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Fate Is Cruel, My Friend.

Hello Home Skilletz.

I am truley sorry to say, that I will not be online for the next week or so. :(

My computer crashed, and I have not the slightest idea how it happend. I have so many dang virus protectors, but alas, none of them seem to do any good. I am posting from my Father's laptop now. I cant keep using it though, thus he needs it for work. Though I will try and get online whenever it be possible.

So as you have probably figured out by now, I wont be active in any Unions. Please do not demote me, I will try and get my computer back up and running as soon as possible. As, I said, I will try and get online whenever I can and post updates. And I know that those of you who are in The Assassins Creed Unit, and The Oakleaf Bearers Gathering, I know you will take care of my Unions. I trust you. :)

I'm sorry that this should happen, with my GameSpot Anniversary coming up next month and all. But I have no doubt that will be back online long before then. :)

Before I take my leave, I would like to welcome back my good friend Out-Of-Ammo! :) It's good to have you back Home Skillet! :)

Also, I would like to thank my new friend, Leviathan620, for my epic new Sig, Avatar, and Banner. 8) You did an awesome job... Will. ;) :P :)

Well... I'm afraid this is where we say goodbye, for a little while anyway. I'll be back... you cant get rid of GamerNerd that easly. ;)

Yours In Eternity,


Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser... So I'm Told.

Sup Home Skilletz 8)

Today is my Birthday! I will be officially 16 years old at 11:57 tonight. :D Pretty cool huh? 8) :P

Yesterday we had a party. Not just for me though, it was my two Nieces, Tori and Laura's Birthday, my Nephew Gabe's Birthday, my Grandmother's Birthday, my Sister Catherine's Birthday as well as my own. I know what you're thinking.... my family is huge. We have so many Birthdays to celebrate at one time, it's ridiculous. :P But as I said, it was a lot of fun to spend some time with the family. Something I enjoy immensely and will never tire of. :)

I got some cool stuff. I got The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, Prince of Persia The Fallen King for my DS, an awesome shirt, and some WoW cards, all from my parents. They always get to much. :roll: :) As well as some other nice clothes, a poster, and phone from my Sisters and family. I think I can say we all had an enjoyable evening. :)

So remember a few blogs ago I told you guys I was thinking about posting a book that I was working on? Well It's almost finished. I've got a few more things to work on, then I think it will be ready for the world to see. :) I want it to be perfect. :P There are actually two books that I've been working on... A Prologue to Shadow of the Colossus, and a Horror/Adventure Darkness Awaits. I havent decided which story I want to post yet... so it might be some time before you see either of them. :P

In the gaming world, I have been playing more Mass Effect, Force Unleashed, and Eragon. I hate Eragon, but I'm making myself play through it at least once. :P I loved the books though. :) I was thinking of taking Force Unleashed off my Now Playing list, because I cant seem to get past the level where you have to take down a Star Destroyer. :x I keep swearing to myself that I will NOT change the difficulty. So thus, I have not touched the game for a few weeks. :x :P I've also been playing Assassins Creed II off and on. I seem to never tire of that game... I just love it. :)

I've also had a sudden urge to watch the National Treasure movies lately. 8) Very cool movies. So far this week, I've watched National Treasure twice, and National Treasure II once. My favorite character is Riley. 8)

He is so awesome. Of course, Nerds always are. :lol: Has anyone here seen Bounty Hunter? With Gerard Butler? I want to see it, but just havent had the time. Gerard Butler played, AND sang as The Phantom... enough said. 8)

Oh, remember I told you guys about my new kitten? Frodo? Well he and my other cat, Ziggy, are getting along just fine now. :) They sleep together and stuff, it's so cute. Beside the fact that Ziggy dosent like it when Frodo wants to play. :P I was also thinking about changing Frodo's name to Riley. 8) :P But everyone has already grown use to the name Frodo, so we will see how it works out. :)

Well... I dont really have anything else to blog about. Oh, but I will be getting Xbox LIVE in August for sure. I have $70.00 dollars saved back so far for the network adapter, and Xbox LIVE subscription, so I will definitely have it in the next few weeks. :) I'll have to think of a new GamerTag. :P

Peace Out Home Skillet! 8)

Yours In Eternity,


"You Resist Yet Your Soul Opens..."

