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Remind me why im at muh sisters house with kids at 3:30 in tuh moring...

Hey homies. You might be wondering why I am typing a blog at 3:30 in the morning. Why you ask? Because muh sister is in the hospital! :( She has a very bad case of the hives. She went to the doctor friday night, because the itching was bothering her, then I had to take her last night, because she was having trouble breathing. We were at the hospital for 3 hours last night. :| So this morning, I was in muh room playing MGS2,(I have trouble sleeping) and I get a call from my brother-in-law, saying that she was up all night and was having alot of trouble breathing. :| He said he called the ambulance and there were taking her to the hospital right away. So as you can probably tell I am very worried. :( I have been here with the kids for a while now, and he hasent called so im hoping everything is okay. The kids are asleep of course... but if the baby wakes up... I dont know what imma gonna do man. I didnt even get muh coffee this morning!!:cry:

(PS, I will be posting muh #1 game today, if im not 2 busy :()

Yours in eternity,


Snow. Snow. Snow. And... OH MUH GOSH MORE SNOW!!!

Hey peeps, hows it goin? So there isnt really anything exciting going on today. I just ordered Tekken 3 and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 for the PS1. My sister and I used to play them all the time together as kids:P

And I really wanted to add them to muh collection.

As far as jobs, I still havent heard anything from the places I applied at. :( I guess I shouldent expect any calls either since it's been this long. *sighs* Oh well. I guess things all happen for a reason huh?

Anywayz. It has been snowing here all night. And still going strong today. I am sooooo sick of this weather.

I finally stared playing Halo 3. This is the first Halo game I've ever played. Some of my friends told me 2 play through the first 2 before number 3, or else it would ruin the story. But I think I've gotten 2 far into this one now. It's not what I thought it would be.... in a good way. I mostly just played it because my friend Austin is all like "man you HAVE to play this! trust me, you'll thank me later!" So I finally gave in. :) But I was surprised 2 see that he was right, Im actually enjoying the game.

So now he has 2 play Tekken with me :D Imma soooooo gonna kick his but!! :D Im UNBEATABLE with Lars and Kazuya :twisted: Mwahahaha *coughcoughcough*

Ahem. 8)


Valentines Day is coming up pretty quick. Im still single, so Im in no rush for it to get here :) But it's all good.

I was really bored and didnt really have anything to talk about, so thanks for letting me waste your time LOL! Peace out peeps! 8) Oh and my next bolg, Im showing my top ten games :)

Yours in eternity,


Sup muh GameSpot peeps! :D

Hey peeps!

Just typing a quick blog.

My Dads party is turning out great!! He was soooo surprised when he walked in the door! :D I dont think he was expecting it since the weather has been bad all week, but thankfully the wether cleared up enough so we could have this party tonight:) Im very happy we could do it, since my Dad has done so much for me, I really wanted to give him this.

Well guyz, the night is young, and my family and I still have some major partying to do!! :D Peace out homies!8)

Yours in eternity,


Crap. More snow...

Hi peeps.

So tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, and we were going to plan a surprise party for him. But last night it snowed pretty hard, and it's gonna continue all day and night. But, my sisters and I are going out to brave the cold :) Buy food, party stuff, etc. Hopefully, it wont continue snowing and ruin the party plans. If it does, then no party for my awesome Dad, and I wouldent be able to make it to a kids karate class that I help teach.

That would suck. :(

But on the bright side, no school :D LOL.

I still havent heard back from my job hunt either. :( No one has called at all. Bah. Im still a bum. *sighs*

Oh, by the way... I FINALLY beat Okami! WOOT WOOT!!! :D

I took me forever but I did it :D That is the longest it took me to beat a game :( I really loved it though, good story.

Now to start playing Prince of Persia the Two Thrones, or Resident Evil Code Veronica?

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Yours in eternity,


Holy crap, glad thats over...

Oh. My. Gosh. OH MUH GOSH! Okay, so I took my 360 with me to a friends house to do some gaming, and I get there, hook up the 360, or at least I try to anyway, I get it hooked up, turn it on. Nothing happens. Press the butten again. Nothing happens. Press the butten again. Nothing happens. Press the butten AGAIN. Nothing happens! At this point Im secretly freaking out in my head! I try re-hooking it up, even tried hooking it up to a different tv. Still didnt work! Finally I decided to play around with the wiers, and it turns out they got shut in the car door! Im upset, but thank God it wasent something that would cost me a ton to replace! Well thats how my day went LOL. How about you guyz? :)

Yours in eternity,


My third blog...

Hey, sup peeps? :) Im doing good, how bout your selves? I just beat Resident Evil 5 on Pro like 5 minutes ago, that was awesome. I love the RE series. They only thing I didnt like about this RE, it's leaning more towards survival more than horror. But all in all it is a great game. I think I prefer the original Silent Hill though. Now THAT is a scarey game LOL. Im leaving in like 5 minutes to play some RE5 Co-op with my bro-in-law John, Ima kick his butt. :) Im also going out to look for a job tomorrow, wish me luck! Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

Yours in eternity,


He dosent have a name.

Hey peeps. I picked up Prince of Persia yesterday, been playing all day now. LOVE it. This is my first PoP game, and so far it's been a good experience. Hope it stays that way. Should I play the older ones? I've heard from some that they are terrible. So that kinda scared me away LOL.

Yours in eternity,


Hey people!

Okay, this is the REAL me. LOL. Sorry about that last blog, that wasent me. But I got that taken care of. Im playing through Resident Evil 5 AGAIN. I love this game. It is by far the best in the series. I can not wait until the Gold Edition comes out in March. I've also been playing Tekken 6. I have been a big fan of Tekken forever. Really. And to be honest, this is not there best. Tekken 3 was there best. All the games today seem like the same thing, I mean, there all the same. What we really need is a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus!!! .... I am soooooo bored......

Yours in eternity,