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Gamin update

Hi there! hope you are fine :)

E3 is finished and i guess all of you watched previews, demos, conferences and all the great stuff from this event.

They showed a lot of great games, but the game i'm really looking for is Star Wars 1313, i'm a huge fan of SW universe so i'm really excited about it, i can't wait :D Also i like trailers/preview from Assassins Creed III, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Rayman Legends, Halo 4, Pikmin 3 [never played it but seems cute :P], Dishonored, Watch Dogs, Beyond Two Souls. I won't play some of these games because they're exclusives to consoles but still i'll keep an eye on them.

Changing of subject, recently i got some games: Syndicate, Jurassic Park The Game, Alpha Protocol. Now i'm playing Syndicate, it's actually fun, graphics are great and story is quite interesting, i really hope having a dart chip in my head soon :D

Also, i'm very happy because i have a girlfriend, she's nice, fun, pretty but mostly she likes me, she doesn't play videogames but soon she'll be playing something, at least some casual game, it's a start, don't you think? :cool:

Anyway, i'm having fun gaming and hope you too, see ya! ;)

PS: i uploaded some gameplay pictures, i'll continue uploading more, check it out.