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Borderlands new patch

I got new patch for Borderlands [1.41], which raise level cap to 69 [for those who don't have The Secret Armory DLC it raises to 58]. Now i'm ready to continue la Robolution with my character Lilith lv61 and level up in my waythrough. I think this patch is already available for consoles too, so if you wanna continue leveling up get this patch.

I continue playing Borderlands online, in fact i got some friends, it may sounds silly or lame but i'm happy about that :P

I'm having fun playing online, it's not the same experience as playing local/alone. Before whenever something funny happened i just laughed, now i laugh and make jokes about it, i mean i text them to my team, they usually say "lol" or make some funny comment, it's just great. Besides loot is better and there is more insane action.

Something i don't like is some guys play in a rush, i had to say "hey wait for me/us" a couple of times, when i play i do it easy, playing in a rush is not fun, not for me.

btw i uploaded some pics of my better loot and i'll continue doing so, just to show off, i'm proud of my guns you know, later ;)

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