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DLC update

I already got all Dragon Age Origins DLCs and Awakening, excepting Witch Hunt. I already played Return to Ostagar, Darkspawn Chronicles and Leliana's Song, they all are fun, it was great playing as a darkspawn and Leliana too, despite their story is not that good it was nice knowing a little more about Leliana and pwning some humans as a darkspawn [it was pretty fun actually].

Now, there is two DLC i want: Witch Hunt [Dragon Age] and The Lair of Shadow Broker [Mass Effect 2], the former didn't get good score, while the second did, i guess you know which one is the winner ;) i'll get Witch Hunt later.

PS: in order to play new DAO's DLC i had to install 4 patches, it was a bit annoying :roll:

nVy me

New Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 graphic card is out now, i was waiting for this card, i'm pretty excited :D

Now, this card is not the best out there but it's the best i can afford, in case you wonder about specs, here they are:

-1GB GDDR5 memory

-822MHzcore clock

-3608MHzmemory clock

-1645 MHz shader clock

-192 stream processors

-it supports PhysX, Nvidia 3D Vision, DirectX11, SLI and 1080p

nvidia geforce gts 450

And all of that for just 129.99 (plus taxes :roll: ), i'm so getting this, possibly next month, cannot wait, both my PC and myself ;)

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Last sunday i played some Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, i played the tutorial and finished it with no problem. After finishing the tutorial i started the NOD campaign, i liked the intro video and i liked listening to Kane, there is something about him, he's indeed charismatic.

I only played the first mission, it was certainly easy and pretty fun but mostly it was good remembering some things about C&C, i played it on N64 remember? oh those old times, great memories came to my mind ;)

Why did i choose the Brotherhood campaign first instead GDI? well as i mentioned once, C&C was the first game that let me play as the bad guy and i enjoyed it :twisted: i still do :?

PS: i'm still playing Dragon Age so i'm not fully playingC&C 3 yet, i will do it after finishing DA, cannot wait :D

The cake is not a lie

As you know yesterday was my birthday, i had a really great time :D i don't regret having that party, life is only one you know, you gotta enjoy it everytime you can ;)

I got some games, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 (finally), Gears of War and Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (you know tiberium it's not only credits but a way of living :P ), however i'm not playing these games now, i'm still playing Dragon Age Origins.

Now, let's go to the tasty part, i wasn't sure about getting a cake but i finally did so, a birthday is not a birthday without a cake you know, i got a choco cake:

my birthday choco cake

It looks tasty, it tastes tasty :P

And a lady friend of mine made a cake for me:

vanilla cake

Yep, that's my real name, i don't like it though, i prefer Vladislav or Vladka

btw a funny thing hapenned yesterday, we were hanging out when suddenly the cakennibal showed up, it devoured the other cake and then it was coming after us :shock:, it was scary at first but we could handle it:

the cakennibal

It was a simple situation, eat or be eated :lol:

Hope you like the pics, thanks again for congratulating me, you're so nice ;)

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday, i'm so excited! i'm throwing a party this evening, some friends are coming, there will be beers, yeay! :P

I'm getting some games, 2 old games i want and maybe 1 or 2 strategy games, i'm thinking of C&C, i need tiberium for living you know :lol: i may get other games but i'm not sure, i'll see.

If you wonder about my age, well i'm 25 years old, starting today :D :|

BTW don't expect photos from my party, i'm not posting any, although i may post a photo of a guy who drank too much and passed out on the floor, after puking himself up, that will be me :lol: just kidding :P


Just a quick blog, i continue playing Dragon Age Origins, i got some DLCs: Return to Ostagar (played), The Darkspawn Chronicles (played) and Leliana's Song (pending), today i'll get Warden's Keep and perhaps The Stone Prisoner. Also i'll get Awakening, Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt, this or next week, cannot wait :D

Tomorrow is my birthday, i'm SO excited!

