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Gaming update

Last thursday i got Claptrap New Robot Revolution DLC, i played some and it is fun, i'm leaving it for later though, my character Lilith is lv 61 and all XP i earn is for nothing. Last month Gearbox announced they'll release a patch which raise up level cap to 69, i want Lilith reach that level you know, so i'm not playing la Robolution for now, i hope Gearbox release the patch soon.

I also played Devil May Cry 4, i'm close to finishing it, i was stucked at mission 13, i couldn't solve a puzzle, when i finally solved it i realized it was easy :roll: btw DMC 4 is fun but i don't like it has a lot of load screens, it gets annoying.

Other game i played is Test Drive Unlimited, last year i played a lot too, sadly my save file went corrupted and i lost all my progress, this time i'm being cautious and saving my save file often. I also had fun playing TDU, i like giving a ride to hot models you know :P

Now, today is Halloween, i wish in Nicaragua i could trick or treat, i know i'm a "little big" for that but you're never too old for free candies, anyway have a happy Halloween! :D