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Like stealing a candy from a child

I played Borderlands online yesterday too, some funny, weirds and unpleasant things happened, this time i was hosting the game 8)

This guy texted me saying "share your sniper rifle" or something like that, i only had 2 sniper rifles, both powerful. I thought "well i'll give him the less powerful, he helped me a lot so far" so i dropped that gun, he said "lol" :question: and then he wrote "the one with elemental fire", he offered me a revolver and dropped it, i wasn't sure about exchanging and i thought "he asked nicely, i cannot say no" so i gave him the gun. Then he took the sniper rifle i dropped and the revolver he dropped too and i said "f*** he cheated on me", i didn't said anything to him though, then he wrote "be back in two minutes i'll save the gun", i don't know what he did but he did come back and gave me the revolver and the sniper rifle back, i was shocked, it was a great exchange after all.

On a sad note, me and three players were going to take down King Wee Wee but i delayed a little because i was helping a damaged Claptrap, the other guys took down Wee Wee without me, the thing is i was looking forward to face him but i couldn't, i got upset a little, i admit it perhaps was a "communication" issue, i should text them "wait for me" or something, i don't know.

Anyway, i learnt some lessons, from now on i'll be more careful exchanging things and i'll text more as necessary, later ;)