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Less Than 3 Weekz :D

Hey Home Skilletz. 8)

So it's been another busy week for me. I havent been gaming since last week :shock:. I need to get back to FFXIII. I'm on Cahpter 12 so I'm pretty close to the end.

So 2 dayz ago I went out to go get a DS. So my Dad and I went out to GameStop to see if they had any used ones. They didnt. :( And we cant afford to get a new one right nowz. So went went to K-Mart and put one on layway. So it will be another 3 weekz before I can hold a DS in mah handz. I'mma getting a blue and black DS. :D It is awesomez. :) And there is this Kingdom Heartz DS case at GameStop that I wanna get like, really bad. I cant wait, but I guess I'll have to. :roll:

Splinter Cell Conviction in.... *counts with fingers* 3 dayz!!! :D :D :D :D :D I is excited! I wont be able to buy it though, I really have to start saving for our big vacation in May. So I'm going out to rent it, hopefully they'll still have some in by the time I get there. I havent got a chance to try out Just Cause 2 yet either. Has anyone else? If so, how is it? I was disappointed in the first one, but number 2 seems like it might have improved a lot. :)

I went to Sams Club for the first time last night. :) They have really cheap games! :o And they also have 50 pound bags of suger!!! :o :o :o :o :o I wantz it! :D

I also went out to eat with some family friends last night at Applebeez. There was this small family sitting like 2 tables down from us, and this guy was I guess sick or something. He was wearing a mask, and had something going into his arm. :| And then I was eating, and I looked over, and he was getting a shot!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: YUCK!!!! I felt sick after that and lost all interest in eating the rest of my Bacon Cheeseburger, and Virgin Mudslide. :( I has a very weak stomach. :roll:

Before all that, yesterday I was at the mall with some of my Gamer friendz. :) We were in FYE and I seen this *AWESOME* Kingdom Heartz shirt, I already have one, but this one has Riku on itz!!! I WANTZ IT NOWZ!!! :evil: And I seen a Chris Redfield action figure! :o And Kingdom Heartz Manga! And Devil May Cry 2 Manga! I gotz them. :D Here they iz...


Arnt they awesomez?! :D I finished reading The Kingdom Heartz Manga last night, I loved it. :D But I didnt realize that it was the 2nd book of Chain of Memories. So now I need to try and find the other ones. I havent started Devil May Cry 2 yet either. Maybe tonight.

Weel peeps, my sister just called and needs me to babysit for her, she has to take 2 of her kids to the doctor, so I get the watch the older ones. :) They are so much fun. :) Allen is 8, he loves to watch me play games like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, etc. And he is actually very good at games to. I love playing Co-op with him. :) So I'd better go get dressed and get over there. :)

Oh wait! Here is mah awesome Kingdom Hearts shirt!

It's not AMAZINGLY AWESOME because it dosent have Riku on it, but it is still AWESOME. :)

Got it memorized? 8)

Peace Out Homiez!

Yours in eternity,


Happy Easter Peeps! :D

Happy Easterz!!! :D

Last night I was with my Mom, my sister and her kids. We were dying Easter eggs. :D My sister and I had an Easter egg fight! :D :D :D :D :D It was so much fun! :) And then my little niece, she's like 3 years old. My sister Becky, told Ava she would give her money if she drank some of the dy water. So Ava did, and she was so grossed out by the way it tasted, but she kept drinking it and said she liked it! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It was so funnay! :) And then Becky kept chasing the kids around the house trying to stuff an egg in there mouth! :P :lol: We all had a very good time last night. :) I love being a part of a big happy family. :D So I wont be online any more todayz. :( My family is having a party so I need to help my Mom with the food. :roll:

So again, Happy Easterz Home Skilletz! 8)

Yours in eternity,


Happy April Fooz Day And Some Other Things... :D

Hey Home Skilletz! 8)