Sup Home Skilletz. 8)

My apologies for not being active the past week. My parents had to make an unexpected trip to Colorado. :roll: My Uncle Rick was getting married... again. This is the third time... :roll: And my Dad really didnt want to go because he didnt even get an invitation the Rick's first wedding or second. :| And the only time he ever talks to my Dad, is when he either wants money, or wants something else from him. :(Anywayz, so my Grandma wanted my Dad and Mom to drive her up there for the weekend, so I stayed at my sister's house the past few days and played video games with my nephew AltairLover. :) Yep... AltairLover and I are related. :shock: :P We played Resident Evil 5, Republic Heros, and Tekken 6 all day Saturday and Sunday. :P But we played Resident Evil 5 the most. 8) We played through the whole game on normal, and then did the first few levels on Pro. He did surprisingly well in Pro mode for someone who usually dosent play these types of games. :) I guess some of my awesomeness just happend to rube off on him. :lol: :P :) I made him be Sheva, but by the time I was tired of Chris, he actually wanted to be Sheva. :P I think he liked her. :P :) Thats okay, because my other nephew, Arthusbuttkick does too. :P LOLz

So I got my 360 controller last week. Which was kinda obvious since I just told you that I had been playing RE5 with my nephew all weekend. :P But yeah. My next investment is going to be a network adapter for my 360 so I can finally get LIVE. I've been thinking though... witch is usually never a good thing... :P. But I was thinking about selling my 360, and getting the new 360 Slim. But then I would have to start all over on my achievements and games... :| But I want that new 360 like... really really bad! :P I was wondering if it was possible to copy your whole account on to a memory card? Including my achievements? So when I got the new 360, I could just upload my account on the new system. If any of you people could answer this question I'd be very grateful. :)

Oh yeah! AltairLover went shopping with me on Monday, we were at Wal-Mart looking at some games. And he had said he wanted to get a 360 instead of a DSi. The new standard price for a 360 Arcade is $150.00 so it's actually cheaper than a DSi. So anywayz, we were walking through the store talking about it, and AltairLover said he wasent sure if he wanted a 360 anymore. Then this guy out of nowhere is all like, "Whoa! Hold up! Hands down to the 360, I've played PS3, Wii and 360, and let me tell you, the 360 owns! You should totally go with that little man!" We were like... okaaay. :P The guy had said he was there to get the new 360. I was so jealous! :P

Oh and yesterday, I got a new ninja kitteh! :D He he is!!!

Isnt he awesome?! :P His name is Frodo. :) I really wanted to name himEzio or Halt, but my Mom didnt like Ezio, and my Dad didnt like Halt. :( But they did like Frodo. :D I lovez him! But I'm kinda sad right now because my other cat, Ziggy hates me right now, and wants nothing to do with me.:cry: :( Mom said it would take a few days, or maybe even weeks for them to get used to each other. :| So I hope it only takes a few days. Anywayz... my aunt Mary has some stray cats that she feeds, and one of them is always having kittens. :P My sisters took the last litter, and I got Frodo fromthis last one. :) He's sleeping on my lap as I type this blog. :) I lovez him... LOLz :P :)

So... I've started playing Mass Effect again. I dont know why I stopped playing it. I love this game. 8) I still havent really gotten far yet though, as I told you I've been gone the past week. :P But I plan on playing it again tonight if I dont go out and get Silent Hill Shattered Memories. I also really want to play Red Dead Redemption. I've been hearing very good things about the game and the stroy sounds great. My friend Lightning said the ending made her cry... I love games that make me cry. :P I know that sounds weird but it's the truth. :) I love when I can really relate to a charcater and know what their going through, what their feeling. :) SoI plan on renting the game, if not buying it very soon.

My sister is going to collage at the end of Summer, so I'm going to start babysitting for her. She's got four kids but their not a problem most of the time... most of the time. :P But yeah, so I'll have a lot of extra money to buy games after Summer. And as some of you may know, I'm home schooled, so it wont be a problem for me. :) I cant wait man, I'm sick of Summer. :P

Um... I dont think I really have anything else to talk about.

Oh, but I do want to say that Naughty Bear looks disturbing. :lol:

Peace Out Home Skilletz! 8)

Yours In Eternity,


Back From Silent Hill...

Sup Home Skilletz 8)

So... today I beat Silent Hill.