PS: the dwarf guy who says 'enchantment' in DAO is funny ;)

Gaming like a crazy

As you know i started playing Dragon Age Origins last sunday, one week today, i've been playing it like a crazy, in fact i got a new personal record: in only one week DAO became the second most played game on my Raptr page (just behind Mass Effect 2), over 40 hours now and still counting, it's ridiculous :o :|


Right now i'm on Orzammar (main dwarf city), when you get there you find a tense situation, there is no king and two guys are fighting for that title, you may choose one side, i'm not sure if you can remain neutral though, the thing is i sided with one of them, i don't know if he's the best choice, however he's not been elected yet and there is one more character who could become king, queen actually, looking forward to what gonna happen.

Also in Orzammar i participated in some fights, Roman Amphitheatre style, it was pretty fun watching my character kicking some butts, she's a warrior after all :D

BTW i wanna thank to my friends who cleared my doubts about sidequests, thank you so much :) now i wanna ask if same situation happen with DLC's or Awakening expansion, you can play DLC's after finishing the main game or not? hope you can help me on that.

Have a great weekend ;)

Oh my, demons!

I continue playing Dragon Age Origins, now i can say i advanced a lot, still there is a lot to do.

I had some drinks at the Spoiled Princess (fun story about the name btw), i enter into the Veil, that was interesting, i fought a lot darkspawns, some demons, some bandits who attack the travelers, i met some interesting people: humans, elves, dwarfs, werewolves, a cute and pretty 'spirit' and even some demons.

Talking about demons, i met some pretty hot lady demons, i woudn't mind be possessed by them :P :| i was thinking of post a picture of one of these lady demons but i guess i'm not allowed to, they wear pretty tiny clothes, almost naked :shock:

I'm surprised about the side quests, there is a lot, since is my first playthrough i'm trying to do all of them but it's possible i skip some, still i'm doing my best to finish them all.

btw i wanna ask, once you finished the game you can return and finish the quests you didn't finish or it's not possible, i'll appreciate if you answer that, later ;)

The adventures shall continue

In the last blog i said Morrigan seemed quite a character, now i'm sure of that, she is so mean and sarcastic, well most people will think that, for me she's sincere, practical and realistic, just that. Now i'm oficially in love with her :oops:

I'm having fun playing Dragon Age Origins, most of lol moments are brought by Morrigan, figure that!

I'm liking DAO, it has a lot of drama and you never know what's coming next, you may think you finished a quest when you realize it's not over yet or you could do something else to solve a situation, i like that: choices and probabilities, you can solve a situation in different ways, it may be pretty or ugly, it's your choice. My character Stanka is taking the pretty way, in case you wonder.

About the gameplay, it has a learning curve but not hard, while in combat seems a strategy game, which is good, although you have to know what you're doing and commanding wisely your crew (4 members). I had a few problems at start but now i'm more familiar with its combat mode, i use magic, trickery and brute force of course, it worked out so far ;) btw my character is warrior.

Changing of subject, i read about the new XBOX 360 controller, the improved D pad is welcome but i don't like its new colors, too grey makes it look sad, i hope be also available with previous colors.

Farewell my friends ;)

A new adventure begins

Today i started playing Dragon Age Origins, i got it back in january and i just played a little then, now i'm playing it serious and going to finish. Besides i always wanted to know a little more about Morrigan, she seems quite a character, yes i have a crush on her :oops:

I have to say i'm practically a newbie in RPG games but i like the genre or at least some games. I'm more into sci-fi though, that's the reason why i love both Mass Effect so much, i don't like fantasy that much, still DAO is a fantasy RPG game i cannot pass and i wanna play it, who knows i may fall in love with it.

So this whole week i'll be playing DAO, i'll post about my adventures (and misadventures too :rolls: ). Who knows what kind of adventures are awaiting for my lovely character Stanka, in case you didn't notice i also have a character named like that in ME, the paragon and the nice one (same on DAO), she is quite a character too :P

BTW i like the gory settings on DAO *sighs* ;)