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New level and new games

That's right, now i'm lv 20 and i'm called Metal Slime. I have to say reaching this level was hard, perhaps because i haven't been so active the past month.

Now, i got Mini Ninjas, since i watched some videos i wanted this game. It's kinda a "game for kids" but it's fun, i just played some but enough to say i like it, the art style is so nice. You may think "this guy is 25 years old and he likes this game?", well my inner kid is still kicking and i'm glad of that.

Riding a sombrero

I haven't done that, looking forward to it, yahoo!

I also got The Saboteur which is a mature game, when i say mature i mean it, there is an option for nudity and i turned it on, i was pleased when i saw what i just activated :oops: I just played first mission and i liked it, specially the stealth part, it may not be so deep but still good. Also the city of Paris looks very beautiful... and parisian girls too :P

On cabaret

This is what i'm talking about :P

I'll be playing these games this weekend/next week, wait for my impressions, later ;)