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Picking a profession is harder than it sounds...

I really don't know what I want to be. Considering already in school we're suppose to decide on our careers, then take half a semester researching the job. I don't wanna waste my time doing all of this for no reason. But It's really so hard to pick a job.

I'm all over the place, first I was going to be lawyer. Then I thought, "Hey! I'm going to go into medical." Then I thought I was going into medical too much for the money, and threw my plans of being an anesthesiologist out the window. Then I was planning on being an architect. But maybe I'd enjoy programming more. But then I don't even know what kind of programming I'd like to do! Maybe I want to game design. I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it, but are the salaries really enough to have a good living. But website development could be cool too! Maybe I should just go into the programming job which gives the most money, because I'd probably like anything with programming... maybe. I hear game design could be really bad cash. You're suppose to pick a job you like and you'll be happy with that. But if the pay is really low, sometimes it just doesn't cut it. I mean I'm pretty sure even if I enjoy working at McDonalds, I won't enjoy my life as much due to the pay. I also hear there are loads of programmers, what if I don't even get a job. I focus hard on good grades and all so I ensure a good salary when I reach adulthood. But what if I spend all those years in university and it all ends up wasted! That would be horrible, so maybe I would be better off with a job that can promise money. I don't even know!

This is all so confusing and so many things go through my head when I think about it. I really have no idea what career to pick. I've heard plenty of advice, but it's all mixed reviews which doesn't help much. I mean, I have a hard time picking a race on Starcraft, or a class on an MMO. So if I have troubles with that, this should pretty much make my brain explode.

Well, time to go do more research and hopefully not have my head go 'boom!' This is all so complicated, I wish I had everything organized and set out and knew I would be fine in the future.

How did you guys pick your career? What do you think I should do? Any advice?

... That's if anybody actually reads this, aha! Okay, I gotta stop procrastinating. Anyways, till next time!

Thanks :) - Wakanoid.


So me and a partner have a good community stream going on at Justin.tv.

We stream DC Universe and Starcraft 2 mainly.

If you feel like having a good time or joining us or possibly telling all your friends about us ;) . Then feel free to.

Streams at justin.tv/jackalx24

Check it out :P!

What a stupid video store...

So, I rented Too human right? I rent it for a week, on the day I went to bring the game back there were major storms, this resulted in me returning the game an hour late.

So after the inital 10$ rental, I now got charged an extra 10$!

Only to later find out the game was on sale for 10$. Seriously? You shouldn't be able to do that, but I guess they can.

Do you think the video store owner took proper actions, or agree with me that there a !@(#!@*$#(%@#*(

Come on sony... And Games... and WoW, oh yeah and a party!

I love Sony so much more then Microsoft and I want to keep it that way. But recently the PS3 just broke... I was quite shocked after putting my Playstation 2 through hell and it still works 8 years later. So we call up Sony, and they say "It will cost 250$ for us to fix it." 250$?! For one, it's an old 40G ps3 and we could go by a new 120G for 300$, and it's proably quite easy to fix. So after searching for someone to fix the Playstation, we find that it's ILLEGAL to have anyone else except for Sony fix it for you. I'm quite dissapointed Sony, don't make me lose faith in you.

Anyway, 2010 has been a good year so far. Still got loads of games to rent, recently I picked up Meto 2033. I must say, the game is some what dissapointing so far but i'm not that far to complain yet so i'm not going to say anything else.

Now, Red Dead : Redemption... I really wanna pick up the limited edition, but... 40$ for a few new mini-games, costumes and a horse? I'm not sure if it's worth it... What do YOU think?

Halo Reach! Beta coming out so soon. It looks great, I remember when I left Halo for CoD. But Halo is making a huge come back. I showed my friend who said "I'm done with Halo, I absolutely hate it now." After he watched a few videos of Halo Reach - Gameplay, he is completely pumped. GOTY? Just might be...

Also, there is Fallout : New Vegas. I'm somewhat excited for this one, I Haven't seen much gameplay though. But from some screenshots it looked almost identical to Fallout 3 which was some what dissapointing... Hopefully it won't be a complete clone though.

Crackdown 2! Seems like a crazy fun sandbox game to play with your friends, but I don't have much info on this game either. But i'm thinking this game is gonna turn out good. Hopefully it doesn't flop.

Splinter Cell : Conviction! :o! Interested in trying this game, but i've heard mixed reviews of some really enjoying the game, and some quite dissapointed. When I went to rent it they were all sold out, gah :(.

