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There And Back Again, A Gamer's Tale By VideoGamerNerd

Hello Home Skilletz! :)

My my, it's been awhile, hasn't it? :P Almost a month.

I've had quite a few adventures since my last blog, some of them I'm positive you will want to hear... ;)

Remember I told you guys I was getting some purple highlights? Well, I did. But only for about 15 hours. :P My sister came over to visit one night last month, and we just decided to go ahead and do my hair that night. It was fun, I enjoyed the company, but the results of our makeover, was not... pleasant. To say the least. Don't get me wrong, my hair looked awesome, she did an amazing job, alas she had forgotten a few preparations before we started dying my hair. Or rather, some things she was supposed to do after. When we rinsed it out, it bleed a lot, like most hair dyes, so it got all over my face. I wasn't so upset about that until I tried washing it off. It wasn't working. :evil: So after about an hour of scrubbing, I had finally gotten all traces of purple off my face, but then it was red and sore, due to the hard scrubbing. So, we had some fun the rest of the night. Then the next morning, when I woke up, my face was completely purple! :x I was so mad. I almost cried when it wouldn't come off. :P But it finally did, and I called my sister right away. She had "forgotten" to mention to me that any hair colour like that will bleed every time I go to sleep, or take a shower. :x I was ticked at this point. :P I told her I wanted it gone ASAP. So, she went out and got some hair dye, my original colour anyway, and fixed it. Only now, for some bizzar reason, the highlights underneath the top lair of my hair, is red. :| At least you can't see it. :P

Sorry for not thinking of taking a picture, but I wouldn't have posted it anyway, I would have been to embarrassed. :P

Last week, my Mom, Dad, and some family friends and I, went to Springfield Illinois, to the Abe Lincoln sites. 8) It was so much fun, we all had an amazing time. Most of you know, Abe Lincoln was my favorite President. He ended the Civil War, feed the slaves, and then was killed because of it. I love reading anything about him, and his life. He was truly an amazing man. I would have loved to meet him. 8)

We went to the Abraham Lincoln Museum, and New Salem. It was awesome. We go to New Salem every year, they always have candle light tours for a few nights in October. We've been going for about 4 years now. But we dont get to the Museum every year, I think it's been at least 7 or 8 years since we've been there. I always enjoy going back though, I guess I've always had a love for history. 8)

This is my Mom, Me, Dad, John, and my sister Liz, in front of Abe Lincolns house. :D

This the capital of Springfield, we were walking to the Museum when we seen it. 8)

Sorry theres not a lot of pictures from our trip to Springfield, we coulden't take pictures at a lot of the sites we went to.

We did some shopping, of course. :P I found an Altair figure, and got some awesome books, and of course some things from the souvenir shops. I got a Confederate soldier hat at the New Salem shop. 8) I already had a Union one at home. :P The books I got, one is called The Sight. I haven't read it yet, but it looks very good. It's about this pack of wolves, and they can transform into people, and they live in a castle, it's set back in medieval times, so I instantly knew I would love it. The other book, is the last book in the Vladimir Tod series. 8) I also got Halt's Peril in the mail Friday! :D I had to finish Skyclan's Destiny though, before I started it. I'm only on the 11th chapter, but it's already amazing. I think Ranger's Apprentice is my favorite book series. 8) Oh, and I've also finished reading all of the Mass Effect books! :D They were amazing! Seriously, I absolutely loved them! Almost better than the games! Okay, maybe not that much... :P But yeah, they were epic, I'd recommend them to any si-fi reader. 8)

Let's see, what next...

Ah! :)

I also bought Zelda Spirit Tracks for the DS, and Dead Space on the 360! 8)

Both are awesome games, I've always loved Zelda. And Dead Space is cool, a great horror /action game. It feels a bit lacking somehow though, don't get me wrong, I do like the game, it's just not something I would play through again. :P I'm on chapter 7 out of 12. Some of the boss fights are so creepy, I only ever play it when I have a friend over, it's so much fun scaring the crap out of our selves. :P In Zelda, I'm kinda stuck. :roll: I'm with Zelda, and I got her past the guards, but now I can't figure out where to go to leave the castle. :P If you could help, I be very greateful. :P :)

