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The fast and the insane

I finished my Insanity playthrough in Mass Effect, in record time i'll say, i didn't most of side quests though, i wonder if that has some effect on ME2, i'll try it just to see.

I'm glad i finished Insanity, although i feel a bit dissapointed too, besides getting the achievement i get nothing, no bonus or reward, i think it's more like a challenge or a dare, like 'i bet you can beat Insanity, chicken' well i did, what about that!

Now i want to get others achievements, my priority now is Scholar and the Sniper Rifle one, that's why i already started a new playthrough as Infiltrator. Also i haven't played as Sentinel or Adept so after playing as Infiltrator i'll play as these cla-ss-es.

BTW in this Insanity playthrough i played with Kjeva, my Vanguard and full renegade character, you know i'm liking being a badass so much :twisted:my next characters will be full or mid renegades, figure that!

Fly! Fly!

I just tried (several times) beating Moscow mission on Blazing Angels 2 and i couldn't, two times i almost succeeded, i feel so frustrated and mad too. Why is so freakin hard, why? I do follow the orders, i do all i'm supossed to, i do destroy the enemies (ground and aerial) as fast as i can and as i'm required, i do my best, all for nothing :x

You know, what really upsets me it's the enemies don't even take my plane down or i crash the plane, it's the fact i fail protecting the Red Square, don't you hate when you fail protecting something? i know i do :x

BTW i hate when in some games you gain a new skill and you're supossed to finish a mission using only that skill, don't get me wrong, new skills are always welcome but i don't like when you're forced to use them, i admit some skills are useful in certain scenarios or against some enemies, other than that you shouldn't be forced to use a skill.

I'm quitting BA2 for now, in fact for an undetermined time, next time i play it i'll look for some help, i hate when that happens :x

The insanity has returned

I have many games i haven't finished yet, while i finished main campaign in most of them i haven't earned all achievements or completed all challenges or unlocked stuff (bios, artwork, videos, etc).

In the top of my list is Mass Effect, i haven't finished the game on Insanity (i already did on Hardcore) and i still have a few achievements to earn.

So yesterday i started my Insanity playthrough on ME, here we go again! i do it with my renegade character Kjeva, who better than her, she is so badass ;)

Changing of subject, last sunday i played Blazing Angels 2, i finished the mission i couldn't a week ago, remember? i finished two missions more only to get stucked on Moscow mission. In this mission i have to protect Red Square but i failed a few times, despite i do my best i can't succeed this mission :x

BA 2 is an exciting game, dogfights are exciting and fun but it gets frustrating at times, i don't like that.

This unit is reporting

Yesterday i finished Company of Heroes, it's a great RTS game and i enjoyed it, some missions were a little hard though (even when i was playing on easy), the good thing is i'm getting used to the gameplay of strategy games. Now i'm going to play some local skirmish battles on medium, either with the allies or the axys forces.

Although i enjoyed COH i have two big complains, first in strategy games you gotta clear the area by moving your units, in COH an area stay clear as long you have soldiers there, i think once you cleared an area should stay that way, at least you lost control in that area of course; second i don't like population limitation, i mean once you have a certain number of soldiers and vehicles you cannot make more, i think if i have the resources i should be able to create more, it shouldn't be a limitation, i'm not sure if that's applied to skirmish battles too.

Anyway, since i finished COH now i can move on, of course i'll play more but not now,i still have some games to finish, later and have a great weekend ;)

Moving forward, leveling up

After having a dark gaming day on sunday, yesterday was a good one, i managed to advance on Company of Heroes, i'm actually getting better :D

Before starting the game i made some strategies on my mind, running some scenarios about what i could do or what not, that helped a lot but mostly not getting rushed, just playing easy and patient, it worked.

CoH is a great RTS game, i'm enjoying it, it has a lot of soldier cla-ss-es, vehicles, buildings and upgrades. So far i like the mortar team, i like besieging/harrasing enemies from distance, it's useful to take out buildings, MG-42's teams, flakk teams, tanks/vehicles or even enemy mortar teams, it's awesome!!

mortar rain

When it's raining mortars, you don't wanna be there, trust me

Changing of subject, today i leveled up on GS, my rank now is Flicky, i don't know what it means (i tried to translate it on Google Translate without success) but i like it :) :|

The dark is coming!

Today i had a dark gaming day, not dark because the games were scary but because i couldn't advance, neither in Company of Heroes nor Blazing Angels 2 :( i guess it wasn't my day or because i wasn't fully concentrated, i had other things in my mind :roll:

Anyway, i'm not giving up or taking a break on these games, i'm finishing these games, for sure.

Yesterday i got some money, i'm thinking of getting some new games, the thing is i wanna finish the ones above first, so i'll wait until that. I don't want to start a games shopping spree and not finishing all of them, besides next month is my birthday so why not wait until that and getting an amazing games loot, i'll do that :D later ;)

Bagged and tagged :(

I faced the unbeatable Crawmerax from The Secret Armory DLC and you know what? it is unbeatable! i tried twice, the bullets of my better weapons just tickled it, in fact it was kinda humilliating, besides this thing is not alone, it has some buggy friends :x

Whatever, i'm taking a break on Borderlands and perhaps i'll try to beat Crawmerax before playing the new DLC: Claptrap New Robot Revolution.

On another topic, i wanna get into strategy games. Last time i really played a strategy game was back in 2000 with Command and Conquer on N64, i really liked that game, besides it was the first time i was able to play as the bad guys and i liked it :twisted:

Anyway, last year i got Company of Heroes, i just played the training stage, this time i'm going to play the campaign and finish it. After that i may get others strategy games, i'm thinking of Napoleon Total War and World in Conflict, we'll see, later ;)

Don't boss me around

I finally reached level 61 in Borderlands, also i have an awesome loot, so i think i'm ready to face the final boss from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC: Crawmerax.

I don't know what that thing is, i don't know how it looks, i just know is such a badass, quite unbeatable, hah we'll see about it :|

BTW today i read the announcement of a new DLC called Claptrap New Robot Revolution, it seems awesome, mostly because i like the Claptraps, in fact i would like to have one :P anyway, i'm badly looking forward to it :D

The insanity is over

Last friday i finished my Insanity playthrough on Mass Effect 2, it was a little hard but i finally did it, i wonder what bonus i'm getting, credits, elements or xp points? i'll check it out in a moment ;)

Also, that same day i got Blazing Angels 2, i played some missions yesterday, so far i like it but not that much, dogfights are exciting and the gameplay is good. I had to manually configure the keys in order to play with my flying joystick but it just took some minutes. I like you takeoff and land in some missions, it'll be nice if you do it in every mission though, also there are collectibles to earn points and get upgrades, you can upgrade your plane, weapons and even your wingmens, how about that? :P

Whatever, i like BA2 but not the same way i like HAWX, i guess it's because i prefer the modern planes, later ;)

Let's get high

Earlier this day i read an article about the first impressions on HAWX 2, i like its new features, mostly takeoff and landing, also in some missions you gotta refuel in midair, it sounds amazing.

I loved the first one and i know this one will be great too, besides i just got a new flying joystick, remember? cannot wait to put my hands on it, the game and the joystick both :P

If you want to read the full article, click here, later ;)