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Rango Movie Review.

-Meet Rango.

The Good:

The Beginning: I loved the beginning, We've got ourselves some action, plenty of comedy, even some self-deprecation from the filmmakers, and then a metaphorical conundrum to get us pondering — success! After the first 15 minutes or so; I thought this movie was going to be a joy to watch, so I thought...

The Look: The animations look stuning; and really stand out. The characters are amazingly detailed and look great. Honestly, I've never seen an animation quite like this and it was so much fun towatch itand take it all in. It gives the movie life and brings something new to the genre.

The Little Moments: From the amazing Mariachi band to the way Rango's eyes dart around and his broken neck, there are a number of small details in this film that make it worth seeing. There was so much time and effort put into all of these characters it's hard not to love them.

Voice Acting: The voice acting is stunning. Johnny Deppis fantastic and really shines from his other non-live action parts. Everyone else is great too.

The Bad:

The Length: The movie had tons of potencial but is let down by it's length. The movie didn't have enough background information to keep the movie interesting. The movie was humorous at a lot of parts; although out found most were not funny. I was bored all the way through the miiddle, and the end was a bit better. The length just begins to weigh down everything you see in front of you.

Too Much: At the end of the second act you realize that the mission that they're on doesn't actually push the story forward and it begins to feel like they're just throwing everything into the fire. I guess it's nice to have a big action sequence at that stage of the film, but when it doesn't really the story forward and in fact, gives us a whole new obstacle to over-come, the story ends up taking away from the charm that made the film so great in the beginning.

OVERALL: 6.0/10

The movie was enjoyable at some parts; but most were boring. I was inspired by the wonderful animations and design. The characters have tons of feeling and detail. The voice acting was excellent as well. However, all ofthis is letdown by it's poor story and length. Less is more in these situations. If itbeen able to stick with the original concept, this film would have been one of the greatest films I've ever seen. I was dissapointed after seeing this; I feel like True Grit easily overcame this movie in most aspects. The movie is worth seeing if you like westerns or love films that give it their all.

Minecraft, 3DS and Movies!

MineCraft is the game I've been playing for hours on end. I can't stop playing it. The game will also qualify for this year's GOTY. The review for Minecraft will be up soon.

The 3DS is coming soon. I can't wait. The graphics are superb and the games look interesting. I hopefully will do some game reviews soon!

I am leaving for the movie Rango and will have a review soon!

History of my past GOTY's! (PART 1)

In the past, I have played some damn good games. These are my past GOTY awards and why I chose them.

2005: GOTY- Star Wars Battlefront 2Runner-up: N/A

-I'd hate to be the stormtroopers... (Not actual gameplay)

SWB2 brought me happiness that year. The campaign was great, and was quite lenghty. The gameplay was intreging, with many vehicles and weapons to choose from; it made me feel like I was playing Halo in a way. The AI was quite good and the battles from team-to-team was chaotic. The graphics looked impressive and the audio was sharp. I was addicted to this game, and I couldn't stop playing it. I must have played over 100 hours because I liked Star Wars at the time, and the game was mad fun. Multiplayer was intense too. I'm really hoping for a Battlefront 3, and I want it soon.

2006: GOTY- FLATOUT 2 Runner-up- N/A

-Crashing is always fun in racing games.

Flatout 2 was one of the first racing games I bought for my Xbox. I was very pleased. The racing was quite fun with a varity of cars and tracks. Demolition Derby was awesome; smashing cars in a ring is always fun. The game also had a unique party mode, where you launch a dummy from a car do various sports; like High Jump or Ring of Fire. I found this game to be very addicting at the time. The graphics were good, along with the controls and audio. Overall, this is probaly my favorite racing game of all-time.

2007- GOTY: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare (COD4)Runner-up: N/A

The best COD game out there.

I got into the COD series a few years back and this is the game thatbrought me into it. The game hadpretty good graphics and was quite addicting.Before I played this game, I didn't know any guns that were used in war. After playing the series for a few years, I know a ton. The audio was superb with realistic sounds, and the controls felt really responsive. I had a blast playing this game with my brothers and friends.

