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Take a ride with me

The other day my friend @SmallMafia mentioned he got Dirt 2, i told him it's the best racing game i ever played, it's pretty fun. The thing is that day i was itching for play a racing game, sadly i don't have Dirt 2 installed on my PC so i played Test Drive Unlimited and i had a good time, i forgot how fun this game is.

In case you don't know, Test Drive Unlimited is a racing game open world sty-le that takes place in a hawaian island, it's a huge island btw, making a tour around the island takes a looong time. It's not the usual racing game, that's why is great, it has a decent number of race types and 4 types of additional races. Now, these additional races are very fun, you deliver "packages" within certain time, you take some hot models to their destination [timed and adds penalty for crashing or driving offroad], hitchhikers [same as models, only they're guys] and taking some cars to their destination [not timed but it adds penalty for crashing or driving offroad].

It also has a decent number of [cool] cars available, there is also bikes, bikes gameplaycould be better though, still good.

One thing i really like is character customization, which is better than car customization, figures that :roll: You can even change your character's look buying new clothes or accesories, it's great. Take a look at my character Stanka, isn't she lovely?

Looking nice

It's good looking her face, instead of a guy/gal always wearing a helmet ;)

On other topic, yesterday i played some Borderlands, just warming up before getting Claptrap New Robot Revolution DLC, cannot wait to meet my old Claptrap friends and say "VIVA LA ROBOLUTION!" "QUE VIVA!" :P later ;)

Edit: i'm talking about Test Drive Unlimited PC version, it seems other versions are not the same :(

100th anniversary!

Hey guys and gals! this is a special blog not just because it's my 100th blog but also because is my first anniversary here in GameSpot, yeay! [I've actually been visiting GS for over 3 years but i'm a member since a year ago]

It's been a great year, i met a lot of gamers, i got a lot of games, i tried other genres besides action/shooters, i've been gaming more than ever, it's just great!

I don't know what else to say, i'm SO excited, i'm just happy being here and sharing my gaming life with you, you're all great friends, i'm glad we're partners in gaming crime ;)

BTW i'm celebrating the best way i can: gaming... and a couple of drinks too :P

the cake is real

How sweet of GLaDOS, she gave me a cake :D

Some updates

-Last weekend i finally finished Awakening [Dragon Age Origins expansion], overall was interesting and fun, still i experienced some bugs/glitches, nothing big anywyay. I don't wanna spoil you anything so i'll just zip it :P

Now i just have to finish Witch Hunt DLC, i heard it's short so it shouldn't take me a lot of time, btw i wanna find out by myself why it got a low score, i'll post my impressions on that.

-As i mentioned in a blog before, i'm playing The Sims 3, i became addicted, living my sims life is more important than living my own :roll: i'm not kidding.

-I posted some pictures of my sims in case you wanna watch, i'll continue posting. I also will post pictures of my gameplay in other games.

-I haven't finished my Best games ever blog, i wanna make it good so i'm giving it more time, besides new games will be added, you can check my first top list if you want.

-I already wrote my Top love crashes in games, the thing is i haven't found good pictures, at least not good enough, when you post a blog about girls you cannot put blurry/bad pictures of them.

Well that's it, later ;)

Time over

Well this week promise to be a busy one, next one too, i'm kinda worried 'cause you know i may not be able to play videogames as i usually do, besides in a couple of weeks it's possible i'll be working full time.

Working full time has two big pros and cons, the pro is earning more money, which means more games/hardware, the con i won't have much time to game, still i think if i balance my time i can find enough time to game.

BTW last two days i couldn't game as i wished, i haven't gamed anything today, damn sleep time :x

Anyway, i promise to find time and post my best games ever list and my top love crashes in videogames, later :)

PS: for some reason i couldn't enter to GS yesterday, i read in some friend's blogs there were some glitches, i guess that's why i couldn't access to GS, glad it's fixed now :)

I got The Sims 3...

and well since my real life is everytime less social i'm going to live in this virtual world for a while, of course i'll continue playing Dragon Age, just paralel each other and eventually other games, Fallout 3 included.

So... i spent over 1 hour just to create my sims, as always the usuals: Stanka, Kjeva, Mila and [me of course] Vladka, i bought a house and some furniture, one of my characters already got a job, other got a guitar and played some, other went to swimming and guess who stood at home just watching tv? yes it was Vladka and i didn't order him to do that, it certainly got my personality :roll: i need to buy a PC though but don't have the credits yet :(

Anyway, i like the way you customize your sims before start playing and the best is you add them personality, it's just great. Now i have to work in improving the house and giving to my sims whatever they want, they are like my childrens now :lol: i mean it :|

The awakening of the doom

As you know last week i finished Dragon Age Origins, now i'm playing Awakening, i like it, it's pretty interesting. btw i imported my character Stanka and i'm playing with her.