I got the bad ending. :| I was kinda ticked after playing through the whole game, fighting through hords of aliens, giant bugs and what not, thinking that my character would find his missing duaghter... or at least survive the ordeal himself... Noda. :( I missed one of the side quests in the game,and didnt pick up a cetain item ealier in the game to save Harry's lady friend. :roll: I had no choice but to kill Cybil, Harry's cop ally, and didnt go into the right place at the right time. So thus I had unlocked the bad ending. The final boss fight was... akward to say the least. This crazy old woman you meet earlier in the game, is the leader of some cult trying to take over the town and cover the world in darkness. Anywayz, she tries to turn her own duaghter into some kind of God, she has some weird power, the game dosent really explain how she got this power, or what it does... she just has it... and the old woman wants to use it. So the old woman suceeds in her task to claim her duaghters power, but now she needs a body to put this power into. I guess I should have mentioned that she is doing all this, because her duaghter would refuse to do whatever the old woman wanted her to do in the first place. :roll: Thus the reason why Harry's duaghter Cheryll, went missing. You see Harry's duaghter sitting in a chair next to the old woman, she starts chanting and Cheryll starts crying, or at least thats what it sounds like. :| :P So then the old woman bursts into flames... luaghing madly. :| I know bizzar right? Anywayz, so the final battle you have to fight this 'God' version of your duaghter... :P Akward.... :P All you do is run around, shoot, and thats pretty much it. Harry is forced to kill Cheryll for she is no longer human, and the game ends with Harry falling to the floor. :| So I'm playing through the game again... just to get the good ending. Believe me, after this I wont be playing this game anymore. It makes my brain hurt. :P Are any of the other Silent Hill games like this? LOLz :lol:

After I playthrough for the good ending, I plan on playing Resident Evil 2 on the original Playstation. :) I've had the game for a while now, but never really touched it.

I picked up Tomb Raider Underworld on the 360 last week. I have yet to start playing it, but I had rented it on the PS2 a long time ago when it first came out. It was okay, I really only wanted the game for the achievement points, and of course because it was Tomb Raider. 8)


Anyone watched Phantom of the Opera since my last blog? :P

I have... 5 times... :lol: :P :)

I'm going out tonight to get a new controller for my Xbox 360. I'm gonna get a black one! :D Though I wont be able to use it since I have yet to get a hardrive. :P

Oh, BTW, I have two questions for you 360 owners. Since I dont have a hardrive for my 360, I plan on getting one, but will putting in a hardrive erase my existing game data and achievements? And my other question is, when I get Xbox LIVE, will getting that erase my achievements also? My Bro-In-Law said thats what getting LIVE did to him. :| I you could help me out it, I would greatly appreciate it. :)

I also got a GameStop Power Up Rewards card. 8) I havent used it yet though, but I probably will tonight when I get my controller. :P :)

I dont really have anything else to write about... :P

Oh... I've been working on writing a book. I've been thinking about posting it in one of my blogs... but I'm not sure. :P :) Any of you guys interested in reading it? It's like a medievil fantasy type thing. 8)

Yours In Eternity,


The Point Of No Return

Sup Home Skilletz 8)

So, sorry bout' not blogging for a while. :P I've been really busy... well not really... just been busy watching The Phantom of the Opera. 8) One. Of. The. Best. Movies. Ever. Made. Seriously. As most of you may know, Phantom of the Opera was originally a broadway show, and a few years back, they made it into a movie. Epicness. :) Epic story, epic music, epic acting, emotionally epic. :D The Point of No Return is actually a scene in the movie, one of my favorites. :) Along with Music of the Night. I seen the movie with my sister when it first came out in 2004, but I didnt really appreciate it then, I was only like what.... 10? Yeah, I was 10. :roll: But I recently wanted to watch it again, listen to the music, read the book. I dont know if it's just because I love the memories of watching it over and over again with my sister Lizzy. :) But anywayz, the movie is just amazing. I was watching an interview with Gerard Butler, the guy who plays the Phantom. He said he had never had any voice lessons, or singing lessons. :shock: I was SO surprised, because in the movie his voice is just amazing! And no, I'm not just saying that because I think he's cute, dont get me wrong. He is cute, but I loved the Phantom in the book long before the movie ever came out. :) I dont want to make the movie sound stupid, so I'll give the description that the back of the movie case gives. :P..... "He is a genius whose rapturous music fills the Opera Populaire of 1870 Paris, and a solitary soul hiding behind a mask and dwelling in the catacombs below. But he can no longer hide his love for young soprano Christine. And the Phantom may emerge from the shadows past the of no return."You guys really need to watch the movie if you havent already seen it. It's epic. 8) An' dont worry guys, there are some awesome sword fights in here as well. ;) Oh, and the guy in my new avatar is The Phantom. 8)

