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Whitewolf725 Blog

Life Update

Firstly, I apologize for not being around and posting in your blogs. I've had a busy time finishing and graduating college. :)

I've been busy sorting things out with Dan A.K.A wolves1989 as well. He has been sucking up most of my time if I'm honest. :P Right now I'm in England with him. When we're done here, we're heading to California for three months. :)

I thought even though it has been a long time since my last blog...I'd make one just to say that as of yesterday...


You read correctly. For my 22nd Birthday, Dan began the day by making me breakfast in bed. Belgian waffles. :P Then he gave me my first present which was a bear dressed like Batman...A.K.A BATBEAR!!! :P

After that, he gave me one final gift which was a giant box. Inside there were eight letters numbered 1-8. After reading letter 8...I looked up at Dan, he got down on one knee and asked me the question. :) I said yes. This was my face: :o

We met on Gamespot over two years ago now. We met each other in person and really got to know each other. And now, we're engaged. :D It's exciting and came as quite a surprise despite having talked about it before.

Anyway, that's the big news with me. I hope you all are doing well still. :) I'd love to hear from you all. :)

If you want the story from Dan, check out his blog here. :)

Q&A Part II, E3, and Interesting School Day :P

Question and Answer Blog

So, my friend khatibi was saying how she misses people writing about themselves and their lives in their I figured I'd give you all the opportunity to shoot any questions you have my way and I shall answer them. :P So yeah, ask away people. :D And Lulu guess I kind of stole the idea from you too. :P

A Hilariously Awesome Day in Psychology

On to my Psychology course. My Professor the whole quarter has been saying how we need to have fun, be free, and run naked through the woods...yes you heard me right.:lol: So, at the end of the lecture these two girls got up...and took their shirts off! :o:lol: And they were followed by a group of maybe 15 people...all of them ran down the lecture hall butt naked and out the joke. :lol: That was the best ending to a course ever. :lol: And then another group got in front of everyone and started singing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. :lol: So, that was my day.:P I wish Legal Studies people were that awesome, but what're you gonna do?:P

Quick E3 Rant

Okay...E3. I'll just make this short by saying I enjoyed Sony's Conference the most, Microsoft was a close second, while Nintendo's just made me sad. :P I'm excited for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 the most. :P I'll be playing Captain America's side. 8) So, if you haven't all ready or want to again, feel free to share E3 thoughts. I thought it was pretty solid this year. :D

Special Shout Out

And I just quickly want to give a shout out to wolves1989. :) He has been the greatest friend ever. :D You're such a fun person to be around and always make my day. So, thank you for always being there for me Dan. :D:wink: I could write a whole blog about you, and maybe I will sometime, but I'll leave it there. :P:wink:

Guess that's it. Hope it wasn't too much reading. :P But hey, I don't blog often so whatever. :P I will get to your blogs more and the questions when I'm done with my tests. :D:wink: Let me know how you're all doing as well. :D Peace out everyone. :D


Caffeine: A Humorous Drug

I have absolutely nothing relevant to write. :P So, I figured I'd tell you all about caffeine, the greatest legalized drug there is. :P Yes, it is better than booze I think, at least in my case. :P

It was a weekend, a weekend where writing three final papers for school became a priority. :P I thought I had learned the first time from drinking too many energy drinks that it makes me uber hyper. :P But what the hell, my housemate and I decided to go the 7/11 to get Starbucks Doubleshots...with GUARANA...what a gross sounding word that is, but it is fun to say...GUARANA. :P Anyhoo, we get back, we chug them down while I'm writing a paper about video games actually. :P At first, I was super focused on my paper. I was writing that paper like there was no tomorrow. :P Next thing I know, I was dancing across the living room floor like I was Michael Jackson or something. :lol::P

After my little dance off with my housemate, I noticed my other housemate left her avocado shells on the counter. :P They were hollowed out and I thought, "Wow...those would be good for stuffing your bra to make your boobs look bigger. Why aren't people using these to stuff their bras instead of tissues?" :lol: So, guess what I did next? I humored my housemate by sticking them in my bra. :lol: Makes me wonder if I'd have done that despite the caffeine, knowing me, I probably would have, but whatever. :P I totally acted like I was high or something, which I guess I was, off of caffeine. :lol: What can I say, fake boobs are funny. :P

No there's no real point to this story, just something somewhat amusing to share.:P Feels like a bunch of people have been down lately, so hopefully that little story about me stuffing my bra with avocado shells put a smile on someone's face. :P :wink:

And of course, I must ask since it has been a while since my last blog, how are you all doing? :wink: Hope you're all doing well. :wink:


P.S...GUARANA!!! :P And no, I'm not on caffeine right now. I'm just easily amused. :P

Do dreams have meaning?