I got Witch Hunt but the thing is plot in Awakening is getting everytime more interesting and i don't wanna get distracted so i'm playing WH tomorrow or Sunday.

In other news, i also got Fallout 3, i installed yesterday and i played a little, just to taste a bit, i like the start, cannot wait to get into the story but before i gonna finish Awakening, well i still have a lot to do with Dragon Age.

BTW let me inform you i'm preparing some blogs for next week, my updated top games list and my top love crashes in games, the last one promise to be good, later ;)

The shadow is broked

Before you start reading you should know there is...


Yesterday i finished The Lair of Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, overall it was great, it has 2 exciting boss battles and you meet a new race. The most amazing part [at least for me] is you team up with Liara to defeat the Shadow Broker, this mysterious character who knows everything that happens in the galaxy.

From the moment you start following leads to the Broker you don't know what gonna happen next, i met this assari character, it was an intense "WOW!" moment, also you get to know about Liara's old partner. You work with the assari i mentioned before, that cooperation doesn't end good, you get involved in a car chase, i heard some gamers complained a little 'cause they say it could be "faster", it may be slow but still exciting.

First boss fight was both exciting and challenging, she had friends. In my first try there was a glitch that got me killed, i oddly got over some boxes and then i couldn't get down, i had to reload last save. In second try i avoided those boxes and eventually defeated this boss. After that you find out where the Shadow Broker hides and you go there, defeating him wasn't so difficult [a little ugly yes, 'cause the character anyway], btw his ship is pretty interesting, particularly the place is located.

I was impressed with Liara's decission after you defeat the Shadow Broker, still i respect her decission and i think it's for the best. BTW if you romanced Liara in first ME your character will be very pleased, mine [Stanka] is :oops:

Breakin the shadows

Just a quick blog. Yesterday i got The Lair of Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, so far i like it, i couldn't finish it yesterday 'cause i was tired and sleepy, i don't like gaming that way so i'm finishing it tonight, i'll give my impressions later.

After a long journey... a new one starts

I made it, i finished Dragon Age Origins, main campaign at least, it took me a lot of time, over 80 hours according to Raptr, the last session was 9 long epic hours :shock: yes i don't have a life :roll:

I liked the end, mostly because you somehow decide how things are going to end, my character ended up being a hero for the people of Ferelden, i was pretty excited about it.Before going to the final battle, Morrigan asked me a favour, i wasn't sure if agreeing or not, i agreed, if you played DAO you know what happens, i wonder what it would happen if i wasn't agreed, i'll find out in my next playthrough.

I didn't have the chance of recruiting Shale or playing Warden's Keep DLC, also i didn't finished all side quests, but i'm glad i finished most of them, only 5 left, what i didn't this time i'll do it next time, trust me.

BTW i started a new playtrough, this time being human, female and mage, her name is Kjeva, that's right, the most badass girl is now on Ferelden, i think she and Morrigan will be good friends ;) guess who's going to be a blood mage 8)but first i'll finish Awakening with my character Stanka, later ;)

PS: i leveled up on GS, new level is 19, Gitaroo Man :question: what's that? whatever i'm happy about it :D

A new journey... again

Last sunday i started a new playthrough in Mass Effect 2, i'm playing with Kjeva, my renegade character, only this time she is more badass than ever. I beat Insanity difficulty with her on Mass Effect 1 so you can imagine how ruthless she is.

She's Vanguard and she's taking that cla-ss very seriously, in case you don't know vanguards are specialists in close combat, she carries a sweet shotgun and a flamethrower, when Kjeva is holding a Geth shotgun or a flamethrower you don't wanna be in front of her, trust me, she will even punch you or use her biotics against you or Charge, she likes charging.


You'll see her punching reporters, being rude, using trickery and deception just to get what she wants or more credits [it's always the credits :roll: ]. There is a phrase that made me laugh a lot: "leave him or you gonna breath through a new hole in your head", when someone tells you something like that you know you're in trouble :| or facing a psycho :shock:

Anyway, i'm taking a breath on this playthrough until next weekend, i wanna continue my journey on Dragon Age, later ;)