I've also watched a lot of movies lately. I went to go see Legend of the Guardians with some friends. And yes, before you ask, that is the owl movie. :roll: I personally liked it. I mean it was meant for kids, but heck. I still like it, and am not ashamed to admit it. If you like a movie, you like it. It doesn't matter what you're age is. No need to make excuses. Heck, I still watch some of those old Disney cartoons. :lol: Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King FTW! 8)

I've also watched Iron Man. It was awesome! I really didn't think I would like it, but after watching I now love it. :P I want to rent the second one, next time I'm out, it looks epic. 8) I went out last week, to get Prince of Persia on DVD. I was also hanging out my my nices and nephews, they are all fairly young. So I got some of my Dad's old scary movies and watched them with the kids. It was so much fun! :P They were getting so freaked out, but they loved the movies. We watched The Blob, and the original War of the Worlds, I think they were both made in the 50's. :P Ahh, good times, good times... :)

For the Star Wars fans reading this, only 14 more days until Force Unleashed II! :D That means only 19 more days until Halloween! :o :D

Well, thats it for this blog. Oh, wait! :D I FINALLY have those Civil War reenactment pictures ready! :D The only reason it took so long is because before I could get them onto our computer, our camera went crazy! :P It wouldn't turn off, or do anything when you pressed the buttens, so we have to get a new one. But anyways, here are some pictures!

Pretty cool huh? 8)

Oh, and here's the most awesome pic! :D


Well, thats it for now, I'll post all the pictures in an album later! :)


Yours In Eternity,


My Apologies

Hello again, Home Skilletz. :)

I'm very sorry for not being very active this last week, and for not posting that Shadow of the Colossus Prologue, and those Civil War pictures. :P

I was sick last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And I was out all day Saturday, and of course Church on Sunday morning. Then I did nothing but play video games, and sleep. :P Then back to school again on Monday.

So as you can see, I've been busy, I've only had some time to post in some Unions, not to write blogs.

I haven't beaten Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days yet, but I'm on day 256. It's starting to get boring again. :P But still, I'm going to finish it this time. I want to see what happens to Xion. I'm also still playing both Mass Effect games. Right now I am on Illium, in Mass Effect 2. I've been walking around a lot more in my third playthrough, and I'm also doing a lot of the side quests. I just finished the one where you help Liara. Did anyone else notice, she is the only Asari who has eyebrows? :lol: I'm trying to romance Jack as well... :roll: I didn't want to, but I heard that you can turn her from a pain in the butt, to something close to normal? :P Well, I want to try it anyway, I think I made her mad at me though, not that thats a hard thing to do. :P But now she wont talk to me after missions. :x So maybe I'll just romance Tali again, she is so cool. 8) I think this playthrough, when I do Samara's loyalty mission, I'll kill Samara and save her daughter. I forgot what her name was... oh well.

I keep putting off my Renegade playthrough in the first Mass Effect... :P

Oh, and I think I forgot to tell those in The Normandy Crew, I got Mordin to sing! :lol: It was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. Mordin is so cool. :P

Frodo and Zigg are also doing well, if anyone was curious. :) Frodo is getting so big! I wish I could post pictures, but I still can't find that blasted CD! :x That is why those Civil War pictures have yet to be published...

Oh! At the beginning of October, some of my family and I are going to Springfield for a day, to the Candle Light Tour at New Salem! :D And we're also going to see Abe Lincoln's house, and go to the Lincoln Museum, walk around down town, shopping, etc. :) I can't wait!

By the way, like my new Assassin's Creed banner? :D

Well, this was just a short blog, all I really wanted to let you guys know was why I wasn't here. :P


Yours In Eternity,


My First GameSpot Anniversary - Thank You! :)

Hello Home Skilletz! :D

Tonight is my first GameSpot Anniversary! :D 8)

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I joined GameSpot... time really flies, doesn't it? :P :)

So, I though I would tell you how I started out, here on GameSpot. :)

It was a few weeks before I got my Xbox 360. I was really excited, and I wanted to find a place where I wouldn't get called a freak for having a passion for Gaming. Thus, I found GameSpot. :) I will admit, I had no idea how to work this site when I first joined, so I wasn't very active for about a month. :roll: :P Then I finally started to figure things out. I was writing reviews, posted my first blog, and started adding some friends.

