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The name is Vladka

So i managed to get some time and play 007 Blood Stone, here my first impressions.

Blood Stone is an action third person shooter game, i guess i don't have to say you play as James Bond, the MI6 secret agent. As a tps the game works good and it's exciting, i heard some gamers saying it doesn't have enough action but i disagree, so far i finished 4 missions and it has enough action if you ask me, well this is my opinion.

About gameplay, i like cover and shooting down enemies, i find supressing fire very amusing. If an enemy gets too close you can knocked him down, i just wished it was more variated. You can also knock down enemies stealthly, this way other enemies don't get awared of your presence.

It has 2 derivative features from other games, which you may like or not, i like them. First one is mark and execute from Splinter Cell Conviction, if you knock down an enemy you gain one lethal shot. Second one is detective mode from Batman Arkham Assylum, you activate your cellphone and you can see some items [objects, info, security cameras, etc] and enemy's location.

Chasing cars

Chasing stages are fun, in the end you want more

The game is good and i like it, it's always great play as a secret agent surrounded by luxury, expensive cars and, let's not forget, very beautiful ladies :D If you already finished Blood Stone or if you're still playing it let me know your opinions, later ;)

PS: sorry for missing your blogs, this job is killing me, at least i'm getting paid :lol: :P