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Oh snap!

As i mentioned on a previous blog, i wanna upload pics of my games but the thing is i had a problem, for some reason Windows 7 doesn't allow take screenshots of full screen games, that's why i was forced to play games on window mode.

I tried a software called Screenshot Studio but after taking the screenshots i always forgot to save them, i know shame on me :roll: The good news is i got a new software, FRAPS saves automatically the screenshots and i don't have to worry about saving them, that's great.

So be aware, [for good or bad] i'll be uploading pictures of my gameplay, either weird, funny or just because :P

Shakin it

Shake it Stanka, shake it!

On other news, Fallout New Vegas was released yesterday, i watched video review today, it didn't get a good score and they say it's buggy, anyway i heard some gamers say "yes it's buggy but it's still a good experience", i read Bethesda is making a patch for all versions and should be ready soon, let's hope so, later ;)