My very first friend here on GameSpot, I am proud to say,was the awesome Darkman2007! 8)

Seriously man, you are awesome! I remember the first time I read one of you're blogs, and I was like -

"Man! This guy is awesome! I hope I'll be as popular as him!" :P :)

Now, Darkman2007, you are one of my favorite GameSpot users.:D

Second, was Out-Of-Ammo.

Very cool guy. 8) I've had a blast talking to you in The Ninja Kitten Home Skillet Union, and absolutely love you're blogs! :)

Third and fourth, was Aidan129 and sirracannal.

Aidan129 is definitely one of my favorite GameSpot users. 8) Very awesome, funny, and nice guy. You rock Aidan! :P :)

At last, but definitely not least, was Slyfur and Courtney817! :D 8)

You are the meaning of awesomeness! :) I absolutely love you girls! I have a blast talking, and messing around with you guys, and I hope you know that. ;) Both of you are definitely in my Top 5 GameSpot Users. :)

So on, I started getting tracked by more awesome people, and making more awesome friends, such as -

GreenFire95, ColJendon, kylts, lightwarrior179, bugbag, Wolfman_chopper, HollywoodRPG, djmellstrom, Just-Adam, IrithAyllistira, omegaglen2nd, SuperfastSonic, cheesyjon, TheHippyKid, Mr_Jenkins, -Vulipx-, AbyssD, auron11022, benleslie5, brickdoctor, DrAwesomeMD, drummer131, E-123Wario54, Kats_RK, MunchGun, Karrotjuice, HurricaneAlex, and twilightlulaby.

I love all you guys, you're awesome! 8)

And if you're name isn't up there, don't worry. You're still awesomeness. ;)

I guess some of you may want to know how exactly I got into Gaming? :)

Well, if you must know. :P

I have been a Gamer for, well.... pretty much all my short 16 years of life. 8) I grew up with 4 Sisters, and a Mom who loved to play Video Games as a family. I remember watching them all play our old Playstation. Games like Metal Gear Solid, Spyro, Crash Bandit, Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, Syphon Filter, etc. These are the games I grew up with, and of course, playing Silent Hill, and Alone In The Dark when Mom wasn't looking. :lol:

My Cousin, also had an influence on me. She always played Resident Evil, and I would scare the crap out of myself while watching her play it. :P She also plays Tomb Raider, and other action/adventure games.

I grew up with a Playstation, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo.

Not too bad, eh? 8)

I now own a Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Entertainment System, and a Nintendo DS.

I hope to add a Playstation 3 to that list soon enough...

Here are some of my Fav 5 lists. :)

Fav 5 Games

Assassin's Creed II

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect

Assassin's Creed

Shadow of the Colossus

Fav 5 Video Game Characters

Commander Shepard

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Kaidan Alenko

Thane Krios

The Illusive Man

Fav 5 Movies

Return of the King

Fellowship of the Ring

Two Towers

Beauty and the Beast


Fav 5 Bands

Thrid Day

DC Talk


Jason Mraz


I would also like to anounce my Top 10 GameSpot Users! 8)

10 - Mr_Jenkins

9 - GreenFire95

8 - Out-Of-Ammo

7 - Just-Adam

6 - HurricaneAlex

5 - Darkman2007

4 - Courtney817

3 - Aidan129

2 - ColJendon

1 - Slyfur

You guys are pure awesomeness, I love you, and thank you for making my first year on GameSpot full of awesomeness! :)

Some of you are probably wondering if I am going to do what I promised...

My Prolouge to Shadow of the Colossus?

Well, I dont have time tonight to write it..., but I swear I will try and post it tomorrow, a long with those Civil War reenactment pictures! :)

Well, it's getting late here... my Game Spot Anniversary blog would have been more epic if only I had more time to write it.

I should be going now. I want to say thank you again, for making my first year on GameSpot amazing. :)

Stay awesome people! :)


Yours In Eternity,


Nine Eleven

Hello again,Home Skilletz.

Nine years ago today, a lot of innocent people died. Most of those people, Americans.

I dont want to cause an argument here or anything, but I just want all of my American friends to remember all of the people that lost their lives, lost their family that day. Just take 5 minutes out of you're day, and remember them. And thank God for the survivors. Remember all of the people that have given their lives since that day.

I know I will, I cant imagine being one of the people that lost someone on 9/11.

