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Pure SHIT! That's what they made. The game is buggy shit the reviews are SHIT and their no refund response is SHIT. **** you Bethesda! Hopefully you guys learned your fucking lesson. **** this online BULLSHIT and make a single player offline fallout!

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@Ish_basic: AS a fan of Fallout I hate to see it going down this path and I want to voice my frustration.

Fallout 76 is nothing but pure cancer and FAIL. You walk around the world of fucking FAIL listening to tape recordings of other people's failures knowing they're in hell now and you're left to try and peice together some form of life and for some reason EVERYTHING WANTS TO FUCKING KILL YOU EVEN FELLOW VAULT DWELLERS WHO CAME OUT THE SAME VAULT AS YOU!! The world is fucking DEAD! Theres no gameplay it's just find the God damn tape recorders and KILL! What the ****? The world is bland and BORING! They could have made an entirerly new single player game for God's sake yet they wasted money on this BULLSHIT!!

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Don't go there and try to escape unless you're leveled up with a shit ton of ammo and weapons.

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Thank you Bethesda. Best sleep I had in months.

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Let's call it what it is. It's Fallout MONEY GRAB EDITION.

NOTHING makes a MMO more irrelevant than when it's set the PAST of an already well established lore. Brotherhood of Steel in West Virginia? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!??

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1. The sorceress = Win. Fucking amazing just for the fact that they don't have to use sign posts to travel anywhere.

2. Druids. I'd love to play with Ermion and see him **** some people up.

3. Higher Vampires = Best version of vampires I've ever seen.

4. Elder Blood/God Blood. Dead God wants to be resurrected and spawned a bunch of children with crazy powers killing each other to see who will be the last. Now that would be a hell of a fan made mod.

I can see it now...

Announcer: The Black Sun Prophecy is upon us. Scores of the offspring of Lilith seek to kill each other. Brother against brother mother against daughter and father against son. Among those are the 13 most powerful children who rage endless war across the land seeking out all those of lineage and kill them to claim the throne of a dead God.

Corvo Bianco TOUSSAINT

Ciri: *Paces impatiently* The Black Sun wars rage on. There HAS to be a way for me to put not only myself but everyone's lives in danger by not just sitting still and waiting it out under the protection of my powerful friends and family. I can't just sit here and relax in this well protected magically enchanted vineyard!

Geralt: Don't worry no one will bother you here.

Yen: She's becoming more antsy by the day and not sleeping well.

Zoltan: Geralts right girlie...if anyone comes here that'll be the last and very painful mistake they ever made.

Tris: This is worse than the mage cullings...far worse.

Yen: We're all concealed and protected here by the wards and barriers I've placed around the vineyard. If they want to wage war and kill each other I say let them. We'll just wait it out here.

::Loud flash::

Geralt: Wait....wheres Ciri!?

Tris: !?

Yen: !?

Geralt: ....shit...she's gone.

Witcher 3: Fan Made Expansion. Throne of Lilith

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This game looks lonely and fucking BORING. It's pretty much EVERYTHING I expected it to be out of the gameplay.

NO NPCS! No real reason to do ANYTHING. Only low IQ idiots who like PVP would enjoy this. What fucking sense does it make to SHOOT fellow vault dweller you just came out of the SAME FUCKING VAULT IN!? WHY THE **** ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER OUTSIDE OF THE FUCKING VAULT??? FOR WHAT?? THE ENTIRE WORLD IS FUCKING DEAD! NO HUMAN LIFE! ZERO AND HERE YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER!???! A huge world with NOTHING in it storywise. Every time i see the game play it makes you ask the question WHY THE **** AM I HERE?? Why didn't I just stay in the fucking functioning vault instead of risking my fucking life outside?





NOTHING that makes FALLOUT is IN this fucking GAME.

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@senergy: No I just wanted to give an example of how this franchise can be saved with The Old Republic.

