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Virtual_nathan Blog

The filler blog !

Still alive ! As GLaDos or however the capitals in her name are . Yes i am alive . First of all , let's start off with something that Andrew (Virtual_Price) is going to love . :P The death of Oussama Ben Laden . I hate the guy . Simply . But i was pretty indiferent to his death . He was probably already dead way before that . And don't believe in all that crap of a commando mission . The guy has done more harm to the name of Islam than he has done to americains . And i'm glad he's gone . Happy now price ? And no i won't spoil that i am the new leader now , and there will be a zombie terrorist invasion soon in New York ! Ooops :oops:


Thor : Watched the movie last week and loved it . The acting and the effects were great . I loved Loki and Thor's characters . The battles were epic , and the story was thrilling , however the part on earth lasts for far too long , is filled with cliches where i only found the part where Thor eneters the pet shop to be actually funny . It draws away from the epicness of the movie , but it's still great . And got me even more hyped for the Avengers !


Fast Five : Watched it about 6 hours ago , and liked it better than i expected . Chicks , explosions and fast cars ? Perfect movie for me . Vin Diesel vs The Rock was completely awesome , the vault part is one of the best action sequences ever , and the story itself was shockingly good . Overall , very entertaining movie , funny and exciting . If you were a fan of the previous movies , a must-watch .



Again , me and my friends are still playing CoD4 Multi-player on the PC . And i still think CoD4 is by far the best MP experience ever . Also playing FIFA 11 with my friends , since i still need to prove i'm the best in the school . And finally , to the real awesome-sauce .

Also , playing angry birds , and GoW : Chains of Olympus on the PSP . Pretty damng good .

Portal 2

Amazing ! Only Uncharted 3 , LA Noire , Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect 3 might be able to compete with it . But so far , it is no doubt Game Of The Year . Makes the amazing portal 1 look like child's play . It is funnier , more clever , and brilliant-er !! The story is exciting and deep , the voice acting is the best along side uncharted 2 and ME2 in the buisness , it's mind-blowing to witness what Valve can still make with a 2004 engine in terms of graphics , and the puzzles are clever , brilliant , and mind-bending .

So far , Portal 2 is the GoTY and a must-play . 9.5/10 and the score can actually still go up :D

That's it for now , tomorrow we have our last few tests this semester and then it's a month of the so-called "revision" aka relaxation before the final exams and the beloved summer vacation . So expect me to be active again .

Walid has left the building 8)

It feels so empty without me !

Yup , your eyes do not deceive you , i am alive . I have merely been active , and i just signed onto PSN after 9 days . I haven't touched crysis 2 . And i haven't been commenting on your blogs . Well , all crap has been going on . From being sent into a short story literrary competition at LAU , to unending homeworks .

So , i apologize for my inactivity , but im' just too busy atm . So you still won't bee seeing me much till teh 20th of this month when we go into holidays and i finally get my hand on my beloved companion cube again .

Cya later , and sorry again .

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Talk about being cursed !

First of all , let me apologize for not being active . I just haven't felt in a GS mood lately . But i'm still loving my PS3 so you can add me on PSN if you can't stand not seeing me online (Yeah right :roll:) . My ID is VirtualWalid .

Anyway , now about my curse thing . Well , it's been two games in a row , where i get all trophies except for one and seem unable to get it . First it was ACB now its Killzone 3 . I've been trying all day to destory all of the MAWLR's defenses and it seems worthless . :? That's just extremely depressing considering how hard i've worked for both plats and how close i landed to doing so . If anyone has tips for ACB's Abstergo Employee of the Month (Extreme variety precisely) or KZ3's completist , tell me right now because i'm growing impatient for my 5th and 6th plat :cry:

As for games , i was playing fallout : New Vegas on my PC and it got glitched , i can no longer progress . And i'm too lazy to restart my walkthrough . I am playing KZ3 trying desperately to get the plat . And i'm playing CoD4 with a bunch of friends in Internet Cafe's , those games are pretty awesome .

Talking about CoD , don't forget to read my Black Ops review . By far my best and most detailed review . Thumbs up if you liked it please . ;)

And here's my Starcraft 2 review .

Later ,

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Killzone 3 mini-review !

I apologize for missing your blogs . But i'm far too busy and short on DL . Will be active again as soon as first march . And i'll continue my list . Now with a Killzone 3 mini-review !


In 2009 , Killzone 2 , a sequel to the only-decent Killzone 1 , came by surprise and awed any FPS fan . The jaw-dropping graphics , larger-than-life set pieces , and solid tactical gameplay earned it a spot as one of the best of its genre . Killzone 3 has immediately the same feeling . The graphics are striking from the first moments , the immersion is un-paralleled . And from that moment on ... Killzone 3 a breath-taking , breatless experience that takes two steps forward for each step back it does from its predecessor .

