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VincentVendetta Blog

You might not care, but I do

Sometimes, little details are really interesting. So much so that they have blog posts about it.

At the end of The Happening, when you see a report 3 months after the events, you see that the main characters have a black PlayStation 2 with 5 games. I decided to see what were these

The first ones were NHL 08 and NBA Live 08.

The thrid was Heatseeker (actually, I clearly saw "Heat" in the name).

I wasn't able to see the complete names of the fourth and fifth ones, but I saw the words... Grand Theft Auto.

That's right. Science professor Elliot Moore plays Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar North's famous game...

That's not happening.


Finally, my first MovieTome blog post.

And it's not really a true blog post.

It's actually a movie review of a Quebec movie that you may have never heard of, but I still care about it anyway since it's based on a cult series.

The film was released in April 18th 2008.


It makes now 10 years since the first episode of the cult series Dans une galaxie près de chez vous. It was an amazing series, which combined intelligent script with great laughs during its entire 3 seasons. Still, the creators aired their last episode in 2001, and since it was such a huge success that fans wanted them to continue anyway (well that's pretty much what they always do). But instead of a brand new season, the writers brought us a movie! Dans une galaxie près de chez vous: le film was released in 2003, and now, we have the sequel. Sadly, we pretty much created a new Star Trek movie curse…

6 years after the ship took off from Earth October 28th 2034, the Romano Fafard continues its quest for finding a new planet for the humans. This time, their last and only probe crashed on the planet "Crème hydratante pour le visage – soulage la peau sèche". The crew decides to go here, only to find out that the people from another planet, the Iraziens, took their probe. They now have to take it back, and maybe expulse them from their home…

So yeah, I loved the TV series when I was young and I still love it today, but the problem with Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2 is that it doesn't provide much when it comes to the most important aspects which I mentioned earlier. The scenario of the movie is not so great. It's not really a bad script, but a lot of episodes from the original series have done better than this. Still, there are some weak points, like the facts that some of the events shown here doesn't fit well with the source material. And I mean it. This is the kind of problem that everyone wants to avoid, and having seen some examples, I can say that this had already done serious damage to the people that were in charge of the project (*cough*Final Fantasy*cough*). But don't worry; here, it's not so bad as it could have been… well… we will get to that later.

Also, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2 is not as funny as it should have been. There are sadly not a lot of jokes that truly works like the TV series, mainly because some are just a little bit too simple. The captain trying to run while trying not to sleep in the middle of the day is not that funny, nor is the crew cheerleading the governor of the planet to talk. It's that little ingredient that made Dans une galaxie so great, and it's what misses this movie. But hey! There are still some good laughs, only not as much as we wished to.

If there is one aspect where the film totally works, it would be both the acting and casting. Every actor that has made any of the recurring character of the show is there, doing its job like we would expect. We have Charles, Valence, Flavien, Bob, Pétrolia, Serge (now Serge-18, I think), and of course Brad all here, and we all love these characters. We will always love these great characters. The secondary characters are also with good acting and casting, and there is nothing to worry about here at all, except when it comes to the secondary characters themselves. They are not so important, not used enough, and not that great. And we know we can do better here.

The ending was for me what hurted the movie the most. Not that it was necessarily a horrible ending, but because it doesn't work at all! Why? Well, it's a movie based on Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, so it must fit the source material. And that is where the movie screws up. We can't put this film anywhere on the timeline. Not at the beginning, not at the end, not even between them. We just can't. I won't give away the ending, but let me just say that it makes a severe continuity mistake on the series, just like some other elements of the film. It comes even to a point that we are asking ourselves if this movie is actually a "What if" scenario. Like "What if the series ended from another way" or "What if Vrak TV forces us to put an environment message into the film which we can't put anywhere". I mean I know that the writers could have done better, and I know it well. Still, that's not a good reason enough to screw this up. Also, even with the "What if" scenario, it still doesn't work, so I have no choice but to say that it's pretty much impossible to put this movie into the timeline…

I wish I could say that this movie was as great as I expected, but it's simply not the case. Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2 is a big disappointment. Sure pretty much a big part of the fans will love this film, just because they want some new stuff. I'm a fan of the series, but I'm still a movie fan, and I really don't think that I should sacrifice one of these aspects (not even both) to enjoy this movie. Oh well… at least there's a new Star Trek movie coming out.

I give Dans une galaxie près de chez vous 2... 2 stars out of 5.