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Saving the galaxy

Hi there! it's been a long, i'm glad posting here again :)

Well as you imagine i'm playing Mass Effect 3 now, i already finished my first playthrough with a non-imported character. Now i'm playing with the paragon Stanka, do you remember her?

The game is really great with memorable moments and very tough choices, i don't want to spoil anything so i won't tell but there's really tough choices. Anyway, i really like ME3, graphics, sound, story, gameplay, i like everything. Now with better graphics seeing an asari is another experience :PI should be posting some pics later.

BTW now i will have more time to game, i quit my job and i got a new one where i do have more free time, i won't earn as much money as before but it's ok, gaming is a very important part on my life so this is good for me, i'm happy actually :D

That's it my gaming colleagues, game well, see ya!