I didn't want to give a speach, but just remember those people today. They deserve it.

Well, enough of that. I dont want to get... well, you know. :roll:

So... yesterday was like any other Friday. My Sister is in the process of moving, so last night I helped my nephew, Arthusbuttkick, and my Sister move some boxes into the new house. It was pretty late by the time we got done, it probably would have been later if this old man haden't shown up to help. :P Some old guy was riding his bike down the street last night when we were loading some stuff in the house, and he asked if we wanted some help, means there was a storm coming. With all of the boxes we had, heck yeah. I was just afraid he would hurt himself. :P But he came back with a cart to load some boxes on, and some of the furniture. It went a lot faster, and he was singin' all while we were working, and he was funny too. :P He seems like the guy who does this kind of thing all the time. :P He was really sweet. So yeah, anyway. By the time we got done loading boxes, we all sat down on the living room floor, and it started pooring down rain, thunder and lightning in all. :P Of course, by the time the rain stoped and we went outside to leave... we realized we had to windows down. -_-

My Sister had forgotten where she put the moving truck keys, so while she was looking for them, Arthusbuttkick and I, started dancing in the street. :lol: I had just found out in the first Mass Effect, that you can dance with your squad in the bar, Flux. So we were both doing "The Shepard" 8) :lol: We were about to leave, when we seen two cars coming, so we hurried up and ran to the curb and started danceing again. It was so much fun! :P Then on the way home we yelled "The British are coming, the British are coming!", "Yo, Ninjas!", and "Look out for the pirates!", out the window at random people. :lol: That is so not like me, but heck. It was fun. :P :)

So today the whole family is helping my Sister finish moving. I think all that is left is the furniture. So it shoulden't take very long, maybe the afternoon. I enjoy it though, it's work, but at least you can visit with the family while you're working. :P Last night, while Arthusbuttkick and I were loading boxes, we had been saying quotes from the Mass Effect games... :P

"Hey Commander! We got Garrus back, thats great! Cause, ya know, he was definitely my favorite... with that stick up his butt."


I finally finished Force Unleashed! 8) Finally! :P

Remember I told you I was stuck on that part where you have to take down that Star Destroyer? Well, I didn't do it. My awesome nephew, AltairLover did. >_> He learned his awesome gaming skills from me though... 8) :P

I got it for Christmas last year, and finally finished it. Though I only played it every few weeks, it was a very short game. I hope the second Force Unleashed is longer. I can't wait to play Unleashed II now, I'm happy I only have to wait a little over a month to play it. :P :)

I also started playing Kindom Hearts 358/2 Days again. I'm finally at Halloween Town! 8)

I am so ready for Halloween, I cant wait. :D 8)

Wow, this blog took longer than I thought, and I have to leave in 10 minutes. :lol:

Well, my GameSpot Anniversary is in three more days! :D I have a lot of things planned, it's going to be awesomeness! 8)

Oh, and sorry if anything is spelled wrong, I dont have time for spell check. :P

Okay, I have to go now! :P


Yours In Eternity,


The Last Full Measure Of Devotion

Hello again Home Skilletz! :)

So I just got back home, after being in JerseyVille all day at the Civil War reenactment and fleamarket.

It. Was. AWESOMENESS!!!!! :D

Seriously! I loved it, one of the best days I've had this year! 8) I told you guys in my last blog that I was going to JerseyVille today, with my Mom, Dad, Sister and Bro-In-Law. It was just so much fun. They had a guy dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, my God, I swear he looked and talked exactly like the real Lincoln! They had some really awesome shows as well. One where some Jesse James guys robbed a stage coach, a small show "Duel of Honour", witch was very cool. The best part was at the end of the day, when their were tons of people dressed as the Union Army, and the Confederate Army, for the Civil War reenactment. 8) These guys were awesome, just like in the movies. They fought, yelled, fired real guns, cannons, it was flippin' epic! 8)

They even had the Abe Lincoln guy do The Gettysburg Address! 8)

That's where I got this blog title... :P 8)

It's totally changed my whole outlook on history, I used to hate it a few years back, but slowly got more into it. Now that I've seen this, I absolutely love it! :D

