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Gamin update

Hi there! hope you are fine :)

E3 is finished and i guess all of you watched previews, demos, conferences and all the great stuff from this event.

They showed a lot of great games, but the game i'm really looking for is Star Wars 1313, i'm a huge fan of SW universe so i'm really excited about it, i can't wait :D Also i like trailers/preview from Assassins Creed III, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Rayman Legends, Halo 4, Pikmin 3 [never played it but seems cute :P], Dishonored, Watch Dogs, Beyond Two Souls. I won't play some of these games because they're exclusives to consoles but still i'll keep an eye on them.

Changing of subject, recently i got some games: Syndicate, Jurassic Park The Game, Alpha Protocol. Now i'm playing Syndicate, it's actually fun, graphics are great and story is quite interesting, i really hope having a dart chip in my head soon :D

Also, i'm very happy because i have a girlfriend, she's nice, fun, pretty but mostly she likes me, she doesn't play videogames but soon she'll be playing something, at least some casual game, it's a start, don't you think? :cool:

Anyway, i'm having fun gaming and hope you too, see ya! ;)

PS: i uploaded some gameplay pictures, i'll continue uploading more, check it out.

Saving the galaxy

Hi there! it's been a long, i'm glad posting here again :)

Well as you imagine i'm playing Mass Effect 3 now, i already finished my first playthrough with a non-imported character. Now i'm playing with the paragon Stanka, do you remember her?

The game is really great with memorable moments and very tough choices, i don't want to spoil anything so i won't tell but there's really tough choices. Anyway, i really like ME3, graphics, sound, story, gameplay, i like everything. Now with better graphics seeing an asari is another experience :PI should be posting some pics later.

BTW now i will have more time to game, i quit my job and i got a new one where i do have more free time, i won't earn as much money as before but it's ok, gaming is a very important part on my life so this is good for me, i'm happy actually :D

That's it my gaming colleagues, game well, see ya!

I have a new baby

Hello there! hope you're doing well :) It's been so long since i post here.

After a long wait, last year i got a new video card, which is not the best out there but still great. I got EVGA Geforce GTX 550 Ti and run all my games decently, i gotta say for some new games i gotta tweak a little bit to run smoothly but still games look good.

Also i upgraded my memory RAM from 4GB to 8GB DDR3, which for today's standard is ok but still it helps to run games properly.

Right now my gaming life is kinda low/slow but i'm doing my best. I already finished 3 games this year: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Great games btw, really exciting!

Now, i gathered several new games, some recent games some old games, the thing is i don't have much time to game. But i think i will take it easy, without any rush, eventually i'll finish them all.

BTW these are my new games: F.3.A.R., Deus Ex Human Revolution, Homefront, Portal 2, Rage, Blur, Empire Total War, RUSE, Tropico 4, Venetica, World in Conflict, Amnesia The Dark Descent, Batman Arkham City, Need for Speed The Run and Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad.

Besides i also got these games some time ago: Dirt 3, Alice Madness Returns, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Dragon Age 2, James Bond Blood Stone, FIFA 12, Pro Evolution 2012.

Yeah, too many games so little time, but as i said i'm taking it easy, one game at a time :P

Well, that's it, game well my dear friends and i wish you happy new year! see you :)

Rising a rebelion

Hi there! hope you're gaming well ;)

So, now i'm playing Fable 3, which is a fun game and the combat system is fun too, though the combat could be better but i think it suits great to this game.

As you can imagine rising a rebelion is not easy task but at least it's fun, there are some funny characters, very :lol: And there's lots of quests to do, if you like helping people anyway :roll: but it turns out i do. Besides you have the opportunity to become a landowner :D

Well i'm enjoying Fable 3, i can chat, dance, play, joke with people. I can buy stuff, new haircuts, dress/suits, furniture to my house[s] or properties. I can bet on a chicken race [not kidding :lol: ] and several other things. BTW i'm already married :oops: i shall post a pic of the happy couple soon.

Changing of subject i heard about Mass Effect 3 getting multiplayer, it's great, cannot wait to play as an assari commando :D

Assari Commando

Have you met an assari commando? Now you will!

Update blog

Hi there! just a short blog and updates about me.

I managed to save my precious savedgames, i feel really good about it. Oh my commanders Shepard are alive! :D

My [not anymore] little princess left me, i feel bad about it, i really loved her but she didn't feel the same :(

I built a new machine, it's not the best but still great: Core i5, 4 GB DDR3 memory [i'll add 4GB more later] and a video card upgrade coming soon, i cannot afford an expensive one but still i'm getting a good one.