2008- GOTY: Little Big Planet Runner-up: Burnout Paradise

-Who doesn't love these Sackboy's?

Little Big Planet was a game that looked poor in my first impressions; it looked a bit childish. However, when I played this game I was amazing. The game was innovative and creative.The graphics were cool and the music was catchy. The game had a everlasting charm, which you adore in every way.There is a ton of user-created content to keep you playing for hours. The controls were good, except for the jumping mechanics; but thegame's pros take that away.This platformer is easily one of my favorites of all-time. (My review for the sequel will be up soon)

BulletStorm, Killzone3 and Fight Night Champion Demo Reviews.

BulletStorm Demo: The game's graphics are very good. The detail is a nice touch and the enviroments look good. The game is unique and quite fun. There are many cool ways to kill your enemies, and I found that pretty intreging. The rest of the game is pretty good too. 8.0/10

KillZone 3 Demo: The game's graphics are good, along with the audio and the controls. The game is repetitive though, and the demo lacks oomph. I wanted more, in which the weapons are limited and the demo needs more action; like BulletStorm. Overall, the game has ups and downs. 6.0/10

Fight Night Champion Demo: FNC is awesome. The game's controls are great and the audio is awesome. The game's graphics are good, escpecially when spit fly out of their mouths when their punched. The fighters look really detailed and realistic. The game is 2-player; which is always a plus for a demo. Overall, I found this game fun and impressive. 9.0/10

NEXT: LBP2 Review, 3DS Update.

(Late) Most Anticipated 2011! And Update!

There look like there are some amazing games coming out this year. Sorry for being late, I want to keep this short and sweet; here is my top 10.

10. BulletStorm, 9.Homefront, 8. Pokémon White , 7. Uncharted 3, 6. Crysis 2, 5.3DS and the Launch games, 4.Little Big Planet 2 , 3.Marvel VS Capcom 3 , 2. L.A. Noire, 1.Batman Arkham City.

I hope to review Marvel vs Capcom 3 and LBP2 soon!

Next: My MW2 classes, and review links.

Game of the Year 2010!

It was a great year. Many were fantastic games. Sorry it was annouced so late, I had some personal issues at the end of the year. But here we are! I think 2011 will be another great year in gaming, after I explain my GOTY, I will do my most anticipated games of 2011. Here we go!

*Honorable Mentions (Games that almost made the Nominee Chart)

-Blur, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, GoldenEye007, Heavy Rain, The Sims 3 (PS3)


-Halo Reach

-Halo Reach Gameplay.

Halo Reach is the last Halo game ever made by Bungie, and it is kindof a letdown. Thé game was fun, interesting and amazing. The graphics are awesome and really look great on a HD tv. The rest of the game is great too. The multiplayer is a blast, the story is excellent and the controls are responsive. Overall, for Bungie's last Halo game, this is the best Halo yet.

-Red Dead Redemption

-The Best Ps3 Game of the Year, period.

Not only is this one of the best games I've ever played, it is the VGA's (Video Game Awards)GOTY. Red Dead Redemption is easily the best Western game out there. With loads of content, it'll keep you playing. The game has an epic story, with one of the best storylines of the year, next to Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2. The game's graphics are also stunning along with the amazing sound track and voice acting. The game is also very "fun", especially when you hogtie someone and put them on the traintracks...Anyways, this is no doubt one of Rockstar's best games along it being one of the best in the year.

-Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

-The firstof many puzzles throughout the game. Oh yeah, the solution is the red table with the red flower.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is one of the best DS game's of the year. The puzzles are quite challenging throughout the game with over 150 of them. The game has other minigames and such along the way, and has a compelling story. The cutscenes are awesome along with the great voice acting. The game's graphics look great, and have a very cute charm, just like Animal Crossing: Wild World's. Overall, this DS game was superb with tons of puzzling fun.

-Dragon Quest IX: Senitals of the Starry Skies.

-Dragon Quest IX? Simply Amazing.

Honestly, I never planned to get this game. But I was in Florida looking for some DS games I could buy. One of them was Dragon Quest IX. This game blew me away. The excellent amount of customization, content and value was fantastic. The story is interesting all the way through, and the graphics for thegame were some of the best I've seen in a long time. Everything else isawesome too.I played this game for over 150 hours, which makes it my longest played game on DS to date.