Because then my dreams would say I have some weird imagination. :lol: So, I was on vacation for a few nights with my family. Last night, I started laughing in my sleep. And I had to share a room with my brother and I asked him if I was laughing in my sleep and he said yes. I think I woke him up. :lol: Anywho, why was I laughing in my sleep? Because I have really, for lack of a better word, retarded dreams sometimes. :lol:

So, I had this wild dream that I was in a class and the Professor walked in. Not sure what class or what professor, but he walked in wearing a giant panda outfit. :lol: And no, it wasn't Halloween but it still would have been hilarious had it been. For you South Park fans, he totally reminded me of the Sexual Harassment Panda. :lol: And for some reason the student decided to take a picture of the guy in his panda outift. And he used the flash which seemed to catch the panda professor off-guard. It blinded him and he fell to the ground in slow motion in his panda outfit. :lol: And in my dream I was thinking "Oh crap" but I was trying really hard not to laugh. :lol: Next thing I know, I'm bursting out in laughter because I couldn't hold it in. It's one of those things where you shouldn't laugh but can't help it...hey he was the one in the panda outfit though. :lol: And that's when I I caught myself laughing in my sleep. :lol: Seriously, what the hell kind of dream is that? :lol:

Anyway, I have another embarassing recording for all of you. :lol: Um...we'll just say it's my holiday present to all of you. :lol: It's another musical interpretation. Crzy_gurl kept saying I can't do a Korn impression, and I was like you haven't even heard it! :lol: And um...she was probably right, but it might be funny nontheless. :lol: And no, I don't expect you to listen to it, but if you do, the best part is the chorus. :P The verses are kind of crappy. :P But, if it puts a smile on one person's face, I'll be happy. :P Something tells me wolvesies of all people will get a kick out of it. :lol: And hopefully I don't scare away any new friends. :lol:

Peace out everyone and enjoy the New Year that is approaching. :D



That was a kind of long blog. Sorry for making you read during the holidays. :P

Link Has Come to Town

come to save the Princess Zelda.:P

Hello everyone. Anyone remember that song? :lol: How's it going? I'm officially on Winter Break now. How fun. :P I'm gonna work on finally beating some of those games especially Final Fantasy VII. :lol: Anyway, this blog is not about me, it's about my dog. :D I love him a lot because he's awesome. :P Anyway, here's a little introduction.

My dog is an Australian Cattle Dog. He's about 45lbs. And his name is Link. Yes, he is named after the main character of Zelda. :P:lol: He's six-years-old now. :D But, he still is as energetic as he was when he was a puppy. :P And he's very friendly. Guess he takes after me. :P

Anyway, I'll post one picture here for you all. Check out my albums if you want to see more of him. :wink: I also have a couple pictures of my parakeets, but they're no longer alive. :( But, hey these things happen. :wink: They were cute too though. :D So, I thought I'd post a couple of them. :D Anyway, here is Link:

Something Kind of New for You All

Well...I have run out of ideas for blogs. :lol: So, I think it's fair to say a lot of us doodle when we're bored. :lol: I know I do...especially during class. :P Anyway, I thought since I have run out of blog ideas, that I'd share some of my doodles with you all. Yes...they're doodles. I'm not an artist. :lol: So don't expect much. :P I can't shade for crap so just accept the fact that they're not colored or shaded. :lol:

Some wolves hugging. :P I hate drawing paws. :P

It's Gambit!!!:P

YOSHMAN!!! I think this is my favorite. :P

And some random naked dude with wings. :P It's rated G for all of you. :P

Sorry I don't have much to blog about. How are you all doing? :D I hope you're all doing all right. :D Peace out everyone.

