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The Console Wars...minus the Wii.

I am currently in the hospital waiting room after my mother having surgery. I decided to post an old notes I wrote about the console war...many views have changed and are changing. When it comes to gaming I have an open mind and would love to own all systems, to me the console wars is just fun, but many take it it seriously.

Before you go on, understand that I value and appreciate both Sony & Microsoft...and I miss the Sega Dreamcast. lol. Yet, here goes it:

They've been around since there were atleast 2 consoles on the market at the same time. Through out the years, many systems have battled each other for global domination of one of the largest entertaiment markets in the modern history...the video game market. We've seen many gruesome creations and countless epic battles, and sadly many systems that were left behind in the debris. (A moment of silencfor the brilliant DreamCast). Yet, welcome to the middle of 2007, where the the Console War is just entering phase 2 of the Next Gen Battle...Let's Introduce our Contenders.

X-BOX 360 : Microsofts Next Gen system that out does it's older brother the XBOX in many ways and shows that Microsoft can pump out some pretty impressive power and graphics. Although, I feel that the X360 is almost reaching its maximum capacity with its visuals and powers, way before its prime.

The X360 brings us a new version of XBOX Live and its so far one of the quickest ways to get online and play with your buddies. Wireless rumble controller based off the XBOX S-Controller fits niceley in hand and when playing FPS games, I tend to enjoy this controller over previous XBOX controllers.

One of XBOX 360's most impressive strength is its line-up of upcomming and already released games...Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden II, GTAIV, Halo 3, Gears of Wars, and Mass Effect are just to name a few...along with the online enabled Virtua Fighter 5.

The sad part of the X360 is its lack of hype in other countries, such as the home of the big guns, JAPAN...This lack of support from our friends over in the land of the rising sun, will be a major kick in the groin to the X360's rise to power.

Also, its HD-DVD drive, lacks in comparison to the PS3's Blu-Ray DVD. (I know opinions may variey)

X360's Pros:

+Awesome Line-Up So Far
+X-Box Live account is seemless and easy.
+Impressive Graphics
+Rumble Controller is a lovely touch.
+Head-Set never lets you down.

X360's Con's:

-Pay to play the best of Xbox Live.
-Feeling like X360 may hit its prime to early.
-HD-DVD is nice, but Blu-Ray is better.
-Over heating issues
-The horrid Red Ring of Death

The Playstation 3 (aka PS3)

The Playstation 3 didn't release until a year after the X360 hit the shelves, and it came out with a lack luster line up of games. Yet, the PS3 was released with graphics that are almost identical to X360 games, that are being released a year after the launch of the 360. Proving that PS3's first gen games are rather impressive.

The Playstation 3 comes in a sleek sexy black box with SpiderMan text logo representing the Playstation. I would have to say that the PS3 is one of the prettiest and coolest looking out of all the systems. Suprisingly the PS3 is also very quiet for being such a heavy piece of machinary.

The Playstation 3 is a large step above the PS2, and shows that Sony...although, lacking in a few areas, are still able to pump out some quality with its systems. PS3's Online is Free...and that means, you can pop in Madden 2008 and play head to head, with out owning an LIVE account and paying. This makes the PS3 take a demanding step forward from being simply another Next Gen System. PS3's Online is still getting its wheels churning, but once Sony gets everything where they want it to be, I am sure the "HOME" feature, will be a lovely addition.

Power...that's what the PS3 want's you to know it has. It has alot of untapped power that the developers of Next Gen games aren't even sure how to tap yet. It's raw power is slowly being harnest and you know what? I am ok with that...PS2 shows the slow evolution of gaming and how its graphics became more impressive with each generation of games to follow, this allows a system to have a long impressive life-span. Also, the PS3 controller is still just as comfy as the PS2 Dual Shock 2...I do look forward to the Dual Shock 3 coming soon for PS3 though.

The PS3 line up started off with a bunch of ho-hum titles, but with games like KillZone 2, GTAIV, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Virtua Fighter 5, Tekken 6, Soul Calibir 4, Heavenly Sword and so on...Its picking up heat and if its anything like the PS2, it will still be pumping out games long after the Xbox is Dead.

PS3 also has Blu-Ray...which is sharper, clearer, crisper, and sexy in all areas. I've done the tests to see which was clearer, Blu-Ray or HD...and Blu-Ray is the superior mark. :D

PS3's Pros:

+Untapped power still to come.
+Free Online Play
+ PS3 controller is still awesome to hold.
+Blu-Ray DVD
+Support for your PSP
+2008 is the year for the PS3 to rise.

PS3's Cons:

- Missing the ol' Rumble in my hand.(Dual Shock 3 coming soon)
- Launch Titles were ok.
- Although worth it, PS3 is expensive. (Blu-Ray ain't Cheap)
- Some Games are a little lacking graphics wise...damn you ports.
- Let go a few "should of been" exlusives.
- Current Lack of Games...thank you backwards compatability.

My predictions:

PS3 will soon rise to power. X360 is a solid system, but lack of support in Japan will kill sales. Whilst the PS3 is a happy system in all countries...X360 has Halo 3 to keep fans happy for some time to come, but doubtful it will keep the X360 sales afloat for long. Halo 1 & 2, were on Xbox...and as we know, XBOX is dead.

So long as PS3 continues to give us games that we want, holds onto some exlusives and delivers us gaming goods long after PS4 is out...PS3 will never fade into the darkness.

PSone outlasted N64, Sega Saturn, and even DreamCast....PS2 is still alive, whilst PS3 is still rising to power.

PS3 is still growing and becoming stronger, graphics are amazing, and its price is well worth the Blu-Ray player alone.

X360 won't go anywhere for a while and will continue to deliver its own set of awesome games.

Yet, I feel the final victory will go to the PS3.

Hail to the King.

Where is my PS4?

(This was a very quickly written bulletin to express my gaming opinions. More to come soon, Hopefully I will have more time.)