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My first online game

For some reason my internet connection is faster now [since last thursday], i'm not sure why but i'm happy. Before it was 256kbps, now it's 512kbps.Next year i plan to get a really fast internet so i can play online.

Anyway, yesterday after playing some Borderlands with my character Mordecai lv25 i gave a try on online gaming, i was surprised it connected to the server, i joined a game with my character Lilith lv61, i played a while and it was FREAKIN awesome! i helped him [her?] a lot, i healed him a couple of times, his character was only level 48, we did some missions in New and Old Heaven, then suddenly the connection to the server was lost :x I tried to connect to the server again and i succeededbut not the same game, this time i joined a game with my character Mordecai lv25, the host had a lv25 character so it was a good match, we played a while and it was fun, i even reached lv27, how about that.

I had a lot of fun and i'm gonna play online tonight too, i just hope this suddenly "fast" internet stays for a long time *fingers crossed*, later ;)