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April 28th-My GTA Gameplay preview

I will have this beauty of a game on April 28th. In which "yes" i will be taking the day off college :).

I will post a short clip of the gameplay features, and multiplayer etc... onto youtube in the morning

It will be on both my 360related and Waltonnn accounts,

So go check them out.....:P:P:P:P

Whats Good, Whats to look foward to :) *New*

Ive been playin Assasins Creed for past week and its very enjoyable if a tad bit repetiive. Ive got one guy left to kill but.........

Im going to trade it in today for Mass Effect, i am so looking forward to this game, it had better look up to its expectations.

Need For sped hasnt had many good reviews so im going to leave that for the tme being and see how it pans out.

Whats games are you playing at the moment???

Any your looking forward to???


Heres a random pic of me pulling abit of a strange pose--

Tell me what ya think :)

Picture Quality aint that good sorry

Im off to the MPH Show at the NEC this coming saturday :)

I Cant wait, The last time i went was in 2005 and it was great.

Looking at all the cars that you will never be able to afford, and the show with Clarkson, Hammond and James May---It should be good :)

The cars i am hoping will be there are:::::

Gumpert Appollo

Pagani Zonda

Koenegsegg CC

Mercedes McLaren

Audi R8--I love these cars

Ultimate Aero GT---This probably wunt be there :)

And maybe the Lambourgini Revento--- which is the ultra rare lambourgini---there is only one being shipped to Britain :o

Anyone else going to the show????

What are you playing at the moment???-----Updated*

Im playing:

PGR4- trying to get all the achievments for it :)

Halo 3- Im now a Captain online :)

Eternal Sonata- Although iv now completed, with very little achievments achieved :(

* I now have the Orange Box, which is well worth the money, i completed Portal Today and the end song known as "Still Alive" is amazing, watch it, its genious--

Follow this link


Eternal Sonata???

Wow i love this game.

Graphics are unique and amazing.

The battle system is well fun.

And the story isnt to predictable, im a good 10 hours through it, and im liking it :)

What do you think???

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