-Pokemon Soulsilver

-I think everyone knows what Pokémon is by now.

Pokémon Soulsilver is yet another Pokémon game. I have no clue how much more Gamefreak is going to make, but I'm perfectly fine with it. The combat is improved with a few new moves to learn, the game has more than enough pokémon and the graphics are improved, along with some other great features. I don't think anything else should be said here, 'cause everyone should know this game franchaise by now.

GOTY 2010 IS.....


Dragon Quest IX was an easy choice for me. I played this game for over 150 hours, and I no other game reach that limit. The graphics look amazing on the system, the amount of content you get was amazing and the multiplayer was grasping. The music was beautiful and the sound effects were cool. I love Dragon Quest IX, which is why it is my GOTY for 2010.

Next up: My most anticipated for 2011.

My most recent reviews; please read and like! -Thanks. Review (WII) For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review (Ps3) Sims 3 Review (Ps3)


Here is the final part of my GOTY awards.

Best XBOX360 Game- Halo:Reach, Best Ps3 Game- Red Dead Redemption, Best Wii Game- GoldenEye007, -Best DS Game- DragonQuestIX:Senitals of the Starry Skies.

WORST GOTY: The Sims 3: World Adventures (IP), Most Dissapointing Game: Modnation Racers

Longest Played: DQIX: Senitals of the Starry Skies- 160hours

Best Graphics for Console: Red Dead Redmption, Best Graphics for Handheld: Dragon Quest IX

Best Storyline for Console: RDR, Best Storyline for Handheld: DQIX

Best Audio for Console: RDR, Best Audio for HH: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Most Content for Console: N/A, Most Content for HH: Dragon Quest IX


Quick Update!

Here is a quick update!

I will be finishing my GOTY awards, hopefully in the next week or so. Part 4 will include Most Dissapointing game and Worst GOTY. And my final part will be GOTY.

I also completed my Super Scribblenauts Review, so please check that out.

My next reviews will be GoldenEye, NFS: Hot Pursuit and The Sims 3 (Ps3).

GOTY Part 3 (FPS, OM, SSM)

BEST FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER: Halo:Reach *GOTY Nominee, *Best XBOX360 Game.

-Oh look! An Epic Game!

Halo Reach is simply the full package. You got tons of game modes in multiplayer, a wonderful lengthy campaign and everything in between. The game has a great campaign that is captivating, however the AI on both sides are poor, which can lead to frustration. The multiplayer is also great with tons of weapons, maps and game modes. I had loads of fun playing this game, and Inever really got bored of playing it. Overall, this game is my favorite XBOX360 game of the year.

Best Online Multiplayer: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

-The remake pleases me just as much as the original.

The very first Need For Speed game I played, was the original NFS: Hot Pursuit, and I loved it. The game had wonderful graphics, (at the time) the splitscreen multiplayer was awesome and the game was just so fun. Now, the remake has been made. The game sadly has no splitscreen, but they traded it for online, and I'm very glad they did. Not only does the online have no lag, it also is as fun as the first game. Being both sides are fun, and the graphics please me as well. The game had sharp controls and good audio. The games online multiplayer kept me playing for more that 20 hours, so I guess that is pretty good. Overall, the game's onlline play is addictive, fun and has no problems with connection.

Best Splitscreen Multiplayer: GoldenEye007. *Best Wii Game.

-One of the best N64 games of all-time.

Suprise! Even though I had BlackOps and Halo:Reach on this list, this still manages to win. I loved Halo:Reach's Multiplayer to death, I just liked this one too. The game has tons of weapons and tweaks to make the game more interesting. There is paintball mode and invisablity, and others. The game has 8 maps and 4 game modes, but the tweaks end up to make you keep playing. The game isn't perfect, but it is fun. The game has a strange and awkward feel to it, if you've been playing Halo and COD your whole life, but it is easy to get use to. The maps are generally well thought out and the audio is cool. The game's graphics are good for wii, but poor for PS3 and XBOX360. The game has minor lag and minor control issues but overall, the game was the best Wii game of the year.