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The only real surprise to me is it's launching on Steam. I figured it was going to be a Windows Store exclusive thing.

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20 gbs of RAM makes it feel more like a dev kit than a consumer product. Even the highest end PC game at 4k don't need more than 8 gbs of VRAM and games themselves don't need more than 4-5 gbs of RAM. 12-16 gbs of ram makes a lot more sense for a consumer product than 20.

I'm skeptical as well with that GPU performance too. Seems high for a cheap console.

I can completely believe the new consoles may launch at $500 this time around, or $450, but I find it hard to believe they can pack that power into that price range.

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* Vaulting and double jumping are just lowering the difficulty not adding options. Nesides. These are platforming and not FPS mechanics. If you want your jumps harder, move the platforms apart. Easier: do the opposite. Adding a jump just adds the width needed between platforms to retain the exact same gameplay.

Difficulty a PC game does not make. You're intentionally combining the difficulty of a game with its intended platform for some reason.

Also adding vaulting/double jump is fine in an FPS. The game is still played from the first person perspective and is primarily a shooter. Even the original Doom and Quake had minor platforming segments in addition to puzzles. Are you also going to say that Half-Life isn't an FPS because of its platforming segments? Also, this argument has nothing to do with "Doom is not a PC game". You're actually arguing that platforming elements don't make it an FPS despite there being plenty of PC exclusive shooters in the 90s that utilized platforming mechanics as part of their gameplay.

** Not sure how platforming can be inconsistent unless the controls are buggy.

That's not been a complaint people have and my experience is directly in contrast to that.

Glory kills slow down the action with animation to wait for.

On the contrary, they keep the action fast paced while adding a new element of risk/reward to the mix that gets even more dicey at higher difficulties.

The wide view angle in this version of Doom is too wide and makes me feel weird. The colour pallete is too monotone.

That's seems to be a personal prefernce and has nothing to do with the original topic, which I have to remind you was "Doom is not a PC game" not "do I like Doom"

The overall tone is too bleak and off putting.

This is asinine. Were you expecting a base on mars that has a portal to hell to be charming?

Oh and by the way. View movement speed is limited. Alot. You can't look around very fast on pc even with a mouse.

No it's not? This is just flat out incorrect.

This is not the same as Quake or Unreal Tournament. Those games have gone now.

Of course a game called Doom is not the same as Quake or Unreal Tournament. Exactly what does that have to do with anything, especially the topic if Doom was made for the pc or not?

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@x_karen_x said:


Pc shooter it what is for me all about using mouse. If you ever play multiplayer Unreal you know what I say. This is genre which make company release fast gaming mouse. Literally new hardware arrive because of fps genre on pc. I only play doom very briefly. Everyone say it a return to form. To me it feel somewhat like Serious Sam run on Halo Engine.

Here an example of pc and console game: Starcraft on pc and Nintendo64. It is a game made for pc it almost unplayable on other platform. If I have choice to play Starcraft on Xbox X in 4K with controller or on window98 pc in 800x600 with mouse and keyboard, I choose pc. This what I mean with doom. It designed universally for all platform. Choices take into account like most game. No way publisher to spend money to release big budget title and not say “okay guys we need to fix this area because it not work so good on control pad.” Don’t be silly. No way if tester say “hey guy this part not work so good when on DualShock” that developer do not look into issue. So much money in it they examine these things. This, it is my argument for why it universal shooter and not pc shooter.

I have played Unreal. You're still not actually backing up what you're saying.

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This place still alive?

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@scatteh316 said:

They offer higher resolutions so they are Pro and X enhanced....

It does not. It's lock at 1080p on both platforms. The PS4 Pro version has better performance than the Xbox One X version. Fidelity wise it's identical on all platforms, but the PS4 and Xbox One version suffer greatly because of that.

The speculation that it runs better on the Pro than the Xbox One X is because they spent extra time optimizing the PS4 Pro version for the VR support. That makes a lot of sense but it's sill discouraging.

I'm in love with the game and it runs fine on the PS4 Pro and looks great, but there's certainly a lot more work they could have done. They just chose not too. Time and money are always limited. The fact we even got a proper Ace Combat game in 2019 is amazing. We haven't had a proper one since 2007. The series was basically dead.

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@x_karen_x said:


This game is just one plain. Modern shooter most is restrict to thing more suitable for controller. If pc was main platform it be less restrictive with today technology.

In what way? You've provided no examples of that. You've stated some pretty bold, and rather generalizing claims about Doom, none of which you backed with any evidence and fly in the face of the general public's opinion about the game.

So either put up, or shut up. You don't make a case by telling somebody they are wrong and making a general statement outlining your argument with no actual evidence to back it up.

Like, for instance, in what way is it designed solely for a console? The level design is reminiscent of the old Unreal and Quake single player games. The game fully supports hotkeys and control input that is traditional in PC shooters. The gameplay itself has some modern twists (the melee for ammo/health, vaulting, double jumping), but they were all implemented to remedy some of the issues of older PC arena shooters that made them inconsistent to play. For example adding a nice risk/reward factor with the melee, while the vaulting reduced the penalty for slightly missing your jump while still putting you at a disadvantage, and the double jumping just giving you more movement options that aren't even available in those old PC shooters.

Meanwhile the difficulty was a bit easier than the older shooters on the normal level, which is consistent with all games in this day and age as oldschool games were generally a bit too punishing, but there was a variety of harder difficulties designed to challenge veteran PC gamers.

You're literally the first person I've ever seen say Doom is built for the consoles as if that somehow negates all of the positive qualities from the PC perspective.

If you look at it from just the PC perspective the game runs on Vulkan and OpenGL rather than DX. The game is extremely well optimized while also supporting graphical settings that punish high end machines. The game supports ultrawide monitors and unlocked framerates to take advantage of 120-240hz monitors. Games that are built just for consoles don't do these things. It takes extra time and effort that is unnecessary in a low effort port of a console game.

So really you're kind of batting a zero right now in terms of actually convincing anybody of your opinion here. So please, enlighten us.

If your argument hinges on the notion that because it's on a console, it's somehow inferior, you can take that crap and shove it because that argument holds no weight at all and you can continue on with your miserable existence of not enjoying great games in order to make it look like you're some "hardcore" gamer on the internet.

Protip: nobody gives a crap about you or what persona you've built on the internet.

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I do. It was everything Wolfenstein was trying to do without the crap stealth missions and pointless focus on the story that really went stupid in the 2nd.

The last shooter that made such an impact on me before Doom was Crysis and CoD4 MW, in 2007. So yeah I'll say it, best shooter of the past decade.

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The weirdest part is that the PS4 Pro version runs the best. That's just a poor showing on their part.

Still absolutely love the game.

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Probably because its sales on the Playstation platforms have dried up and the PC is a new source of revenue?