I cannot game as much as i wish to, but that's old news now :roll:

And well, i'm still alive, i hope your brain explode by gaming so much, i say it in good manner hehe :) have fun, my partners in gaming crime! :)

Bye my precious

Hi there!Sorry for being out, my job keeps me very busy, also i spent a lot of time with my girl ;) :D

Anyway, remember the last blog when i mentioned about my hard disk dying? well the thing is i had 2 hard disks, the one it failed where the OS disk [software and games] and the other one it's where i had all my data, including my saved games files, a little outdated but still good.

Now my second disk died on me, while i lost a lot of personal data [docs, music, pics, vids] what hurts me most is i lost my precious saved games. Do you know the amount of hours i spent in all my games? it's huge, very huge, only Mass Effect 2 over 500 hours, easily! and i really will miss all my Shepards, their look and their background stories, the badass Kjeva, the nice Stanka and the sweet but bipolar Mila, i will miss them :cry:

And that's only one game, i had over 80 games saved files there, all the achievements and challenges i earned, all games i finished on hard/insanity/hardcore. I remember how hard was achieving that, there were times when i almost throw the controller or mouse over the display 'cause it was really hard and sometimes frustrating, now i lost all my effort and time :x :cry:

Though i have to say it's my fault, i knew i had to back it up, i remember i had a copy on a usb memory but i had to use it so i deleted my saved games from there, a bad move if you ask me.

Well, i earn nothing complaining, i better start gaming now and recovering all my progress on my games, that's the good side of this, so time to game, later! ;)

PS: i didn't lose my Raptr hours and that's my friends it's freakin awesome! :D

Still alive

Hi there GS friends! hope you still remember me, be sure i remember you :)

It's been a long time since i don't write something here, i don't have much time now. First my job and second my social life is kinda active now [i have a girlfriend, yay for me :D] so i barely spend time on internet or even gaming, just look my Raptr activity.

Anyway, i really miss hanging out here, i really miss you guys and i hope you're all good and most important i hope you're having a great gaming time :)

On a sad note, my main hard disk got damaged and i could lose all my precious savedgames, i'll do my best to recover them but i'm not that sure.

Well, that's it, i hope see you guys soon, later ;)

PS: i'm getting Portal 2 soon, cannot wait to meet GLaDOS again, i love that robot you know :P

Happy New Year!

So New Year is here, which only means one thing, games scheduled for this year will be released sooner or later and that's freakin great :D

For this year i want two things: a powerful gaming PC [built up by myself of course] and a girlfriend [i wish i can build a girl too :lol: :| ]

I hope geting some games i missed last year or even previous years, also i'll get some games scheduled for this year, which are must have for me, one of them is Mass Effect 3, it promises to be epic :D

I also hope you get all the things and games you want, may this year be better for all of us ;)

the cake isnt a lie

Happy New Year from GLaDOS, isn't she sweet? ;)

The name is Vladka

So i managed to get some time and play 007 Blood Stone, here my first impressions.

Blood Stone is an action third person shooter game, i guess i don't have to say you play as James Bond, the MI6 secret agent. As a tps the game works good and it's exciting, i heard some gamers saying it doesn't have enough action but i disagree, so far i finished 4 missions and it has enough action if you ask me, well this is my opinion.

About gameplay, i like cover and shooting down enemies, i find supressing fire very amusing. If an enemy gets too close you can knocked him down, i just wished it was more variated. You can also knock down enemies stealthly, this way other enemies don't get awared of your presence.

It has 2 derivative features from other games, which you may like or not, i like them. First one is mark and execute from Splinter Cell Conviction, if you knock down an enemy you gain one lethal shot. Second one is detective mode from Batman Arkham Assylum, you activate your cellphone and you can see some items [objects, info, security cameras, etc] and enemy's location.

Chasing cars

Chasing stages are fun, in the end you want more

The game is good and i like it, it's always great play as a secret agent surrounded by luxury, expensive cars and, let's not forget, very beautiful ladies :D If you already finished Blood Stone or if you're still playing it let me know your opinions, later ;)

PS: sorry for missing your blogs, this job is killing me, at least i'm getting paid :lol: :P

Still alive...

I'm not dead, i'm just working my *** off, i mean it, i even haven't had much time for gaming :( so, besides working i haven't done much lately, not in gaming anyway.

This week i got a new hard disk Sata II 500GB of capacity and 16MB cache, this one replaces the one i lost last year [750GB], it's a long story so i better skip it. The good thing is now i have more space for games, i wish i had more time to play them though :(

This week i also got a new game: MAT [Mission Against Terror], it's an online fps free-to-play game, despite it's free it's actually good and fun, i'll upload some pics later.

Also today i got three games: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, 007 Blood Stone and Kane & Lynch Dog Days. Expect my impressions later [if i have time to play all of them :( ]

Yes, this was probably a sad blog, just look at sad smiles, still i feel great, mostly because i'll game my *** off tonight and tomorrow, so GAME ON! partners on gaming crime :D