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I Will Always Return

Hello, Home Skilletz! :D Surprised to see me blogging? It hasn't even been two months yet! :P See that awesome picture? Yeah. Thats a Captain America picture. 8) My parents took me to see it for my Birthday, and it was awesome! Oh my gosh I loved it. For me, it ranks right up there with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story starts off really slow, but gradually gets better. I really enjoyed it. :D It's funny, when the movie first started Steve Rogers (Captain America) was really... small. :P Now remember, I didn't know anything about Captain America, or his story. So about half an hour into the movie I started thinking, "Oh come on... this guy can't be Captain America... look at him! He's looks like a twig!" Then finally, when that creepy Doctor (Sorry, I only seen it once, I can't remember his name. :P) preformed that experiment on Rogers, I was like "Oh yeah! This is more like it!" Chris Evans looks FIIIIIINE as Captain America. :oops: But yeah... really awesome movie! I demand you all go see it now! If you have already, then you are awesome! 8) And check out this really cool "old" Captain America movie poster! :D I think I like this one more than the "new" one. :P Oh! I stayed through the credits of Captain America, and holy chocolate starfish batman, I saw the secret ending! :D OHMYGAWD THE AVENGERS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! :D Iron Man, *and* Captain America in a single film is going to be so EPIC! 8) Sorry... Nerd moment there. :P So, I know I said I was going to throw a party in my Birthday blog last Tuesday. But I was sick. On my Birthday! D: So I apologize. :P I'm feeling a lot better now though, I still haven't got my voice back gosh dangit! I got to do nothing, and enjoy Netflix for a week though. :P But *only* a week. We got my Sister's account code or something, and were using that. But then she said I was watching a movie when she tried to watch one, and she said it wouldn't let her because it said she was already watching something. :| Confusing, I know. So now I don't have Netflix anymore! :cry: At least I got to watch a few of my favorite episodes of Monk. I only got to watch one movie too. :P I seen Brothers, that movie with Toby Maguire. It was sad. :( But I still liked it. Speaking of Toby Maguire, I have been in a Spider-Man mood lately, and I have no idea why. :lol: I've watched the movies like 10 times in one week, and I watched Spider-Man 3 like 4 times in one day. 8) It makes me mad though when I watch the ending of Spider-Man 3, cause I know there isn't going to be a Spider-Man 4. :x Who else thinks this new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie is going to be *terrible*? :x It looks retarded! Who the heck is that skinny little twerp who is playing Spider-Man? And where is Harry Osborn, and don't you dare tell me that that blondie in the trailer is Mary Jane Watson! Stupid people. :x AND what about Sandman from 3? His story was suppose to continue! Bah... it makes me sick. :x I want a Spider-Man 4... not this "Not So Much Amazing Spider-Man" crap. -_- Meh... sorry for the rant. -_- Anyhow. I've mostly been playing Super Hero games the past two weeks. I rented Green Lantern, and played through that. My God, the achievements in that game are so easy! After I beat it, there were only like, eight more achievements to get. I also played through Captain America, and I flipping love that game! I hate GameSpot for only giving it a 6.5! The story is really good, and the combat is *SO* awesome, and tons of fun! I definitely think it's the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 8) I'm also still playing through Force Unleashed II on both PS3 and 360. I have *no* idea why I own this game on both systems. Now I have to play through it twice as many times to get all of the achievements and trophies. -_- Oh, you guys want to hear something awesome? :D I kind of already told you in my last blog, but I've beaten Halo 3, and Halo 3 ODST both on Legendary my first time ever playing through the games! 8) I saw the secret ending for Halo 3 too, and it was cool. Some of you thought I said I beat Reach on Legendary as well, but I didn't. :P I still have yet to complete that campaign on Legendary, but I plan on starting that one with my nephew tonight. I also picked up Silent Hill: Homecoming. It's awesome, but I hate it. :P The graphics are so good... it's so scary. I hate how real everything in that game looks. :P I played it all day Wednesday with my nephews, and I had trouble falling asleep that night. >_> I think my nephew Gabe did too. :lol: I'm going to have to wrap this blog up early. It seems I'm going to spend the day with Gabe playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I call dibs on Iron Man and Wesker! Oh, since so many of you complained that there wasn't enough Hugh Jackman in my last blog, there will be alot more of him in the next! :P But for now, I leave you with a very sexy picture of Chris Evans! I love me a man in Uniform. 8) Thank you for reading, & God Bless! Yours In Eternity, VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn