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  • Voldy26 wrote a review of God of War.
    User Rating 6
    Great slasher game, awful God Of War game

    God Of War is, without a doubt, the best slasher game I have ever played in terms of mechanics. On the highest difficulty, every battle, even the very first one, is a challenge that will test you to t...

  • Voldy26 rated Injustice 2 a score of 8.
  • Voldy26 rated Hitman a score of 7.
  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Dark Souls III.
    User Rating 6
    Amazing world, but serious boss issues

    The good first: Dark Souls 3 is a gorgeous-looking game with a lot of variety, whether we are talking about environments, enemies, or skills and items. It is a world that makes you want to explore it,...

  • Voldy26 rated Grand Theft Auto V a score of 8.
  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Quantum Break (Timeless Collector's Edition).
    User Rating 6
    Bad, but good

    I can say many negative things about this game. That it runs at a maximum resolution of 900p (sic) and still somehow fails to meet a steady 60 fps (and when it does, it still feels like 30), that the ...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Far Cry 5.
    User Rating 7
    Great setting, disappointing story

    This game was my first introduction to the Far Cry series, but, as an Assassin’s Creed player, a lot of the things in it felt familiar. The action takes place in an isolated US county that&rsquo...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Until Dawn.
    User Rating 7
    Fun movie

    Until Dawn is more of an interactive movie than a game, but it is fun to play, nonetheless. The premise is beaten to death — a group of high school kids (who are in their mid-twenties, by the lo...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Silent Hill 3.
    User Rating 7
    Still holds up

    I first played this game shortly after it came out on the PC, which was sometime in 2004. At the time, it made an enormous impression on me. I believe it was my first introduction to the survival horr...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 6
    Flawed, but still fun to play

    The game has received a lot of criticism, some of it warranted, the rest, not so much. Does it have technical issues? Personally, I have not encountered any, and my PC is not top of the line. Is it to...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition).
    User Rating 8
    Less, yet more

    If you have only played the third installment and are wondering if you should check out this one, the answer is "definitely yes". Graphics-wise, the difference is not that great, the mechanics are mor...

  • Voldy26 rated sinistery's review for iThis is NOT a stelath game, no matter how much it's trying to be, as not helpful.
  • Voldy26 rated deactivated-59caff22b935a's review for iDeath of Dishonored, as helpful.
  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.
    User Rating 5
    A letdown

    Not a lot of good things to say about this one, unfortunately. That it is short is to be expected of a DLC, but the least you can do is not reuse any of the levels from the original game, and Arkane d...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Wolfenstein.
    User Rating 6
    Better than I expected

    This game was pulled from Steam because Bethesda (if certain sources are to be believed) thought it was a "crap job". When it originally came out, the trailers and screenshots gave me the same impress...

  • Voldy26 rated Wolfenstein: The New Order a score of 7.
  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Outlast 2.
    User Rating 5
    More like "survival frustration"

    If you are looking for a horror game, don't buy this one. It is many things, but scary is not one of them; not to someone who has played Silent Hill (a game series that Outlast 2 heavily references, b...

  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Heavy Rain.
    User Rating 5

    Heavy Rain is a detective story that lets you switch between four characters that are trying to track down a serial killer and save a child he has abducted. The game offers you many choices, resulting...

  • Voldy26 rated Heavy Rain a score of 5.
  • Voldy26 wrote a review of Dishonored 2 (Premium Collector's Edition).
    User Rating 8
    Simply great

    Dishonored 2 is the first game I have played in five years that I can call great without any reservations. Its levels are amazingly detailed and complex, and offer you so, so many possibilities. You c...