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Hacking n slashing...

Or beatin demons up :D yesterday i got Devil May Cry 4 [PC], i played a few hours and it's pretty fun. Now, this is the first hack n slash game i play and i find it pretty good, the graphics are cool and also the scenarios, the intro movie was awesome and the gameplay is smooth, easy to learn, of course playing with a X360 controller makes it easy.

I gotta say i'm a little lost, i'm new in DMC series and i have no idea what happened in previous games, i guess i catch up as i advance in the game, i hope :|

Something i like is trying new combos, making new combos is pretty fun, i'm proud to say i did some Atomic combos 8) [in case you don't know Atomic is the highest combo you can do].

Playing with Nero is fun, i think in previous games you played with Dante, i don't know if they have different skills but so far playing with Nero is fun and he has cool skills. Also i met some beautiful girls, looking forward to know more about them ;)


This is Gloria, hooot! :P

I only have one complain, there is so much load screens, i don't know if this happens on console versions too but it gets a bit annoying, luckyly it doesn't take long loading.

My partners in gaming crime, it's weekend, hope you have a great one, later ;)