So in the gaming world, I finally unlocked ALL achievements in Assassins Creed II! 8) I havent played Silent Hill since last week... :P Though I did get past the whole Hospital, and Other World Hospital. 8) Yes I know, I'm awesome. :P Now I'm in the sewers. -_- Dang, that place is so frustrating. It's like a maze. I hate it. :P I've started playing Final Fantasy XIII again to at least try and get the remaining achievements. :P Not going so well. :P I think I may have 15 to 20 more marks to complete, not entirely sure though. I just about got some more roles mastered, so I'm getting there. :) I also finally got to where I can now ride Chocobos. :P I havent played Mass Effect in a long time, I'll get back to it eventually. It's a good game. :) Uhm... havent beaten Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or Assassins Creed II yet on the DS. I rented Dragon Age Origins again, and I'm still in the Temple of the Sacred Urn. I cant get past that idiot Kalguine or however you want to spell it. :P He's to hard, but I'll probably work on beating his butt tonight. But yeah, havent really been in the mood to game. :( Dont know why. But I will get back to Dragon Age tonight... if I'm not watching Phantom of the Opera again... :P :)

So I didnt get to take my Nieces and Nephews to go see Prince of Persia again. :cry: I waited to long, Toy Story 3 came to the theater and they took Prince of Persia out. :( So now I have to wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it again. :P Have any of you guys seen previews for the new movie Inception? It looks awesome! :) And I finally seen a preview for the new Narnia movie. I've read all the books, so of course I'm going to watch the movies even though they may suck. :P

Let's see... what else was I going to say?


Oh! Only 25 more days until my birthday! :D

Short blog is short blog. :)

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,


We Lead Great Lives Brother... May It Never Change... And May It Never Change Us

The most epic lines in Assassins Creed II. :)

Sup Home Skilletz?

I've recently started playing Star Wars Force Unleashed. I got it for Christmas last year, and never really played it. But man, I'm happy that I did, cause Force Unleashed is awesomeness. :) I'm at the part where you just got 'Killed' by Darth Vader. Wasent expecting that. :P I think I've gotten pretty far. I just started playing it Saturday night. I'm trying to go through all the games that I've never beaten. I dont know why... I just want to be able to say that I have beaten all my games. 8) So far this year, I've played through and beaten...

Resident Evil 5

Devil May Cry 4

Final Fantasy XIII

Splinter Cell Conviction

Alan Wake

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Lego Star Wars Complete Saga

Lego Indianna Jones

Dog Island

And... uhhh... I think thats it. :P I think I beaten a fairly good amount of games so far this year. :)

Thursday night I went out and got Star Wars Republic Heros, and Soul Calibur IV. Star Wars isnt as good as I'd hoped it be, but it's still pretty fun. An' Soul Calibur IV is awesome only because it has Darth Vader and Starkiller in it from Force Unleashed. 8) :P While I was at the store anywayz, I found Assassins Creed II Discovery for the DS. I think it's pretty cool... not anything compared to the Assassins Creed II on the 360 :P, but still really cool. I've also started playing Assassins Creed II again in anticipation of Brotherhood coming out in November. :P

November 16th babay... 364 days after Assassins II. :D Ack! I dont think I can wait that long. :x :P I recently saw the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Trailer. It's FLIPPIN' AWESOMENESS!!! :D An the music is epic... maybe even better then the music in Assassins Creed II!!! :shock:I'm listening to the Assassins II soundtrack right nowz! 8) I seriously can not wait for Brotherhood to come out. :) Any of you awesome people getting it? If you are, you need to add me on Xbox LIVE and we can totally play together! 8) I would probably end up kicking your butt though. :roll: :P I wantz to see if I can beat Brotherhood the day after it comes out... like I did with Assassins Creed II. 8)

What else was I going to talk about... oh yeah! I finally wrote a review for Final Fantasy XIII. I would put a link here, but my stupid computer wont let me. Go check it out. :) I eventually want to write a review for every game that I've beaten. 8) Of course... that's going to take a while. I might write a review or two a day to get cought up. :P

Um... I also want to talk more about this book series that I'm reading. It's awesomeness. 8) The series is called Rangers Apprentice. It's about... uhhhh... Rangers. :P Their awesome! :D They remind me a lot of the Assassins from Assassins Creed. I would explain the stroy of the books... but when I try to explain things, I just make whatever it is sound stupid. :P But seriously, if you ever get the chance to read them, do it. Cause these books are amazing. They'd make great movies. :)


Speaking of movies.... I'm going to take some of my Nieces and Nephews to go see Prince of Persia. :D I know what you all are thinking! This will be my 5th time seeing it! :lol: :P :) But it seriously is an awesome movie. :) I want to go see the new Tron movie coming out in December. It looks awesome. An' The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks pretty good.

