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Still alive

Hi there GS friends! hope you still remember me, be sure i remember you :)

It's been a long time since i don't write something here, i don't have much time now. First my job and second my social life is kinda active now [i have a girlfriend, yay for me :D] so i barely spend time on internet or even gaming, just look my Raptr activity.

Anyway, i really miss hanging out here, i really miss you guys and i hope you're all good and most important i hope you're having a great gaming time :)

On a sad note, my main hard disk got damaged and i could lose all my precious savedgames, i'll do my best to recover them but i'm not that sure.

Well, that's it, i hope see you guys soon, later ;)

PS: i'm getting Portal 2 soon, cannot wait to meet GLaDOS again, i love that robot you know :P