So in between the shows, we walked around shopping at the small tents. I got a foxtail. 8) Only because it was so soft. :lol: I also got a Union Army soldier hat. 8) I love wearing it now. :P And I got my picture taken with Abe Lincoln! He was always my favorite President, and getting my picture taken with a man that looked and talked exactly like him, was awesome. 8) He was incredibly sweet. :P He said it would be his pleasure to have his picture taken with a very pretty lady like me. :oops: :P :) And then, after our picture, he bought me a TY Beanie! :D It was a Halloween cat! :P It was awesome. He bought it, then gave it to me, and said to tell everyone I got a kitty from Abe Lincoln! 8) :P Seriously, how many people can say that? 8) I beat you can't! :P

So yeah... I mainly just wanted to tell you guys how amazingly awesome this Civil War reenactment was. 8) I enjoyed it alot. They have it every Labor Day weekend, in JerseyVille Illinois. I highly recommend that you go, next time you get the chance. We are definitely going again next year. Maybe I'll see you there? 8)

So I am definitely going to post pictures of the reenactment, it was very cool! I'll probably post pictures tomorrow afternoon, or Monday. :D

Well, like I said. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome this was. 8)


Yours In Eternity,


Hello September! :)

Hello Home Skilletz :)

Ahhh... I'm in such a good mood today. :D It's sooooo nice here right now. I am so loving this Fall weather. It is after all, my favorite season. :) And I am always in a good mood when it's sunny outside. :P :) There are already some leaves turning colours and falling in our neighborhood. I love walking through all the leaves, making that crunching noise. :P This is, in my book, the best time of the year.

So, today was awesome. This morning I went with my Mom and Grandma to Vatterot. My sister was doing my Grandma's hair for extra credit. You remember, I told you my sister started collage to do hair. So yeah, we were there this morning while she did that. Then we went to Taco Bell for lunch. 8) Then my Grandma wanted to go home to pin her hair up. :P She wasn't used to having her hair styled, she usually just pins it up. It was funny, my sister would be working on her hair, and she would do something nice, but then she would come across these really uneven pieces of hair, and Grandma said when her hair wont do something she wants it too, she'll just cut that piece off. :lol: So my sister would have to keep working around that. :P I think she enjoyed it though, she always did love doing people's hair. Speaking of hair.... my sister has talked me into letting her give me purple highlights... :roll: I can't believe I said yes, after her hair turned yellow after trying to put pink highlights in her own hair. So, lets just hope that doesn't happen to me. :P She wont be able to do it until after Tuesday though, and I wont be able to post pictures, due to our computer still not being fixed. -_- We have the hardware to fix it, we just have to find the time.

So after we were done at the collage, we went to my other sister's house for coffee. :) It was nice being able to just sit there and visit for a while. We never get to see her much since she works in a hospital. Usually 12 hour shifts, too.

I also went to GameStop and reserved Star Wars Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition. 8) I walked in, and I'm a regular, so all the guys there know me. Let's see... there's George, Shane, Jack, and Mike, but anyways. I walked in, wearing my Beatles Abby Road T, and their all like "Hey nice shirt girl! Beatles are awesomeness!" When I told them I wanted to reserve Force Unleashed, they said they loved my taste in video games. Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, etc. 8) :P

I can't wait to play Force Unleashed II! It looks awesome, and I think the story sounds better too. Though I wish I could finish my playthrough in the first Force Unleashed. -_- I'm stuck on the level where you have to take down that dang StarDestroyer. -_- Maybe I could get past it if I actually knew what I was suppose to do, and how to take down the ship. But I just got annoyed with it and gave up. Anyone want to help me? :P Please? :)

Two months and thirteen more days until Brotherhood comes out! :D

So I havent been playing anything really. I finished my second playthrough in both Mass Effect games as the female Shepard. I must say, I do prefer the male Commander Shepard. :P 8) The woman's voice is just to... deep and robotic for me. :P And I love Thane! :D The scene with Shepard and Thane before the Suicide Mission was awesome. :oops: I love Thane's puppy dog eyes. :lol: :) He is definitely my favorite character in Mass Effect 2. 8)


I still cant believe I have to wait a whole year for Mass Effect 3... -_-

Let's see...