Well Home Skilletz... not much more to blog about. :P I think I'll go play some Force Unleashed and Assassins Creed II. :)

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,


The Forgotten Sands, Brotherhood, Force Unleashed II, And Split Second

Hey Home Skilletz. 8)

So I told you guys that I rented Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands a few days back. Well I rented it again Wednesday night, and be it late last night. It was flipping awesomeness. :)

I think it took me about 6 to 8 hours to beat. Not that long. But I really enjoyed the game, I think it's the best Prince of Persia game yet. :) The ending was cool, they left it to where it looks like there will be a sequel. I hope so. :) I was surprised that the music was actually very good. Now I wouldent go as far as to say that the music is as good as in Assassins Creed II, but pretty close. 8)

Speaking of Assassins Creed. I went out to GameStop today and reserved my copy of Assassins Creed Brotherhood.So now I get my free GameStop exclusive downloadable character, and I also got a giant Assassins Creed Brotherhood singed poster. 8) :P It's awesomeness. I might post a picture of it later. I also rented Spit Second for the 360. Havent gotten a chance to play it yet though, I'll probably start it tonight. :)

I'm also going to see the A-Team tonight with my sister Becky, and my Bro-In-LAw Mark. :D Then Tuesday night I'm going to see Prince of Persia for the FOURTH time! :D I'm finally getting my parents to go, with some family friends. :) My Birthday is also coming up in just over a month. :D I'll be turning 16. 8) I want my Dad to reserve Star Wars Force Unleashed II Collecters Edition.

Of cousre I wouldent get it until October. :( :P But still, I dont know if I'll have enough money to get bothe Force Unleashed and Brotherhood. I still have to get my sub to Xbox LIVE, get a hard drive for my 360, and get a second controller for my 360. :P So there is at least $250 to $400 right there. :( I need moneyz. :roll: :P

Another short blog yet again. :P

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,


I Got A Hot Date With The Prince Of Persia!

Hey Home Skilletz! 8)

Just another quick blog. :P :)

So tonight I'm going out with my Mom, sister, and friend to go see Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. 8) This will be the third time I've seen it! :D I LOVE this movie, it's flipping awesomeness. :) I went one week ago on a Saturday night with my nephew, then this past Saturday I went to go see it with some friends, now again tonight. :D I think this is the most I've ever gone to see one movie. :lol: :P :)

So in the gaming world, I recently rented Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. Very cool game. 8) I only rented it for one night, hoping that would give me enough time to beat it, but I didnt. :( I got fairly far into the game though... I think I was really close to the end. I eventually want to buy it when I get the money. :P But then again I could always just rent it again and beat. :P

I also went to K-Mart the other day with my sister. I put Soul Calibur IV and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heros on layway, and bought Need For Speed Undercover. They were all on sale for $20.00, so I thought it was a good deal. :) I get them off in one more week, but I already added them to my owned game list. :P I also bought Silent Hill for the original Playstation last week, and got it in the mail Saturday. My Mom and I were playing all day. :) We just got to the part where you go outside in the courtyard, then put those 2 meldalians in the clocktower. After that the door in the clocktower was still locked, so we went to the basement and turned on the boiler. After that we heard this growling noise coming from outside the other door... I turned it off after that. :P Oh and in Tennessee, I got Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for the GameCube, Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga , Prince of Persia The Fallen King both for DS, and a Prince of Persia figure! 8) LOLz :P :)

I havent gotten very far on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on my DS. Havent really been in the mode to play it. :P Though I do like playing mutiplayer with my little nephew. :) I'm always Axel, he's almost always Demyx. :D I have taught him well. :) :PMy Bro-In-Law also let me barrow Mass Effect. I'm only like an hour or so into it, but so far it's really good. I really need to get back to Dragon Age Origins.. love that game. Split/Second looks really cool too... and so does Prototype. GAH! To many gamez to play! :x

Oh, by the way... check out this awesome picture of the hott Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan! :D

Sorry... I'm obsessing over this movie and guy right nowz, but you'll just have to deal with it. :lol: :P :)

That is all for nowz Home Skilletz. :)

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,


Happy! :)

Hey Home Skilletz! ^_^

Just a quick blog. :)

