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Come together, right now

Hey guys. How many times have you went to a music forum, only to find that every user has a bad taste in music? You want to rock out, while they just want to listen to that bubblegum pop all day. You, my friend, need to check out my new forum, dedicated to the music known as rock. We have a Hall of Fame and tons of boards for discussion about music and instruments.

So check it out, and join if you like it. Invite your friends too. :D

Aside from this advertisement, I don't have much else going on...I've been playing Halo 3 and The Simpsons Game lately, and I go back to school on August 26. :(

Go Dodgers. :D

Rock Band and The Orange Box

My friend recently let me borrow Rock Band and The Orange Box. Sadly, I only have one guitar controller that I use for Guitar Hero 3, so I can only play guitar or bass on Rock Band. I really wanted to play the drums for "Run the the Hills"... :( I'm almost done with the guitar career on hard, it's way easier than GH3. I haven't even scored lower than 4 stars on a song yet...most of the songs are really fun though.

I actually haven't been playing The Orange Box much, and when I do, I always play Portal. I'm stuck on the mission with the androids that shoot you, and I'm pretty lost...oh well. I don't play Half Life 2, because I'm still working on finishing Halo 2. Also, I can't play Team Fortress 2 because I let my friend borrow my wrieless game adapter. Yup, I gave my friend the adapter that allows me to go on Xbox Live, and in return, he gives me a game that can only be played on Xbox Live. Sneaky bastard. But the trade was still worth it for Rock Band. :)

Boycott Viacom:evil:

So...what am I playing?

I'm starting to play a lot of video games again due to my new Xbox 360. I only have 2 games (Guitar Hero 3 and Lost Planet), but I've borrowed a ton of other games. My Xbox Live Gold free subscription ran out, so I'll be playing solo for a while. :(

My friend let me borrow Halo: Combat Evolved a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun, but a little overrated. I liked the story, but some of the missions were infuriatingly difficult. I'm starting to play Halo 2 now, so I'll see if I like it better.

My brother also borrowed two more games from his friend: Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Assassin's Creed. I'm only playing Ultimate Alliance for the easy achievement points, but I'm enjoying Assassin's Creed so far.

As for my Wii, I haven't been playing as much, but I still play SSBB every once in a while. I'll probably get Mario Kart Wii sometime in the future too.

Yeah...that's it. School's almost out. :o

Got an Xbox 360

My brother and I bought a premium Xbox 360 this past Thursday. It came with one wireless controller, a headset and 1 month of free Gold Live. We also bought the game Lost Planet. The 360 is pretty cool so far. It has awesome graphics, and you can do so much with it. Lost Planet is pretty cool too. It has good graphics, but the missions take a long time. The last mission I did took me 45 minutes to complete...

For anyone that wants to add me, my gamertag is carlos el. See you on Live. 8)

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Well it's my birthday too, yeah.

My sweet 16 is today. I'm not getting a car, but I am getting a new cell phone. :D

I'm also planning to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week. I don't have it preordered or anything, so I hope the stores have a lot of copies. :(

On Tuesday, I have to take the California High School Exit Exam. It's basically a test all high schoolers must pass to get their diploma. The weird thing is, the math on the test is 7th grade level, and the English is not much harder...


And Wet_Sand Presents...A New Blog

Hello everybody on the interweb. I just thought I'd tell you that there is a kickass new union called The Office Union. There are lots of nice people there. If you are cool, you need to join. No Dwights or Andys please.

Christmas is approaching. :O I'm hoping Santa will bring me a Line 6 Spider III guitar amp and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy. The Simpsons Game, Twilight Princess and Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's would be nice too. :)

And now, I leave you with this.

yo hey sup

I'm gonna be gone for the next few days. I'll be spending some time with mi familia up in northern California for Thanksgiving. Have a good holiday everybody. That's an order. :evil:

Soulja Boy came to my school :O

On Halloween, Soulja Boy aka Satan came to my school and performed his song. My school won some contest. Sure, I pretty much hate the song and the dance, but it was cool having a celebrity at my school. 8)

I also picked up Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii. Wicked awesome game. I'll be playing for a while, until Christmas when I get Super Mario Galaxy.

Colbert for president in 08.

new iPod

Got a new black 80 GB iPod today. It's wicked awesome. A big upgrade from the 4 GB iPod mini I had before.

Here's a pic: http://s130.photobucket.com/albums/p251/sambo13_photos/?action=view¤t=ipod.jpg


Hello people. I am called Carlos. :shock:

I enjoy playing guitar, going on the internet and listening to music.