Some of you may have noticed, I keep changing my avatar. :lol: I can't decide if I want Tali, or Thane as my avatar. They are both awesome, so I cant decide. :P

I rented Mafia II. It looked good... but, well... let's just say looks can be deceiving. :P I will say though, I did enjoy walking through the streets, at Christmas time, listening to Christmas music. :P

So tomorrow, Dad, Mom , Liz, and John and I are going to Jerseyville to a Civil War reenactment, 8) It's a fleamarket, and play type thing. Well, I dont really know what it is for sure, but it sounds cool. :P And the weather is suppose to be really nice, so that's a plus. :P But I'm really just looking forward to the company. :) I love visiting with the family. I'm really blessed to have such a good, awesome, funny family. :D I wouldn't trade them for anything. Not even a PS3. :lol:

So. Frodo and Zigg are doing good as well. Frodo goes to the vet next week Thursday to get fixed. :P He'll probably hate us after that for a while. :P They sleep together now... it's so cute. :P I took a picture, but I cant post it. :cry: Stupid computer. :x :P

Oh, guess what! :D My GS Anniversary is in 11 days! :D 8) :) :P It will be my first year on GameSpot. 8)

Well, I dont really have anything else to talk about. :P Sorry for the long, boring blog. :P


Yours In Eternity,


Mass Effect 2 - Epicness Is Granted

Hello again, Home Skilletz. :)

So. If you read my last blog, then you know that last Sunday night, I finished my first playthrough in Mass Effect. 8) Very awesome game. Thus I also started playing Mass Effect 2 last Sunday night. I finished Mass Effect 2 late last night, so I intended to write this blog yesterday, but alas it was too early in the morning to get on my Dad's computer. :roll: :P

For those of you who haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, I highly recommend you stop reading now, unless you want to spoil one of the endings. :P

Wow. Just... wow. Is all I have to say about Mass Effect 2. I will admit, I wasen't sure I was going to like Mass Effect 2 more than the first, and I am still not for sure witch Mass Effect game is is more superior. To be honest, I think both Mass Effect games are perfect. After finishing Mass Effect 2, I went and gave the game a 10, instead of a 9. I think both games are great, and I don't think I could decide between the two. Mass Effect 2's beginning was as epic as all of you fellow Mass Effect Fans said it would be, maybe even more. I was shocked. I mean literally, shocked. :P I was so surprised when I seen Commander Shepard sucked out of The Normandy. And I hated thinking I was never going to see my crew again. Joker, Ashley, Garrus, Tali, Anderson... even Wrex. :P

I was so happy when The Illusive Man, managed to find Joker for me. You know, since he is one of my favorite characters. 8) Though it sucked that Ashley practically hates Shepard now. :( It was so sweet when they ran into each other on Horizon and hugged each other for like, the longest time. :oops: :P :) Ashley was so totally jealous of Miranda. :P As I went for her as Shepard's love interest. My second time through Mass Effect 2, I'm going for Tali, so is so cool. :P 8) I loved the mission where you take her back the the Fleet, to prove her innocence. The part where she finds her Father dead, and breaks down crying, Shepard is so sweet to her. :P

I also loved that you can interact with people in certain cutscenes. That was epic. 8) I kind of didn't like the fact that you now have a limited amount of ammo, but after a few missions, I was used to it. My favorite character in Mass Effect 2, besides Commander Shepard, is definitely Thane Krios. 8) Then Joker, Tali, Jacob, Miranda, Legion, Modin... and I absolutely hated Jack. -_- My gosh. She was constantly all F this, and F that. -_- And jeez, get some real clothes on lady. Not to mention always hitting on Shepard. -_- I did not want to help her, but I wanted the achievement for her loyalty, so alas I had no choice.

I did end up helping all of my crew members with their personal missions. I think Thane's was the best, by far. I like how you had to fallow Thane's son's target, while Thane was watching for his son to make a move. And the part where you interrogate that Fade dude? That was so much fun. Seeing that evil side of Shepard was epic. :lol: 8) Though I had to stop punching Fade, Thane wanted him alive. :P

And the Suicide Mission.... :| My God... so flippin' epic!!!!!