Everyone KNOWS KOTOR and it can easily span 7 movies. 3 movies of KOTOR and 3 KOTOR 2 fighting against Sion and Nihilus and the Treya betrayal when she kills the Jedi Masters knocking them off their high horse that would be GREAT in the movies. The ending with Darth Traya's visions about thew crew saying she shouldn't take anyone she loves where she's going (like Revan) because they would be corrupted. Then to end it all the last movie being when Meetra saves Revan and dies. They could easily continue on with the story if they wanted.

It has everything nothing needs to be changed. Just thinking about possibility of it is amazing. The scene with Kreia and Atton in the force cages and her blackmailing him. I LOVE the fact she works behind the scenes and interacts with the crew without Meetra knowing.

Kreia: Ah...with the fear comes mingled guilt. Your feelings are a powerful shield and makes it difficult for even one such as I to read. I suspect the self loathing you have gives you a curious strength. Don't worry murderer if she is a Jedi she will forgive and if she is not...she will not care.

Atton: You must not tell her

Kreia: We all make choices we regret I will not speak of yours Atton but such things has a price. You will serve her until I release you. If Atris learns of your choices you will never leave this place.

Atton: ...and if I refuse?

Kreia: You will not. If you do my silence will be broken and then Atton....YOU will be broken.

I LOVE THAT SCENE!! Kreia is my favorite character. She hates the force because she thinks it has a will of it's own and it influences people.

I would love to see this in the movies.

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KOTOR Trilogy

Scene aboard the Ebon Hawk....

A figure cloaked in brown is walking through the hall way we can't see her face and only knows it's a woman when she stops to speak.

CloakedWoman: What was he like?

Kreia: Whom do you speak?

CloakedWoman: Revan. What was it like training him?

Kreia: When I trained Revan it was like staring at the heart of the force....

Scene fades to the past to a lone planet in the outer regions beyond the rim.

Two children are on a grassy hill in front of a massive tree. One has a cast small cast on his ankle while the other one is standing under the tree waiting.. The tree's branch shakes up and down left and right but the fruit won't break free.

Camera: Slowly moves toward the child's hands. With great effort the child is moving the branch with the force while the other kid is under the tree telling him to keep moving it ready to catch the fruit.....

KidUnderTree: Come on we almost got it!!

KidUsingTheForce: *hands start to shake* tree branch starts to break.

Mother: Revaaaan....time for supper. I better not catch you climbing that tree again.

Revan: *puts his hands down* Coming mom. See ya (name unknown until later) *picks up his crutch and limps back inside

Kid: Later man. We'll get it tomorrow.

******3 movies******

Years through the academy

Meets Malike and then meets a promising female Jedi

The Mandalorian Wars

The betrayal

The redemption defeating Malik and memory restoration after the the mind wipe

End of the third movie completing the trilogy

After the credits of the third movie


Aboard the Ebon Hawk....

CloakedWoman: Why did he fall?

Kreia: *Looks up at Meetra* Fall? Already you presume too much. Revan's choices were his own. It was not teaching or circumstance or example it was him.

Cloaked Woman: But he was a Sith....

Kreia: Was he? or was he always true to himself no matter what personality he wore? The difference between a fall and a sacrifice is sometimes difficult to see from the outside. The Republican was a weak stagnant thing that's never been tested and never been able to stand on it's own with the Jedi there to defend it. The Mandalorian wars taught the Jedi many things. One of those things is a disdain for weakness. Perhaps he became the Dark Lord out of necessity to prevent a greater evil. This is what the Jedi council in all it's wisdom could never understand. Perhaps Revan NEVER fell.....

Cloaked Woman removes her hood. It's Meetra Surik a General and STRONG female character with No SJW BS

Meetra Surik: What is it like training me?

Kreia: You are....different. When I look at you...I see the death of the force.

Meetra: *With a grim look on her face* I see.....

Meetra: Turns around and walks away.

End of the Scene:


Star Wars KOTOR 2 trilogy begins....

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Why the **** are you allowing this shit? How many times do you have to watch the same death animations before you're satisfied? How many God damn times do you have capture the flag in games before it gets boring? Ask yourself how many games have this? Theres no intelligence it's just the fucking dumbing down of everything. This problem is affecting everything these days. Even fallout is turning into fucking PUBG. Jesus fucking CHRIST! When will it be enough?