But mommy, everyone else is doing it

Seeing how everyone is doing these nowadays, I figured why not do one as well? So what does that mean? That means this is a Q&A blog. And what does that mean? That means go ahead and ask me what your little hearts desire...and perhaps I'll answer your questions. :P If I can, I'll make the answers in recording form and text form. I don't know if I'll get to make a recording, but I shall try because...ummm...they're fun to make. :P And you're not limited to one question for the record. I don't know when I'll answer them...maybe in a week or so. :P



P.S. Umm...if you ask me if or why I like you, I'll probably say something obnoxious. I like you okay. And it's probably because you're funny or something. Nah if you really must ask that, then go ahead. :P I'm just going to assume it's because you need a self-esteem boost. :P:lol: Hey...that's why I ask people that question. :P :lol: Not that I have low self-esteem. :P I like myself. Not that I'm narcissistic either. I'm just gonna shut up now. I tend to ramble about meaningless things. I like how my P.S is longer than my real meesage. Is anyone even reading this? :P

P.P.S if you didn't see my last blog, I posted pictures of myself if you're interested in seeing what I look like. You have to click my images link though because it's an album. :wink:

P.P.P.S I just wanted to make a P.P.P.S. :P And I am really done now. Bye. :P

Face behind the voice: zintura will be happy

Edit: Yes I changed the title. :lol:

Hello dudes and dudettes. Well, I go back to college tomorrow. Yay. I start school Thursday though. :P That's that. Not exciting just thought I'd make conversation. :P I'm debating whether to change my major to Psychology. Haha. I do like Legal Studies though. I may decide to minor in Psych actually. We'll see. My friend told me I'm good at understanding people, so I was like "I guess." :lol: Plus, I just like Psychology. It's interesting. :wink: Apparently I'm her conscience in her dreams. :lol: I found that funny. I'll take that as I'm good at giving advice. :lol: Not that I'd major in something because of someone's dreams. :P

Anyway, I finally summoned the courage to post pictures of myself. :o Some of you know what I look like all ready, but I figured eh...I'll just post some anyway for those of you who may want to know what I look like. If I find these pictures outside of GS, I swear I'll kill you. :P With my banjo nonetheless. Enjoy mes amis. :wink:

zintura I hope you're happy now because I know you wanted to see what I look like. :wink:

Peace out everyone. :wink:

Six Feet of Sunshine Leaves Me Inspired

Hello everyone. So today, I uploaded pictures of an event I went to in San Francisco. You see, I went to a beach volleyball tournament. Now I know I'm sure only like two of you even care. But whatever. :P I'm posting this dammit because it was probably one of the most inspirational days ever for me.

I got to watch Kerri Walsh and Misty May. :D Now for those of you who don't know, they are amongst my favorite athletes and they are my favorite female athletes. So it was quite a treat for me to watch them. Kerri Walsh was the first volleyball player I really liked. I watched her when she played in college. And I adopted her college number as my favorite number as well (Number 9). Now it's ten years later and she has made quite a name for herself along with her partner Misty May. Two gold medals. Both have over 100 career victories.

So, after their semifinal match, May and Walsh were signing autographs. So I rushed to the line. Kerri Walsh came out of the stadium and people started following her somewhere else. So I rushed passed a bunch of people because I wanted my damn autograph. :P I think I ended up cutting in front of people, but whatever. :P Anyway, I went up and got a volleyball signed by Kerri Walsh. And I told her "Good luck with the baby thing. You're going to be a great mom." And she says to me "Thanks. I hope so." Haha. She and Misty May were saying they want babies which is why I said that.

For those of you who don't know these ladies, I think it's fair to say they are some of the nicest people and they are professionals on and off the court. They are great role models for kids as well. :D So, after saying bye to Kerri Walsh I went over to Misty May's line. I waited there for about 10 minutes and managed to get her autograph as well. :D I told her that they played a great match and good luck becoming a mom. She thanked me and I thanked her.

And those were the autographs. The Men's Final was next. It was a good match. Three sets. Then the women's final was last. May and Walsh played Elaine Youngs and Nicole Branagh. In the end, they triumphed. Then came the victory. I was happy the crowd was happy. There was just a lot of spirit I guess. I loved every minute of it. And by the end of the day, I just felt really inspired. Kerri Walsh appropriately nicknamed "Six Feet of Sunshine" will always be my favorite. And I am glad to have her autograph as well as Misty May's. They're great great people. :wink:

If you are interested in seeing more pictures just click on my images. :wink:

To wolves1989: Uh oh she's being an idiot again.

Prepare your little ears for the worst everyone. I present to you, me singing Barracuda by Heart. And I mean that thing about preparing for the worst. :P And wolves, remember, you requested this. :lol: Yeah wolves requested that I sing, so I'm giving him this. :P Hopefully you get at least a kick out of it wolves.


No that wasn't for serious if anyone was really wondering. :lol: The singing I mean. :P I do like imitating Maria Sharapova though. :P