I wasen't able to keep my whole team alive. :cry: Jack, Thane and Legion were all killed during the flight through the Omega 4 Relay. :( And through the Collector Base, I lost Modin, and Tali. :( I liked Tali. And Modin was cool. :( But seriously man... the music was flippin' epic! I loved it! And the Human Reaper? My God... was not expecting that at all. :| It scared the crap out of me, after I shot it down, then after I ticked off The Illusive Man, it came back to life! :shock: I'm surprised I managed to take it down my first attempt. :P So what did you guys choose, when The Illusive Man wanted Shepard to keep the Collector data intact? I didn't trust Illusive Man from the very beginning, his eyes are different... :|

And the music... djmellstrom was right. The music is just so epic. 8)

And my God! The ending! When you killed the Reaper, you and you're team are running for you're lives to get out of the Base, back on to the Normandy... I loved it. 8) The ending in Mass Effect 2 is so much more epic than in the first Mass Effect.... back on the ship, Shepard and his team... looking out to the stars in space... ready to take on Hoverin. :twisted: So flippin' epic. All thoseReaper ships flying towards the planets before the credits start rolling... dang it! I don't want to wait until 2012 for Mass Effect 3! :evil:


So yeah. This blog was pretty much just about Mass Effect. 8) :P But... I guess I should write while I am here.

So I will have my PS3 by January. My Sister Becky will still be in collage then, and my Bro-In-Law Mark, has to work all dayat H&R. So... that means I will be babysitting 5 days a week, for a month. Did I mention that Mark is paying me $100.00 dollars a week? 8) I'm going to be so stinkin' rich. :P So yeah, I plan on getting a PS3, and a new flat screen TV. 8)

I also decided not to get pink hair. My Sister, Becky, tried it on her hair first... and it turned bright yellow! :o It was hilarious! :lol: But I am so glad it didn't happen to me. :P I did get my hair cut though, I was ready for something different.

I also went out shopping again today with my Mom and Grandma. We always go shopping on Fridays. 8) I went to GameStop and reserved Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition, and got an Xbox 360 bag. Since I traval with it a lot, I didn't want to take any chances with something happening to it. :P I also bought a new Mass Effect 2 shirt and poster! 8) I'm going to upload pictures later, when I get some time. I love them. I also got a new bedset, but you proably didn't really care a bout hearing that. :P

Well... I guess I should go now. My parents and I are going to hang out with my Sister and Bro-In-Law tomorrow. 8) So I need to go play some more Mass Effect, and then I guess I should get some sleep. :P


Yours In Eternity,


Mass Effect - Greatness Is Earned

Hello Home Skilletz! :)

So, I know I just said I was done posting these blogs every other day, but this is important!:x :P

I just finished my first play through in Mass Effect, and it was flippin' epic!!! 8)

Mass Effect is definitely one of my all time favorite game series... second only to Assassin's Creed.

I highly recommend the Mass Effect series to every 360 and PC owner. 8)

My favorite planet experience was definitely Virimire. Epic. Just. Epic. That moment where you have to choose between Kaidan and Ashley... I teared up. :cry: It was so epicly emotional... I absolutely loved it. I must say though, I hated not choosing to save Kaidan, but I needed Ashley to get that stupid Romance achievement. :evil: My next play through, I'm going to be the female Shepard, so I can save Kaidan. :oops: :P :)

And the ending... wow. The ending was very cool, it makes me want to play Mass Effect 2 even more now. I'm glad I went out and bought Mass Effect 2 last week, so now I can just start playing it. But yeah, anyway. I am going to review Mass Effect soon, I am definitely giving Mass Effect a perfect 10, despite the very few flaws in the game. I loved almost everything about Mass Effect. The characters, the story and most of the gameplay was all very epic. I'll definitely play through it again, after I finish Mass Effect 2. :)

Well... that's really all I wanted to say... and I also really want to go play Mass Effect 2 now. :P

Alright, I'm done with posting every day!


Yours In Eternity,


One Week In Noveria

Hello Home Skilletz. :)

So. I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect lately. 8) I can't seem to ever put the controller down now, the story is really picking up, and it's awesome. Commader Shepard is definitely my favorite character. The male version, that is. :roll: :P But I also really like Kaiden and Joker. Kaiden is the quiet guy, very smart and witty. I like him. :oops: :P Joker is awesome, he's funny, I love him. Oh, As for Garrus, he is just plain cool. 8)

