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Rising a rebelion

Hi there! hope you're gaming well ;)

So, now i'm playing Fable 3, which is a fun game and the combat system is fun too, though the combat could be better but i think it suits great to this game.

As you can imagine rising a rebelion is not easy task but at least it's fun, there are some funny characters, very :lol: And there's lots of quests to do, if you like helping people anyway :roll: but it turns out i do. Besides you have the opportunity to become a landowner :D

Well i'm enjoying Fable 3, i can chat, dance, play, joke with people. I can buy stuff, new haircuts, dress/suits, furniture to my house[s] or properties. I can bet on a chicken race [not kidding :lol: ] and several other things. BTW i'm already married :oops: i shall post a pic of the happy couple soon.

Changing of subject i heard about Mass Effect 3 getting multiplayer, it's great, cannot wait to play as an assari commando :D

Assari Commando

Have you met an assari commando? Now you will!