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Job and games update

I started my full time job last week, i gotta say it's a little hard and i'm a little tired, nevertheless the reward worths it, i'm earning way more money than my previous part time job.

Maybe you remember i said i was going to get a console, i made up my mind on that and i'm not anymore, i'm sticking to PC gaming for now. I'm saving money to build a new gaming rig, my actual rig is good [at least it was good 2 years ago] but i'm sending her to retire, yes my PC is a she :P her name is Lizaveta and she's my girlfriend :oops: :lol: [joking]

Anyway, my next gaming rig is going to rule, well perhaps not like high-end PCs but yes it'll be great. But before i gotta make some "transferable" upgrades to Liza, starting with a decent graphic card, the thing is hardware is expensive here in Nicaragua, i have to buy it on USA to save a lot of U$ credits, a friend of mine is traveling next month so she's going to get it for me *fingers crossed*, otherwise i'll have to use a ship service, i'll see.

Now i don't have much time to game on nights, no over 2 hours and sometimes i'm too tired to enjoy gaming, i'm leaving weekend for gaming, it'll be intense, be sure of that :D later ;)

Some games i want

As you know this is the time of year when great games are released, there is a few of them i really want right now:

- 007 Blood Stone, i'm getting it anytime :D


-007 Goldeneye, sadly i don't have a Wii, i don't even have a friend who owns a Wii, how sad :cry:


-Call of Duty Black Ops, before getting it i gotta upgrade my graphic card :roll: damn PC upgrades :x


I hope to play these games soon, how about you? any game on your wishlist you're going to get soon?

Borderlands new patch

I got new patch for Borderlands [1.41], which raise level cap to 69 [for those who don't have The Secret Armory DLC it raises to 58]. Now i'm ready to continue la Robolution with my character Lilith lv61 and level up in my waythrough. I think this patch is already available for consoles too, so if you wanna continue leveling up get this patch.

I continue playing Borderlands online, in fact i got some friends, it may sounds silly or lame but i'm happy about that :P

I'm having fun playing online, it's not the same experience as playing local/alone. Before whenever something funny happened i just laughed, now i laugh and make jokes about it, i mean i text them to my team, they usually say "lol" or make some funny comment, it's just great. Besides loot is better and there is more insane action.

Something i don't like is some guys play in a rush, i had to say "hey wait for me/us" a couple of times, when i play i do it easy, playing in a rush is not fun, not for me.

btw i uploaded some pics of my better loot and i'll continue doing so, just to show off, i'm proud of my guns you know, later ;)

The Spy

Careful, i'm always watching

New level and new games

That's right, now i'm lv 20 and i'm called Metal Slime. I have to say reaching this level was hard, perhaps because i haven't been so active the past month.

Now, i got Mini Ninjas, since i watched some videos i wanted this game. It's kinda a "game for kids" but it's fun, i just played some but enough to say i like it, the art style is so nice. You may think "this guy is 25 years old and he likes this game?", well my inner kid is still kicking and i'm glad of that.

Riding a sombrero

I haven't done that, looking forward to it, yahoo!

I also got The Saboteur which is a mature game, when i say mature i mean it, there is an option for nudity and i turned it on, i was pleased when i saw what i just activated :oops: I just played first mission and i liked it, specially the stealth part, it may not be so deep but still good. Also the city of Paris looks very beautiful... and parisian girls too :P

On cabaret

This is what i'm talking about :P

I'll be playing these games this weekend/next week, wait for my impressions, later ;)

Like stealing a candy from a child

I played Borderlands online yesterday too, some funny, weirds and unpleasant things happened, this time i was hosting the game 8)

This guy texted me saying "share your sniper rifle" or something like that, i only had 2 sniper rifles, both powerful. I thought "well i'll give him the less powerful, he helped me a lot so far" so i dropped that gun, he said "lol" :question: and then he wrote "the one with elemental fire", he offered me a revolver and dropped it, i wasn't sure about exchanging and i thought "he asked nicely, i cannot say no" so i gave him the gun. Then he took the sniper rifle i dropped and the revolver he dropped too and i said "f*** he cheated on me", i didn't said anything to him though, then he wrote "be back in two minutes i'll save the gun", i don't know what he did but he did come back and gave me the revolver and the sniper rifle back, i was shocked, it was a great exchange after all.

On a sad note, me and three players were going to take down King Wee Wee but i delayed a little because i was helping a damaged Claptrap, the other guys took down Wee Wee without me, the thing is i was looking forward to face him but i couldn't, i got upset a little, i admit it perhaps was a "communication" issue, i should text them "wait for me" or something, i don't know.