Sorry I havent been very active. I havent posted a blog for almost 2 weeks... :shock: I have been running out of things to blog about. :P I've also been pretty busy the past week, with school, working, chores, etc. I cant wait to go on vacation to Tennessee in May. I'll be gone from GameSpot for a whole week :shock: ... thats the only thing I'm NOT looking forward to. Also, I get my DS the first of May. :D The first games I'm going to get are Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, The World Ends With You, and Pokemon HeartGold. :D I iz excited. :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm going out tomorrow to get Tomb Raider Anniversary for mah 360. I have it for the PS2, but the graphics would be waaaayyyyyy better on the 360. And I also need the achievement points badly. LOLz :P Seriously. My GamerScore is sooooooooo puny compared to you guys. Mostly because I dont have very many games for the 360. I really want to get Just Cause 2, but I dont have $60 bucks to go out right now and buy it. :( *stealz 60 bucks using super ninja skillz while your not looking* Mwahahahaha!!! :twisted:




That wasent me. :roll:


I got The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords last week. I havent really gotten a chance to play it yet, but what I have played is pretty cool. I likez Zelda. :D Zelda is awesomeness. :D I seen Zelda Twilight Princess at GameStop... but it was $35 bucks!!! :o For the GameCube!!! :o :o :o I've never seen a GameCube game that cost that much. Especially a used one.

I was at Wal Mart yesterday. I was looking at some magazinez, and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a camera snapping a picture. So I turned around and this reeeeeeeeelly old nastay guy was holding up a camera phone... :shock: Then he hurried up and walked away. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

I was freaked out. :|

So yeah. Thats pretty much all thats happend to me the past week. :roll:

How about you guyz? :) Have any nastay men taken pictures of you looking at PlayStation Magazine? I did... :?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

Final Fantasy XIII!!!

I'm at...

Chapter 11 - Speaking With Serah

Taejin's Tower - The Cloven Spire

Play Time - 40 Hours 48 Minutes 48 Seconds

Pretty darn good huh? :D

I think I have a new favorite character. I really liked Snow for the first half of the game. But when I was forced to be Lightning I didnt like it at first. And now that I can be any character I want, I choose Lightning. Now that I'm farther into the story, I can relate with her so much more.

Snow is definitely mah 2 favorite, but Lightning has taken first. :)

Well mah Home Skilletz... thats all that I have to blog about right nowz. :)

Peace Out!!! 8)

Yours in eternity,


Final Fantasy XIII Gaming Update

Hey Home Skilletz! :D

Just a quick gaming update!

Final Fantasy XIII

Chapter 7: The Capital of Commerce

Palumpolum - The Metrostile

15 Hours In

Well thats all Home Skilletz! 8)

Oh! Wait!

Gotta love those baby Chocobos!!! So cute! :D:P

Peace out!

Yours in eternity,


Final Fantasy XIII

Hey homiez! So in muh last blog I was saying that I wasent sure witch game I was going to get. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition or Final Fantasy XIII. I went to GameStop again yesterday to get RE5 GE, but they still didnt have it in stock... but they did have FFXIII. So I bought that instead. :D

It's so amazing, just like everybody has been saying. I cant believe I was going to wait to get it. The graphics are perfect. So real. I love the fight system. The one thing that I dont like about the fights, they can last such a freaking long time!!!

But hey, the music is awesome so when a fight drags on, at least you got some great music. The characters are really cool too. Sazh is funnay. :P

But Snow would definitely have to be muh fav. 8) But why is someone alwayz punching him in tuh face?! It must suck to be him... but...

At least I get to be his fiancee.:oops:

No.. not really. But I wish. Serah is Snow's fiancee. Muh name is Sarah. :):P

Back to gaming. :) I'm only 5 hours into the game. But so far it's just amazing. I love it. I dont know why GameSpot only gave it a score of 8.5 I think it at least deserves a 9

Well homies, with only 5 hours into FFXIII I got some serious gaming to do tonight. Peace out! 8)

Yours in eternity,


Curse You GameStop!!!

