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Still alive...

I'm not dead, i'm just working my *** off, i mean it, i even haven't had much time for gaming :( so, besides working i haven't done much lately, not in gaming anyway.

This week i got a new hard disk Sata II 500GB of capacity and 16MB cache, this one replaces the one i lost last year [750GB], it's a long story so i better skip it. The good thing is now i have more space for games, i wish i had more time to play them though :(

This week i also got a new game: MAT [Mission Against Terror], it's an online fps free-to-play game, despite it's free it's actually good and fun, i'll upload some pics later.

Also today i got three games: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, 007 Blood Stone and Kane & Lynch Dog Days. Expect my impressions later [if i have time to play all of them :( ]

Yes, this was probably a sad blog, just look at sad smiles, still i feel great, mostly because i'll game my *** off tonight and tomorrow, so GAME ON! partners on gaming crime :D