I just got back home from karate, I got tested for my Blue Belt tonight and passed! :D :D :D I'm officially a Blue Belt nowz! :D Only 2 away from Black Belt baby! :)

That is all. :) :P :)

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,


Alan Wake Up! Were Going To Tennessee! :D

Hey Home Skilletz! :D

So these past 2 weeks have been very busy. Trying to get ready for vacation, working, chores, school. But at least I'm out of school nowz. :) So were leaving tomorrow at 4:00 A.M. :( I just finished cleaning my room, still got a few more things to pack... other than that I'm ready for this vacation. :D Today we went out shopping to get some snacks and stuff. But I went to the pawn shop just to look around, and ended up getting Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus. I got it for a good deal, it was only $10.00 and in great shape. Havent gotten a chance to play it yet though. Probably wont get a chance to until next week. :roll: So while were gone, my sister is going to be staying at our house. She just got a Husky 2 days ago, he will be here to. :P His name is Dane, he's so huge! I love him! :) But yeah, I wanted her to stay at our house with my ninja kitteh Ziggy. :):P I told her I would get her something special. :P

So other than all that good stuff. I rented Dragon Age Origins last week. I flipping love it! :D I'm going to try and buy it in Tennessee. :) I only rented for 2 nights, but got fairly far into the game. 15 hours to be exact. :D I *LOVE* Alistair! He's so funny. :P I love how we will just be walking around, and then he'll be all making jokes, harassing Morrigan. :P Funnay. :) My first playthrough in games like this, I *ALWAYS* go for the "Hero Role" :P My 2nd playthrough I'll be as evil as the game will let me. :twisted: :P Before I had to take it back, i was at the part where your in this small town called Haeven. The whole town was like a cult group or somethin'. Anywayz,I found the dude who was looking for the Sacred Urn Ashes or whatever you call it. :P I forgot. :P But yeah, I was in the secret chambers where that was at when I stopped. But I'll be able to countinue my journey in Ferelden soon enough. :)

Also, Wednesday night I rented Alan Wake. God that game is flipping awesome! :D :D :D

Seriously! I love it! Alan Wake is a very... "Atractive" guy... :P

No but seriously the game is great, I recommend it to every 360 owner. The game is fairly long. I beat it in one day though. :P Yup. From 10:00 in dah morning, to 2:30 A.M. the next. :P Now the game is no Silent Hill or Resident Evil. But I mean that in a good way. It's more suspense than horror really, but it certainly got a scream or 2 out of me. :P Berry is so funnay! You'll be running around in the woods, guns blazing and he'll be all like making jokes and stuff. He gets really scared easily too. :P It's so funnay listening to him. Also, there was a part in this game that I've never seen in a video game before. I wont get into detail, I dont want to spoil the game for anyone. At one point you turn on your TV, and watch your interveiw on some Late Show. But the thing is, inside the game, *ON* the TV show they used *REAL* people! :shock: It was so cool! :D That was the first time I ever seen something like that in a game. It was awesome. :) I really enjoyed this game. :) I want to write a review for it after I get back. I need to be writing a review for Final Fantasy XIII to. I've just been really lazy. :P Oh yeah! Best part in the game:

Berry: The Bright Falls General Store is my favorite place in the world! Seriously! This lamp on my head, I just look at those guys and they die! Ha! It's like... "The Flaming Light of Mordor" !

Alan: Flaming Light of Mordor? I want one!

Berry: I got the last one man! Ha ha!

Alan: Bastard.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Awesomeness. :P

So last week I also got my Nintendo DS Lite! :D :D :D I got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Havent gotten very far yet, with all the other games I've been renting. :P I'm 5 hours into it and I'm level 12. I'm also on day 75. I'm hoping to get Zedla Spirit Tracks, and Pokemon on vacation. And Alan Wake and Drgon Age Oringins. :P

I really cant wait until after vacation though! :P I'm going to see Prince of Persia with some friends. The movie looks flipping awesome. I can already tell I'm going to love it. :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I went skating for the first time Wednesday! :D It was so much fun! :D Though I fell on my butt like 50 times... and flat on my face like 100. :P But it was fun, I had a great time. The music there was awesome, witch makes it all the more fun. Speaking of music, there is this song in Alan Wake called "War" by Poets of the Fall. Awesome song! Here it is

Well peeps... I still got some packing to do. I'll be back in a few dayz. :) Dont miss me to much okay Home Skilletz? :):P

I hope I'm not forgetting anything... I havent blogged in over 2 weeks. :P LOLz

Got it memorized?

Yours In Eternity,