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First post and new games

Hi everybody!!! this is my first post in this gamespot's blog and hope keep writing more.

Well, i just want to list a few new games i got last monday.

These games are: Dead Space, Need for Speed Undercover and Alone in the dark.

Now i'm playing Dead Space, the game that got my attention most. Right now i'm playing Chapter 8 and i have to say it's pretty exciting, weapons are cool, enemies are bizarre(in good way) and character's suit is awesome, i really like it.

Story is kind of typical in these environments, a group of technicians go to help and repair a damaged ship and soon they discover the ship is practically abandoned, while a lot of weird things happens around them. This game reminded me the movie Alien 3 Resurrection, both look the same somehow.

Well, i better continue playing and when i finish the game i'll write a review.