What is all about the story being bad ? I'm halfway through the game , and it's great at worse . But on par , i didn't find Killzone 2's story as terrible as others did . But KZ3 absolutely improves over the go from A to B plot . The story starts off with a *spoiler*flashback*endspoiler* if you like to know . It's more of a tutorial , but it's absolutely immersive and plain striking visually . After that , it starts where killzone 2 left off . Visari is dead , ISA are abandonned on a hostile planet , and Pyrhus is nuked . The plan is to fight , evac , and go back home . However , after the devestating defeat of the ISA , and Visari's death , the higs are adrenaline-rushed , proudly victorious , and ready to finish what Visari started . The characters are far more likeable now . They scream much less than they did in KZ2 . They feel like persons you can relate-to . And not just meat-headed people who like to curse everything that walks . The pacing is far better than KZ2 , the action is excellently mixed up , and everything is more polished . However , the only set back is the hefty amount of cutscenes . I like a good story no doubt . In fact i love one . But i don't neet to see Sevchenko melee a Hig , I can do it myself ! Anyway , it's solid , and very-well done .

It would be an understatement to say KZ2 sounded well . The bullets sounded impactful , the death-screams were disturbing , the sound of blood felt real and the musical score was fantastic . However , the voice human voice acting was absolutely terrible . Guerilla had not much to do in terms of sound design . The set pieces are now the most-realistic sounding , the bullets feel even more impactful , everything has been upped a little . Thee excellent background musical is now far more noticeable thanks to the less-screaming protocol ISA have followed . Plus , the six months later stealth mission sounds absolutely incredible , and is definetly one of the most immersive segments i'ver ever played in a game . Now for the real downfall of Killzone 2's sound design . The voice acting . The Helghast leaders sound as good as Scolar Visari sounded , and there's much more of them . And their actors sure deliver their lines credibly . The ISA have seen a major re-boot . The "S*** kill that b*** d***-headed hig" , is a sentence that is less frequent in Killzone 3 , replaced by far better dialogue . The good writing is hampered by the personality of the characters , which prefer to scream 30% of the time (was more than 70% in KZ2) . However , when they aren't screaming they're very good . Sev and Rico sound much much better now . Excellent sound overall .

Do i need to talk about the graphics ? Killzone 2 was one of the top 3 console games graphically . Falling behind uncharted 2 and beating God Of War 3 . Killzone 3 claims its throne back from Uncharted 2 which stole its predecessor's crown . It looks absolutely breath-taking ! The back-drops are gorgeous . Much more enviromental variety . Better physics . Better facial animations . Guerilla could have done nothing graphically and still delivered a game ahead of its time . However everyhting is upped-up a notch . The physics , which were absolutely perfect , are even better . I can go all day here . But it's something you have to see to know what i'm talking about . The snow , The jungle , The desert ... The Beauty !

KZ2 did very well in the gameplay departement . The tactical , cover-based gameplay did really-well , the set-pieces were awesome . And the sense of scale was overwhelming . Again , it improves pretty much . The single-player campaign is breatlessly action packed and breath-takingly beautiful . The set pieces are much more hefty . You get to pliot a walker and a tank all in the first mission of the game . You get a grip on a plane's machine-gun . You can detatch an artillery and blow crap up . The good ole amazing weapons are back at your disposal . And a few new guns are always welcomed . While the reliable ISA machine gun is always great . The game makes sure you mix up your choices and try all weapons . The vehicular sections are much better . The walker makes it's golirous return . And has a much lenghtier section . The action is upped . And the cover system -while still imperfected- is much more fluid . And do i even need to talk about the jetpack ? Absolutely brilliant section . The gameplay in Killzone 3 , is one where you make your moment . A skilled player will have a blast mowing higs down with a breeze . While new-comers will enjoy the tactical approach to battles . The only set back here . Even on the toughest difficulty (from your first walkthrough) the game feels much easier than KZ3 . This can change in the later levels , but so far i'm not having any problemes on hard . Now for the neweset addition . The melee kills . They work perfectly for stealth . And are devistatingly brutal while in close-quarters . PS : Don't pull a hig's eyes out with your mom in the same room ! Eye-popping , kneck-tiwsted , head-crashing ! Brilliant . One section where you're detatching snipers is absolutely great if you melee kill them . Overall , a major improvement over KZ2 in practically all departements , but veterans might find it less-challenging than KZ2 .

KZ3 delivers on its promises , but the few steps it does wrong hold it from perfection . Nonetheless , it deserves to be in any PS3-owners collection . A game that beautifully blends all pillars of a succesful FPS and gives it a spicy flavor of scale and destruction . It's larger-than-life , and one of the best sci-fi epics this generation !

