 64, and two characters seem to be the most guilty, those being Toad and Yoshi. No matter how hard you hit them or how well you seem to drive, they always seem to be right there behind you and can steal the race away right at the checkered flag. As you have already noticed, I am speaking about Catchup AI in video games.

I first noticed this problem in sports games pre-dating Mario Kart 64. An example would be NBA Live 95 on the Sega Genesis in which the computer would hit 3 after 3 after 3 when the game was coming to a close and you could not seem to hit jack crap. They occur regularly in sports games and it is, quite frankly, pissing me off. I bring all this up in my first post due to an occurrence today whilst playing MLB 08: The Show. I am pitching quite the game against the Cubs with Brett Myers, but all the sudden in the 7th, the hit parade comes and the handle just flies off the faucet. They score 6 runs in 1 inning and this is inconceivable to me because I was hitting all the spots I had been and he was not tired, but all the sudden it all falls apart.

This is not the first time this has happened. I have taken perfect games into the 7th and then they get a hit. This bothers me somewhat, but perfect games are hard to throw and they can't happen all the time, but when that one hit comes, then another and another after that, suddenly they have scored 5 runs in the inning and have taken the lead. I find this to be a bit ridiculous honestly. The game seems to be programmed to give you a big middle finger and do what it wants if you're shutting it out or kicking its ass and I have umbrage to this fact.

If I had any voice in the industry I would insist that game developers somehow remove this possibility from video games and make it so that the AI cannot B.S. their way to a win through some unforeseen and highly unlikely circumstances all the time. Those are my thoughts, thank you for listening.