Well home skilletz. I went out today to get Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. I went to GameStop first, thinking I would walk in there, and walk right out with muh new game. Well... I was wrong.:( GameStop didnt even have it in stock yet, they said they wouldent get the game in until tomorrow afternoon. :shock:Same thing with Final Fantasy XIII. :shock::shock:

Sad face GameStop. :( Sad face.

Sooo... next I went to Wal Mart, thinking surly they would have it. Nope. I went back by the games, and seen a spot for it, but it was empty. They said they just sold out. :(:(:( And the price for Final Fantasy XIII was a little too high there, so I couldent get that. So by now I was getting desperate. :?

I went to the Mall, Shopko, K-Mart, just about everywhere they sell games. No luck. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

So now I must wait until tomorrow to get Resident evil 5 GE or Final Fantasy XIII. :(

*Looks to side at newsfeedbar. See's everyone giving scores for FFXIII and RE5 GE. Adding them to there owned game list.*


Peace out homies!!! 8)

Yours in eternity,


In Less Then 24 Hours...

...Two games from two of muh favourite game series comes out!!! FINAL FANTASY XIII and RESIDENT EVIL 5 GOLD EDITION!!!:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:


Imma so excited!!! There are gonna be 2 new playable episodes, new playable characters, new costumes, need I say anymore? It's gonna be so beepin awesome!! :D

I will wait to get Final Fantasy XIII. I'll probably get it next month though.

I also found out that my family and I are going on vacation together sometime in May!! Were going to Tennessee!!! Yay! The last time I was down there, was for some Food Show that I worked at with muh sister and Bro-In-Law.

Oh hey... did I ever tell you guyz that muh Bro-In-Law owns the Red Cactus Salsa company?

I cant wait to go back down there. We are renting a cottage for a whole week, it's gonna be so awesome. :)

Muh Daddy is going to buy me a DS before we go. So any suggestions on what games I should get first?

Well muh homies... I must depart nowz. There is much to do and so little time to do it.

Peace out peeps!!! 8)

Yours in eternity,


Organization XIII

Hey home skilletz :) Imma bored. So I beez typin a blog. :)

Yay! Level 9!!! 8)

Last week I bought Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I read alot of you guyz talking about it and it sounded cool. Man was I wrong. It wasent cool at all. IT WAS AWESOMENESS!!! :D Now one of muh fav RPGs. I started playing KH2 first... I have no idea why I did that. So I stoped, and started playing KH. I got mad and turned it off. :P

So now imma just playing Kingdom Hearts 2 again. Sora keeps saying something about finding Riku. I thought he was a bad guy after the first KH? Im confuzed :(

But hey those Organization XIII guyz are pretty awesome! I want to play as Axel or Demyx. :twisted: That would be epics.8)

See? Now you cant look at these guyz and not say there awesome. :):P

Well, imma going to do some serious gaming. Thanks for reading homies :) Peace out!! 8)

Yours in eternity,


My Top 10 Games Ever - #1

Okay homies! Here's muh fav game EVER!!!:D

Shadow of the Colossus. This is the best game ever. Seriously. This game is the reason I own a PS2. You play as a young man traveling to a forbidden land, with his horse as his companion trying to save his love. Only to be used. The legend is that if one man can kill all 16 colossus, he may bring back one of the dead. I just fell in love with this game. The story is perfect. The music is just amazing! The gameplay is perfect. The graphics arnt the best, but still very good. The weapons selection could have been alot better, but you can unlock more doing time trails after beating the game. So if any of you guys havent played this yet, I highly recommend it :)

So about muh sister. She is doing sooooo much better, thank God. She was at the hospital again yesterday, so I was with the kids all day again. The doctors said she was probably having trouble breathing, because of stress. And she was very stressed out lately, with kids, school, work. They said to have someone there all the time to help with kids, and etc, so she dosent get stressed. And they said it could take weeks for the hives to completely go away. So im going to be helping her out alot, because her husband works at H&R Block, so he cant take off right now, or he'll lose his job. So I might not be on Gamespot as much as I usually am :( But hey, I'll do anything for muh sisters :) Peace out homies!8)

Yours in eternity,