Score : 9.5/10


Call that a MINI-review :P

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Top 15 opening levels in video-games

97% out of the ACB trophies . Only got role model and abstergo employee of the month left . These two will be a pain in the ass . But i have a week or so till KZ3 is released . And now , as i promised here are the 15 best first levels in any video-game . Like them , glad you do . You don't ? Well too bad cause it's my opinion . Now shall we :

15-Rayman 2 : The Great Escape

My all-time favorite platformer kicked off with a bang . It kciked off pretty well with the well-paced first level . It set up prefectly for the amazing story . And brought a joy to the 8-year-old me . Which is enough to earn it a spot on the list .

14-Gears Of War 1

Gears of war is in my opinion a slightly over-rated series . It is in fact pretty good . And highly polished . But unlike most other franchises it is worst than the sum of its parts . However , Gears 1 started with a well-paced prison break , and gave you the chance to use the chainsaw for the first time . Plus , it introduced the cover-system perfectly , and the Locust looked more blood-thirsty than ever .

13-Grand Theft Auto III

Truth be told , its hard for me to remember . But that bridge-explosion sticks to me pretty damn well . The special effects were brilliant for its time . And it was one to remember .

12-Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves

It will make any list that i do . You know its good . I know its good . Why even argue ? Well , U2 was highly praised . The cirtically acclaimed action adventure was highly praised for the train section , the nepal-section , and pretty much all of it . But , two parts were bashed by some of the critics , and those were the end boss fight . And the very first level . Well , unlike them , i loved the first level . It just looked breath-taking , the gameplay steadily started to impress . Everything was smooth , Nate and Flynn were hilarious , and the end of it was like OMG . Nate makes another one of my lists . (Flashback is also awesome)


My first xbox game . And i have like :shock: for the first 10 minutes . Admiring the graphics . Looking at how gorgeous the graphical leap from San Andreas to GTA IV was . And Roman only made things better . With the big **** and that one who sucked like a vaccum ? Thumbs up i say .

Hopeyou enjoyed it . If anyone cares to help me with the ACB role model trophy thanks :roll:


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Call it an update ...

Nope , not dead . In fact i was pretty active but just didn't feel like blogging . Anyway , i'm playing ACB these days . I just got a 14-3 in a session with a whooping score of 9050 . No one on my friends list has came close to 7000 . What you waiting for , i need some challenge ;) Well I'm pretty good at it know (You'd expect since i just hit level 45) . Anyway 4 trophies left . 2 that i got like 100% . And two pretty tough ones .

Mubarak over-throwed . Gratz egyptians . Gratz Adam (if you wanted him overthrowed) :P

What's next ? I'm writing lists . Top X opening levels in video-games . And Top X deepest storyline in video-games . Coming soon . And finally . Just read Foxnews article about BulletStorm being the worst video-game in the world . And hell yeah ! I'm so bashing it if i have time ! Which means my first editorial . Yup ... This sick sarcastic bastard is taking things seriously for once !

Later now , I have a 4 day break starting tomorrow . So i'll be as active as possible .

And for those who care , i wrote a Dead Rising 2 and a Starcrfat 2 review . You can find them in the review section of my profile . Thumbs up please :)

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I need to blog ...

So i could waste time . I'm just so bored :P Weirdly enough i haven't run out of download this month . And weridly enough i'm not getting my ass-kicked in the exams . Anyway ,ranting is never bad . So why not rant on the game store ? While they got Little big planet 2 , mass effect 2 and dead space 2 are no-where to be found . And because my PS3 hasn't been turned on for over a week now , i'm just waiting for whatever game comes first (ME2 or DS2) since none of them are really prioritites .

In other news the master of the banners , the lord of pixels , the shop of photoshop ... Hail to the king baby ... Wait ... Yeah you guessed that right the awesome ehz :P Made me the ridiculousely awesome LA noire banner that you can see right now on my profile . I love the new theme , even though i couldn't find a better avatar than the one i have . But i love it , and of course have to thank emeraldhillzone for always providing the best banners a gamer can ask for .

Oh and what do you think of the NGP ? aka the Nintendo Got Pwnd as one of the creative people of the internet code-named it . Or you can call it the next generation portable , but i like to call it the PSP2 (a lot better right ?) . Well , here's what i think . It's pretty good-looking and an absolute technological beast . With trophy support on the go , dual analog sticks , and a hefty amount of AAA titles , count me in ... Though the price worries me . Oh and here's another thing that keeps me up at night , now i have two uncharted titles to worry about :x Like Drake's Deception wasn't enough the PSP game looks as awesome as well :x

Damn it i know you haven't missed me but bare with me , exam-ed guy has special needs .

