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Kiss My Foot, Frank

Hello, Home Skilletz!

It's been a while! Again. But that is surely no surprise to you all by now. :P

How has everyone been?! Can you guys believe Christmas is only 12 days away? OMG guys. O.M.G. I just finished up my Christmas shopping 2 days ago, now all I have to do is wrap everything. Which really doesn't make sense, because by the time I'm done wrapping something it looks like I've taken wrapping paper from last year's fiasco, and reused what everyone tore up. :lol: Oh well... it's the thought that counts right? :P

So, lots of gaming updates to talk about! :D Okay, maybe not *alot*, but more than usual. :P Let's see, what to talk about first? Ah! Back in June, when PSN finally came back online I had downloaded inFamous, cause you know... who doesn't like free games? I had started it and only played the first 20 minutes and got bored. Big mistake. I started playing it again about a week or 2 ago, and now I can't *stop* playing it. Haha, it's really great. I'm happy I gave it another chance, cause it really delivered this time. I suspect I'm about halfway through the game by now (I'm going for the Hero ending, I just can't be evil, even if it *is* a game :P), and I'm really excited to play inFamous 2. I was shopping with my brother-in-law at Target and they had a TV and PS3 set up, inFamous 2 was in, so I told my bro to play it so I could watch. :P Haha, he's a 360 player, so it was cool to see him kind of wish he had a PS3. Anyhow, inFamous 2 looks *really* good. Cole looks way better in that one. :P

I've also gotten myself a Christmas gift this year (:P), Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

This game is *awesome*. :D I played a little of it a few months ago, and I finally found it on sale for only $20! Which is a fantastic buy, cause this game is great. Human Revolution is *all* I've been playing the past few days, and I'm about 15 hours in. The story is really good, and so far its doing a good job at keeping me hooked. And well... Mr. Adam Jensen is also doing a very good job at that as well. :oops: He is a very handsome man, yes?

I love everything about the gameplay. The conversations, the character interaction, the combat, even the upgrading and character advancement. It's all very well put together, and very enjoyable. I also love how in almost every conversation, Adam says something like "I never asked for this.", for reasons you will have to play the game and find out yourself. So I found this picture quite funny. :P Like I said, the story is just *really* good, and I can't wait to see what it leads up to. This game is definitely getting a good review from me, and I will be getting the DLC after finishing the game.

I've also finished Uncharted 3, and it's quite possibley my Game of the Year 2011. I still have to decide between that, Dead Space 2, L.A. Noire, and maybe Deus Ex after I finish it. :P U3 is definitely the best in the series, and I highly recommend it to every PS3 player. The multiplayer is not that great, which is really sad because U2's multiplayer was fantastic. Check out my review if you haven't. ^_^ Oh, and this by far was the *best* scene in the game. :lol: :

And this too. :oops:

I've finished AC: Revelations as well, and to be completely honest, it's a disappointment. I had very high expectations for this game, and it just didn't live up to them. It's good, but a big letdown after Brotherhood. Assassin's Creed II is still the best of course. ^_^ First of all, WTF was up with Desmond?! I love him, but come on. He'd better get rid of that beard before ACIII, because it just is *not* working for him. -_- Second WTF was up with Shaun only being in the end of the game?! :x That really ticked me off. He's like... the third best character! :cry: Third, WTF! was up with that den defense crap? It just does not belong in an Assassin's Creed game. Honestly, the only thing I really enjoyed was the Desmond sequences. Now those were awesome. God, some of them were *so* frustraiting though. I think I almost busted my crontroller a few times during those. :P Oh! And the multiplayer! OMG guys! OMG! The multiplayer is so much fun! It's easily the best feature of the game. The characters are very cool, though the sentinal is the best. I use him *every* game I can. :cool: The best part though? It doesn't take more then 30 seconds to find a match. :P

I also remember telling you guys I had suspictions for ACIII, but they will have to wait, because this blog is getting a little too long, and I have to be getting my butt moving. I've got karate in lessd than an hour! :P

I will try and post a blog just for my ideas about Assassin's Creed III soon, but with Christmas so close, I might not have the time. Therefore, this may also be my last blog until after the Holidays. So if that be the case, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year! ^_^

P.S. : Don't ask about the blog title. xD




Yours In Eternity,

VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn