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Job and games update

I started my full time job last week, i gotta say it's a little hard and i'm a little tired, nevertheless the reward worths it, i'm earning way more money than my previous part time job.

Maybe you remember i said i was going to get a console, i made up my mind on that and i'm not anymore, i'm sticking to PC gaming for now. I'm saving money to build a new gaming rig, my actual rig is good [at least it was good 2 years ago] but i'm sending her to retire, yes my PC is a she :P her name is Lizaveta and she's my girlfriend :oops: :lol: [joking]

Anyway, my next gaming rig is going to rule, well perhaps not like high-end PCs but yes it'll be great. But before i gotta make some "transferable" upgrades to Liza, starting with a decent graphic card, the thing is hardware is expensive here in Nicaragua, i have to buy it on USA to save a lot of U$ credits, a friend of mine is traveling next month so she's going to get it for me *fingers crossed*, otherwise i'll have to use a ship service, i'll see.

Now i don't have much time to game on nights, no over 2 hours and sometimes i'm too tired to enjoy gaming, i'm leaving weekend for gaming, it'll be intense, be sure of that :D later ;)