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WallaceUGBeaver Blog

Less work, more play and a repaired house.

I just wrote this. Damn GS glitching. Okay, here's the rundown. I completed by essay, which I got 80% on, but now I have the book report, but it's a small fish far as I'm concerned. Which means I got more time for Street Fighter Alpha Max 3. My house is mostly repaired, they just need to finish painting which will take them 2-3 days. I'm moving back in tomorrow.  My dogs have to be kept at the vet for a few days, which I'm not happy about, but whatever. I'll update you once I get back to my house. Looking forward to a chilled weekend. Later.

A ton of work, all play so lots of procrastination.

Just bored right now. I've got an essay due Friday, a book report due Monday and probably some other things I've yet to find out about. I really should be working on my essay now, but I'm lazy. Homework ain't fun. Besides, why do homework when you got a brand new copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max just begging to be played? I'll worry about my work at the last second. I've been able to pull that off on everything so far. Barely. Don't judge me! Anyway, I'm off to do everything except work. Maybe I'll go climb a mountain then bungee-jump off it.

Fire in the hole!

 Alright, here's the story. Felt it was worthy of a blogging.

My cleaning lady was going to make some french fries. I don't really know the details, but the cooking oil caught fire and she tossed the pot in the sink. Unfortunately, the fire extinguisher was under the sink so we couldn't get to it. We got on our jackets and got the dogs and everyone out of the house. My sister called 911 and a few minutes later a couple fire trucks came.

My mom, who was at work, pulled up in the drive-way, so I sat in the car with my dogs for awhile. The dogs were having a complete freak-out. Also, the cleaning lady was crying her eyes out, because she thought she started the fire. Anyway, they managed to put the fire out without anything major getting damaged. Then they had to clear out the smoke.

Now there's some suds all over the first floor and some cracked windows, but that's it. All my stuff, which is upstairs is perfectly fine. The house smells like smoke and I'm at my dad's. my parents are divorced, so I essentially have two houses. Good at a time like this. Pretty crazy, but things are fine.