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E3- The Aftermath

Well after much debating (with myself) I decided to preorder the Xbox One.

Both systems had positives and negatives. I personally have never owned a Playstation tho, and I just couldn't ever get used to the PS controller when I used one. The XONE's controller looks amazing btw.

I plan on getting a Wii U as well since they announced smash bros (megaman and wii fit trainer ftw) and showed Bayonetta 2. The new Mario World looks sweet too.

So I now sit here wanting these next gen games that wont be released for quite awhile... the one reason to hate E3.


A Blog Because I Haven't Made 1 Recently

This is my first blog in awhile.

Well recently I've been playing Resident Evil 6 (severely underrated,) Halo 4, Minecraft (360) and Bioshocks 1 & 2 (which were on sale on Xbox LIVE for $10 each.)

Hurricane Sandy came through bout a week ago, I luckily wasn't too effected but a lot of people, unfortunately, were.

Season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD has started up... ____IN' EPIC!

Last episode was insane! Can't say more.

Since Halloween Past I leave you with this song. Cry Little Sister vs. Hello Zepp by Celldweller Theres a download link for those interested. :)

It's been forever

Well I'm still alive for starters, just been busy.

Today is technically my last day of normal classes...ever. Next week is just for finals.

Yep, my last college semester is just about over with. Kinda happy kinda sad, it seems like its passsed me by.

Well, in regards to gaming I've been playing Soul Calibur V and Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.

I also just got the Ghost Recon future soldier beta. It seems awesome but I'm not gonna play it much becasue I don't want to have to re-unlock everything when the full game is released.

Oh yeah I got Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City as well. Its not the best game in the world but I don't think its as bad as everyone made it out to be.

As if there was any doubt...

I got Mass Effect 3 yesterday. I must say it is awesome.

The word EPIC comes to mind. Today I'm stuck at college from 10am to 9pm So i wont get much chance to play it. :(

Yesterday I lost track of time whime playing it. Before I knew it I had sunk 7 hours into the game, and I think I only did 2-3 main missions.

Black Blade by Two Steps from Hell from the trailer for ME3.

A week with Soul Calibur V

I got SCV in the mail last Wednesday. It got here surprisingly fast (Kentucky-New Jersey in 1 day) The US Postal Service can actually be competent.

I must say the game is extremely fun. I unlocked all the characters and am working on the creation equipment and weapons. You can also unlock titles with Quick Battle mode, but the higher ranked opponents can be quite difficult.

Which to say nothing of Legendary Souls, the new boss rush mode. This mode is extremely difficult, I spent an hour on it and only got to the 4th opponent. (I quit) :P Whenever you get close to winning the enemy would spam low attacks or something similar. It can be frustrating, however when I finally won the fights I did complete it was extremely satisfying.

Online mode is way better than it was in SCIV. New lobbies and the ability to watch fights and comment on them is nice, plus the ability to set parameters helps prevent the overly aggressive people who played SCIV from p***ing you off.

Creation mode is incredibly deep. It takes some getting used to at first but the sheer variety is astounding. I was able to create a near perfect Darth Maul and a pretty good Chuck Norris. My bro made Faith (Mirror's dge) and Sephiroth (FFVII).

I gave it an 8.5 but thats just for the lack of SCII's team battle. Also story mode is largely told through storyboard pictures. It helps the aesthetic but more of the actual cutscenes (which look amazing by the way) would have been welcome.

Next Week...

...Soul Calibur 5 comes out.

I can't wait.

What really sucks is that I ordered the special edition online thru Gamestop, and they wouldn't ship it to the store. So I had to ship it to my house.

So since I wasn't gonna pay an extra $25 I gotta wait til it gets here, which will be god know when.

By the way, this is the wallpaper I made for the game on my Deviant Art

Anyway, I started my new college semester a week ago. I'll be learning about film Noir which seems cool so far.

Celldweller- I Can't Wait

Sorry I've been gone.

Hello everyone. I've been buys this last month with the end of my college semester (its over :) yay) and playing Skyrim thanks to that my life has taken an arrow to the knee :lol:

Seriously tho that meme is being beat to death. I like it when it actually refers to Skyrim.

Well hopefully everyone has a Happy Holidays and gets lots of new games.

What You Want- Evanescence

Ultimate Skyfield 3

Over the past week I've been playing new games: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Skyrim is awesome the world is so big its overwhelming. I find myself walking towards an objective then seeing something in the distance or on my radar and walking to that instead. Fighting dragons is a blast although it can be annoying depending on the terrain and whether or not other creature decide that the best time to attack you is when a dragon is flying overhead. My only real gripe with the game is companion AI, they tend to get in the way or not know how to jump off a cliff to follow you.

Battlefield 3 is awesome as well. Outside of a demo for 1943, I've never played a Battlefield game. Personally, I like it better than CoD. I haven't played MW3 so I'm not going to attempt to compare them. I just personally prefer the larger scale maps with vehicles over CoD's small scale matches.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is nothing new. i owned MvC3 and loved it, I wasn't going to get this one but after seeing Nemesis in action I had to get it. (He's awesome by the way.) The new characters and costumes are great, and the new versions of levels feel fresh. Also every character has been rebalanced in some way, Akuma is still overpowered tho. I just wish they made this a DLC pack or at least give a discount to owners of the original.

Until next blog...Peace my friends

I:scintilla- Ammunition

Falling November

Where is everybody at?

Last blog only had one comment :(

Kidding,:lol: I know everyone is busy, me included.

Anyways, winter is fast approaching, Its starting to get cold.

This coming weekend is the last days of work for me. (seasonal)

Time to focus on college. ...right.

Last Tuesday I bought a new car, well new for me at least. 2006 Scion tC. I like it so far.

By the way I made a deviantart account for those who may be interested: 13adLuck

laters :cool:

Bush- Sound of Winter