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Bye my precious

Hi there!Sorry for being out, my job keeps me very busy, also i spent a lot of time with my girl ;) :D

Anyway, remember the last blog when i mentioned about my hard disk dying? well the thing is i had 2 hard disks, the one it failed where the OS disk [software and games] and the other one it's where i had all my data, including my saved games files, a little outdated but still good.

Now my second disk died on me, while i lost a lot of personal data [docs, music, pics, vids] what hurts me most is i lost my precious saved games. Do you know the amount of hours i spent in all my games? it's huge, very huge, only Mass Effect 2 over 500 hours, easily! and i really will miss all my Shepards, their look and their background stories, the badass Kjeva, the nice Stanka and the sweet but bipolar Mila, i will miss them :cry:

And that's only one game, i had over 80 games saved files there, all the achievements and challenges i earned, all games i finished on hard/insanity/hardcore. I remember how hard was achieving that, there were times when i almost throw the controller or mouse over the display 'cause it was really hard and sometimes frustrating, now i lost all my effort and time :x :cry:

Though i have to say it's my fault, i knew i had to back it up, i remember i had a copy on a usb memory but i had to use it so i deleted my saved games from there, a bad move if you ask me.

Well, i earn nothing complaining, i better start gaming now and recovering all my progress on my games, that's the good side of this, so time to game, later! ;)

PS: i didn't lose my Raptr hours and that's my friends it's freakin awesome! :D