Well to end this because it has already become ridiculously pointless , i dedicate this lazy pointless blog to the king of lazy pointless blogs ... Just_Adam . It's ridiculous what's happening on in egypt , but it's for the better man . And even though they cut off the internet and you probably haven't received or read none of my PM or this blog , but we're with you dude :P

Do you guys want me to reset my profile to open ? I'm bored of this private thingy . G2G now , catch ya later ,

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Pretty busy atm ...

Well , just a quick blog . No i haven't ran out of download this time :P It's just exams and other crap , we start on thursday and finish after a week . So i won't be that active from now till then . Sorry if i miss any of your blogs , blah , blah , blah ...

Cya guys , Walid has left the building 8)

My rant on cod black ops ...

I couldn't play cod black ops the last few days . Each time i tried to sign in the server was down . And it turns out ... I am apparently banned . :)

First of all let me tell you why there's no reason i could be banned legetimately :
1-I don't have a head set , and have never text-chatted with a person i met in-game .
2-I don't even know how to recover my password . I bet there's zero chance i'm a hacker .
3-Your goddamn invites don't work . So i can't boost .
4-My emblem consists of 3 skeletons one with a crown on it's head . Maybe it's offending if there's something such as multi-colored skeletons but who knows ?
5-Because Activison is 666 on a 1-666 evil scale .


Well that got me pissed off and i started seraching for the reasons ... And this is apparently what happens at Teryarch :

Bob : "Must count money ... The precious ... precious ... money"
Jim : "Must count faster ... oh the piles ... the piles"
Bob : "goddamnit we got a report message"
Jim : "You mean there's 10,000 one of those :| "
Bob : "Okay .. let's see . We got a report from Noobster-motha-f***a[STFU] .... He's reporting Hardcoregamer001[Hi] . Noobster has a two-bunnies having .. you know ... and the other has a skeleton . Tough call . I'll check it again later .
Jim : "I got one from Im12RETARD! ... He's reporting a 16 plat guy because he was his nemesis for 6 consecutive matches ... That guy sure must be bannedd . Thanks for the report Im12RETARD! "
Bob : "Now , CantWeJustBeFriends? is reporting Pwn-the-crapoutofya! . He sent him some messages with pron image attachements .. Cursed him via headset and has a male organ as his playercard emblem . Well , he's clearly modding for no reason . And he will pay !"
Jim : "Man this is taking far too long ... Let's just leave it"
Bob : "Agreed ... Where were we ?"
Jim : "A billion or something like that count again ..."


And this is how Treyarch decided to ban everybody who gets reported for two weeks without even taking a look at the reason ! Well done Activision ! Bravo !

Seems , i will stay gaming-less until ME2 comes out . Screw them noobs . Sorry if i offended anybody but gotta rant when you gotta rant . Later ,

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Q2-Q3 must buys ...

The damn Black Ops servers aren't working . **** Activision :x Well here's a little update on my stats , i has like the coolest playercard ever , i bought the enfield , the famas , the AK74U and the AUG . My weapon of choice is the famas , with a blue dot sight , ice camo , and that thing that makes for a quicker first reload .

Anyway let's get to the point of this blog ...


April : Portal 2

Simply put . I wish GLaDos was my physics teacher . That bastard newton thought of it this way . "Me throws an apple in the air ... Apple falls ... Gets faster ... Falls on my head ... Me get concussion" . Well i know it's not like that but bare with me . :x GLaDos translated it into "speedy thing goes in ... speedy thig comes out" .Much easier isn't it ? Well the way Valve twisted the game around this cute little law is just brilliant and was enough to make portal one of my top 20 games ever . Oh wait wait ... Then after i escaped my death in the fire wall , remember how stupid i looked actually waiting for GLaDos' associate to take me to the party ? Make that top 10 ... Mmmm ... And that end credit song ? Make that top 5 in fact . Well want me to be even more excited for Portal 2 ? With the new co-op componment ?

Somewhere in the second quarter

LA Noire

It's rockstar . With this new facial animation technology . It's a sandbox . You're a good guy this time . They never dissapoint . They can't go wrong . They will clearly strike gold again .

I am Alive

A game that seems less alive than it's title . The game has been in slow developpement for a long time . But it seems Ubisoft's survival game may finally see the light (in a good way) in the second quarter of 2011 .



The reatarded developpers prove that tehy're even more stupid than ever . As a year filled with great games seems like a haunted industry during the summer with few major releases and only one that is truly worthwhile

Batman : Arkham City

I bought Arkham Asylum ana had a feeling of huge regret while i was coming back to home . For some reason . I felt that it would never compell me . Howeer , once AA picked up pace , it struck hard ! Awesome story , fluid combat , and those scare-crow set-pieces are some of the best i've had with gaming . I have no idea how AC is improving over AA . But who cares ... Give me the same game with more villains and i'll be happy :| Plus , those CGI trailers are just wow :shock:

Anyway now back to CoD :D

Walid has left the bulding 8)