Anyway, i learnt some lessons, from now on i'll be more careful exchanging things and i'll text more as necessary, later ;)

My first online game

For some reason my internet connection is faster now [since last thursday], i'm not sure why but i'm happy. Before it was 256kbps, now it's 512kbps.Next year i plan to get a really fast internet so i can play online.

Anyway, yesterday after playing some Borderlands with my character Mordecai lv25 i gave a try on online gaming, i was surprised it connected to the server, i joined a game with my character Lilith lv61, i played a while and it was FREAKIN awesome! i helped him [her?] a lot, i healed him a couple of times, his character was only level 48, we did some missions in New and Old Heaven, then suddenly the connection to the server was lost :x I tried to connect to the server again and i succeededbut not the same game, this time i joined a game with my character Mordecai lv25, the host had a lv25 character so it was a good match, we played a while and it was fun, i even reached lv27, how about that.

I had a lot of fun and i'm gonna play online tonight too, i just hope this suddenly "fast" internet stays for a long time *fingers crossed*, later ;)

Gaming update

Last thursday i got Claptrap New Robot Revolution DLC, i played some and it is fun, i'm leaving it for later though, my character Lilith is lv 61 and all XP i earn is for nothing. Last month Gearbox announced they'll release a patch which raise up level cap to 69, i want Lilith reach that level you know, so i'm not playing la Robolution for now, i hope Gearbox release the patch soon.

I also played Devil May Cry 4, i'm close to finishing it, i was stucked at mission 13, i couldn't solve a puzzle, when i finally solved it i realized it was easy :roll: btw DMC 4 is fun but i don't like it has a lot of load screens, it gets annoying.

Other game i played is Test Drive Unlimited, last year i played a lot too, sadly my save file went corrupted and i lost all my progress, this time i'm being cautious and saving my save file often. I also had fun playing TDU, i like giving a ride to hot models you know :P

Now, today is Halloween, i wish in Nicaragua i could trick or treat, i know i'm a "little big" for that but you're never too old for free candies, anyway have a happy Halloween! :D

The fun ends

Next week i start my full time job, it's the first time i do it so i don't know what to expect, i hope being able to stay away from gaming over 9 hours :lol: :|

The good thing is i have this week free so i'll be gaming a lot, trust me. btw next weekend i'm getting Claptrap New Robot Revolution DLC, cannot wait.

Claptrap DLC

Que viva!

Hacking n slashing...

Or beatin demons up :D yesterday i got Devil May Cry 4 [PC], i played a few hours and it's pretty fun. Now, this is the first hack n slash game i play and i find it pretty good, the graphics are cool and also the scenarios, the intro movie was awesome and the gameplay is smooth, easy to learn, of course playing with a X360 controller makes it easy.

I gotta say i'm a little lost, i'm new in DMC series and i have no idea what happened in previous games, i guess i catch up as i advance in the game, i hope :|

Something i like is trying new combos, making new combos is pretty fun, i'm proud to say i did some Atomic combos 8) [in case you don't know Atomic is the highest combo you can do].

Playing with Nero is fun, i think in previous games you played with Dante, i don't know if they have different skills but so far playing with Nero is fun and he has cool skills. Also i met some beautiful girls, looking forward to know more about them ;)


This is Gloria, hooot! :P

I only have one complain, there is so much load screens, i don't know if this happens on console versions too but it gets a bit annoying, luckyly it doesn't take long loading.

My partners in gaming crime, it's weekend, hope you have a great one, later ;)

Oh snap!

As i mentioned on a previous blog, i wanna upload pics of my games but the thing is i had a problem, for some reason Windows 7 doesn't allow take screenshots of full screen games, that's why i was forced to play games on window mode.

I tried a software called Screenshot Studio but after taking the screenshots i always forgot to save them, i know shame on me :roll: The good news is i got a new software, FRAPS saves automatically the screenshots and i don't have to worry about saving them, that's great.

So be aware, [for good or bad] i'll be uploading pictures of my gameplay, either weird, funny or just because :P

Shakin it

Shake it Stanka, shake it!

On other news, Fallout New Vegas was released yesterday, i watched video review today, it didn't get a good score and they say it's buggy, anyway i heard some gamers say "yes it's buggy but it's still a good experience", i read Bethesda is making a patch for all versions and should be ready soon, let's hope so, later ;)