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Viet_Phoenix Blog

So Annoyed!

Okay I get it, you have to have rules to prevent certain things from happening, but gosh darnit these rules sometimes really hurt someone like myself who doesn't require said rules! What am I talking about? Well if you're a newbie here and like to chat you're in for a surprise! Under level 10, you're not allowed to post 100 messages in one single thread. O_o

It gets better. :P If you're level 25 and under you may not and will not have more than 20 posts in an hour, now someone like myself that is a real chatterbox this is completely and utterly fubar'd! I know it's to prevent "flooding" but really GS, I mean you're more strict than a pe'od foster parent with little things like posting in the wrong thread etc. So why can't you find a better way to restrict new users without handcuffing the good members like mysefl! Grrr I guess there's no point complaining cause my woes aren't going to change GS policy, but at least you've now been officially warned by a self-proclaimed chat-oholic! lol

My Husband Bought Me A New Rig!

OMG! I am so excited, he wasn't here for our anniversary and felt bad and today he came home with this;

Intel Core i7 975 EE Core 2 Quad 3.33GHz
eVGA X58 Klassified 3 Way SLI Triple-Channel DDR3 (I know it's with a "C" but it wouldn't post????)
Two Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR 5
16GB OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 /1333MHz Reaper HPC Edition DC CL9 Edition
Seagate Cheetah 300GB 15000RPM 16MB
Seagate Barracuda 2TB LP 5900.12 SATA 32MB
PC Power & Cooling 1200watt CrossFire Active PFC
Custom Swiftech Liquid Cooling System

He he got really good deals on the parts so the price wasn't as high as I thought it would have been. We already Overclocked her at 4.6GHz!!!!! STABLE!!!! Okay....breath Giang. lol We're going to run Prime95 tonight to make sure but so far so good! Some women get diamonds, I get PC parts. So funny, I walked into the RC and noticed a convo about PC's thatI had missed and I was jokingly upset, 5 minutes later my Hubby walks in with this! He also told me he's going to get a 3rd GFX card so we can to Triple CrossFire!!!! Yay!

I can't wait to bench baby! hehe I know big geek eh? :P Anyhoo, going to hit the forum in a bit, just had to share that. THANK YOU BABU!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

EDIT: Okay here's some pics...

The x58 board with the water block, damn it's sexy!

Crossfire! Oh yeah. lol

The water cooling system up and runing.

Here's the cpu-z image of are best OC, not stable however. :(

EDIT: Ran Prime95 all night with zero errors! We can actually push her to 5.2GHz but it was 50/50 to even boot, so we will keep it at 4.6GHz for now until we decide to go dry ice or liquid nitrogen. lol

Someone Actually Tagged Me!!

Not more than a day after I was surprised that no one had shown me tag love, BAM! Taggidy, taggidy. lol thanks Ceneb!

Okay sooooo, 10 things you hate don't know about me I mean. (Or just plain facts right??):P

1) I was married when I was 19

2)My Husband and I consider Overclocking a PC forplay. :P

3) I love cats!

This is actually kinda hard......does that count as a fact.....okay, okay....:P

4) My favorite band is Linkin Park

5) I'm only 4'11"

6)I'm only 90 lbs

7) Our daughter was named after a character from"The Ring" remake. (Samara)

8) My favorite movie of all time is "The Lord OfThe Rings Trilogy" (Yes I'm aware that those are 3 seperate movies, down fanboys down! lol)

9) My favorite food is Phở

10) I would rather stay home with the family and watch a movie than go clubing!!!

Good enough? :P Feel free to ask me anything beyond this. I don't bite! :D

EDIT: I almost forgot, I'm going to reach into my hat and pull out the name.........BlindBluMonstahyou have been tagged! lol

Signing Off.......For Tonight! lol

Did I scare anyone there? :P Just saying good night, I left a few froums under haste because of the posting limit. Grrr In-any-event figured I'd blog a quick nighty-night to all my friends here at GS, thanks yet again for being such awesome people and making this gal feel at home. This is truly one of/if not THE best communities I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. ;)



Level 4 Baby!

It seems the system was wacked out the last few days cause I wasn't leveling up, but problem solved! I am nowa level 4! Woot! lol I know, not a big deal, but like a RPG I love the feeling you get when you see the number change. hehe

My hubby joined and posted with me last night, kind of funny actually, sitting almost next too each other posting on the same forum! lol Too funny. :) But it's great, at least I have someone watching my back so to speak. :P I'm so in need of level 10! I CAN'T TAKE THIS POSTING RESTRICTION! lol Almost halfway there now. ;)

Is It Just Me, Or Are Most Unions Dead?

I haven't joined too many, but the ones I have joined only two are active it seems. I don't mean no traffic and I end up chatting with the creator, no, I mean dead, as in no one home! It puzzles me why some one would create a union only to abandon it? Also we're not talking level 1's either, I have one that's level 19!

I'm missing something it must be. *shrugs* Too bad also, cause some of these Unions are the only of it's kind. :( Ah wells, not a heck of a lot I can do, well except blog about of course. lol

The Hubby Is Coming Home Today!!

After talking to him he surprised me with the news that his unit is arriving home this afternoon! YAY! I convinced him to open an account here and I hope he'll love it as much as I do. :) I'm so excited I can't even put thought to keyboard! lol So I won't, tiss all! hehe. :D

I've Been Moderated Already!?

Well I guess rules are rules. But on the heels of finally getting to level 3 where I can post images (which I have :)), comes a TOS violation. 0_o Well like I said thems the rules, I have to be more careful where I post that's for sure! It's hard leveling up so I don't want to lose my valuable points!

Today has started off crappy that's for sure, but at least I get to talk to my hubby via satelite. Can't wait! :) Well time to head to the forums and see who's around. CIYA!

Won't Be On Tomorrow

Well my hubby will be chatting with me from overseas tomorrow so I most likely won't be on tomorrow. Maybe here and there depends. But we haven't spoke in a week and I need to talk to him. It scars me when he's over there. Everytime a story on the news breaks about a fallen sodier I get scared for a breif moment until I know it's no him. It doesn't help that the nature of his deployment is more dangerous than others. *sigh* Anyhoo, just wanted to mention that so people won't think I disapeared all-of-a-sudden. Not that many would miss me anyway I don't think I've been here long enough for that yet! lol I also want to take a quick moment to thank the various members of GS that have been more than helpful, some have actually taking the time to message me with info to help me along. Thank you and I hope you get reconized for your contribution to this site. Cheers to all of you! (You know who you are). ;)

Loving It Here!

Got a wierd error message about "post-per-hour" so I thought I'd take a time out and post a bloggy. :) I'm loving it here! So many fun people into games and nerd stuff in general. Love it, love it, love it! This is FB for geeks! YAY! So glad my hubby got me to join. Thanks hunny! *MUUUAAZZZZ!* Can't wait till I reach a level where I can start my own Union. So many possibilites! I'm hoping to join some clans for certain games like; AA3 or UT or anything! I'd take up a new game just for the interaction. lol I'm sure there's a lot more to unlock here so I can't wait. ;) Someone mentioned an RPG, that would great, a virtual RPG within GS, someone HAS TO DO THIS PLEASE! This gal would be in uber heaven. Well that's it for now! l8ters.
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