Just Cause 2, seems like sandbox heaven! What the problem with these games is I never really do missions... I just like doing crazy stuff. I think I might rent it, but i'm not sure if i'll have the time. Still haven't tried the demo... Gotta get on that.

Oh yeah, and I need a new hard drive, my hard drive at the moment is only 10G *sigh*. Biggest problem is my MW2 is almost completely broken and won't work if I take it off the hard drive... So that's 6-7G and I have around 3-4G to fit all my dlc. Barely have room for DLC now, yet alone demos and stuff. :(

So many great games, wish I had the time and money to play all of them.

So recently I got back into World of Warcraft. This game just sucks you in... It's just... Fun. I will walk around in circles for hours, I have no idea why I enjoy doing it so much. I swear this game is going to ruin my social life, haha. Hopefully I can control how much I play this game.

I've also been interested in trying RTS again on the PC, and maybe upgrading my PC but most likey getting my hard drive first, GAH! I need more money -_-.

Anyway, just wanted to update my blog. Going to a party most likely tonight, then crashing at my place with a friend! Pretty excited for that!

So, yeah.

Anyone actually gonna read this? :P

Blame it on the video games. (Not the parents.)

*NOTE* This is a rough draft! I have not pre-read it, It is still getting fixed up. Thanks.

Edit: Well.. I proably won't fix this up for a while because i'm so lazy :P... but this will just get a general point across.

I'm sure most of you have heard atleast one news report/article about a minor who did some sort of illegal activity BUT was also playing violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto 4, or Gears Of War! Well there we go, the kid did this because of the games.

It's obviously not the parents, how could it be? Grand Theft Auto 4 has some sort of hypnotism that makes us wanna murder people which is completely true, right? /end of sarcasm. Anyway, I love it when people blame violence on video games, especially the people who want to make it illegal for someone under the ESRB rating to play the game. Lots of violence has come from parents and violence.

Do the parents hit there kid? That can lead to the minor hitting other kids. Many kids who have never played a violent game in there life because of parents restricting them are incredibly violent. My cousin is incredibly violent and has also stolen from a store before and he is completely restricted from violence. I have played the GTAs and all that violent stuff at the age of eight. Yes I know, that is very young but it's just to prove violent video games have no effect on people if the parents do there job right. I have had a kid steal 20 dollars right infront of me and spend it infront of me because he knew I wouldn't hit him. I can't be violent for the life of me.

Now there are some situations where you can some what blame it on the video games but it's still the parents. If a parent raises there kid in a way and then he finally plays a video game he might actually have an urge to do acts in the video game. The only reason he would have an urge to do something like that would be because of the parents. You can't just 100% blame it on the video game.

There are also situations where kids get so addicted when there parents tell them to get off they will do major acts of violence even up to murder to there own parent. Is it the games fault? Nope, why would the parents let him play so much? They let him get to that point and i'm not saying they deserved what happened but you can't attack the games. Minors pick up EVERYTHING from there parents, maybe the child was playing violent video games but had also seen his father attack his mother. Twenty years later he then beats his wife, but he was known to play A LOT of violent video games when he was young.

Now, I know this blog is more sided on blaming video games but it's also movies that can get blamed sometimes. It still always comes down to the parenting. I grew up with loads of violence but the way my parents raised me i'm not violent at all. I didn't turn stupid either because of all the video games.

Anyway, feel free to post a comment on what you think.

My thoughts on kid stereotyping

I'm starting to get really sick of stereotyping. The thing that bugs me the most is the people who stereo type on kids.

Not all of us are brainless idiots who go online and love to piss people off and scream. I have heard many people 17+ going into games who insult people non-stop yelling racial slurs and what not. Now, considering I have seen just as many of these people as I have seen people my age does that mean I have the right to go into a post and say, "Great, all the screaming stupid 17+ year olds are going to ruin this, honestly adults just stay off this game." Now, i'm sure lots of you people who are 17+ are obviously a lot more mature then these fools you meet on xbox live. I think you can have an opinion but I think you should keep it to yourself, it's not the best when you get indirectly flamed all the time because of stereotyping. I'm pretty sure lots of you who are 17+ would start getting pretty annoyed if you started getting stereotyped into the group of brainless idiots.

Anyway, I really needed to make a blog and this is the first thing that came to mind. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section if you want, thanks :)

2010/ excited

I'm really excited about all the upcoming hits in 2010, this is going to be a pretty good year.

. My first blog :) (Finally gonna start blogging)