So after a week, I'm finally off that ice bucket, as Joker would call it, Noveria. I ended up killing Benezia.I don't know if she could have been saved, this is my first play through the game. I didn't like her anyway. :P I also freed the Rachni Queen, I dont know if that was a good idea, but I ended up killing her children. That last fight on Noveria with those Asari Commandos... -_- That was tuff. It took me at least 15-20 tries. -_- But the battles are going a lot smoother now, since I've started paying attention to where I am spending my experience points. This morning, at 4:00 AM to be exact. :P I started, and finished the Feros quest. I knew there was something wrong with the Colonists, when I would ask them a simple question and they'd be like, "Oh, uh... I dont think I should answer that. You should speak with our Leader." So yeah, I knew something was up. An' fighting the Geth was awesome. :P I'm on Virimire now. The Normandy just dropped me off in that awesome Rover. I love driving it, although it makes combat a bit difficult at times. Also, for the Romance Plot, I'm going after Ashley. :P It just seems right that Shepard and Ashley should be together. :oops: :P :) After I finish this play through though, I'm going to play through at least once more, so I can get the Romance with Kaiden. :P I wish it was optional with Joker. :(

Like my new Avatar? It's Commander Shepard... just in case you didn't know. 8) :P :)

So. Sorry if I bored some of you, by talking about Mass Effect. :P Definitely in my top 5 games. 8) I can't wait to start playing the second Mass Effect. Oh, and Slyfur? You asked me if I had any other games to recommend to you. Well, Mass Effect is it. 8)

In other news, I recently heard that Ubisoft is releasing an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition?! :evil: I was so ticked. I had already reserved my copy of the game a few months ago at GameStop, not I must go and cancel that order, and reserve the Collector's Edition. I was going to do it today while my parents were out, but they wanted to go at 9:00 this morning, before it got to hot. So since I was up at 4:00 AM playing Mass Effect, I wasn't ready to go out a brave the world, just yet. Thus I am sitting here now typing this blog. :P So I'll probably go out next week, if not later tonight and reserve it.

My Mom and I also went out with my Sister, Lizzy yesterday for a little shopping... I dont know why I didn't just go to GameStop then... -_- Anyways, I went to a Pawn Shop, and got Viva Pinata Party Animals for $15.00 dollars. It wasen't a bad price, I thought. I bought the first Viva Pinata a few weeks ago, because it seemed like a cool game. A nice break from horror and RPGs. :P And I actually enjoy playing the game. Back to the point. I got Party Animals, I haden't even been playing the game for a half hour, and I had already unlocked 11 out of the 50 achievements. :lol: I haven't played it since, do to Mass Effect's pure awesomeness, but I am greatful for the extremely easy achievement points. :P

I also made a GamesRadar account, so if you have one, feel free to add me. :) My Username is ShepardLover716. 8) :P

I don't think I had anything else to write about...

Oh, wait! :D

I'm going to hang out with my Sister, Becky, today. She is the one who I'm babysitting for during the week now. She went to Collage in July for Cosmetology, and she dosne't graduate until next year. But anyways. Now she knows how to do colouring, so tonight she is going to bleach my hair, and put pink, purple, and blue highlights in it. 8) My hair is dark brown now, and I've had it like that for a long time, so I want something new and different. :) I'll post pictures of it later, if anyone is interested.

Well I think I'm done with this blog. Time to go immerse myself in more of Mass Effect's epicness. 8)

Okay, enough with this blogging every other day! :x Laters!

Yours In Eternity,


Do You Believe In Miracles? Or Do You Believe, That People Just Get Lucky?

Hello Home Skilletz. :)

Well here I am. :P

I don't have my computer fixed just yet. It seems that *coughcoughmomcoughcough* has misplaced our Windows Start Up disc. -_- So my Aunt, who fixed our computer last time this happend, has to find her copy of the disc so we can take care of this dang virus. So hope I will be back online and more active by next week. The only reason I am still online this weekend is because my Dad was off this Saturday and Sunday, so he didn't need his laptop. I'm surprised that he let's me use it this much, he always seems to need it for work, even when he is off. :P

So... I'm sitting here in our living room, eating pizza, and watcing some extremly boring Sunday Night Football with my Mom and Dad. :P But I am enjoying their company. :) They were gone a lot last week, so we have been doing stuff together today. Last night we had yet another Birthday Party, this time for my Sister, Catherine. I think she turned 32 this year, I think. :P I know, I know. It's pretty bad when I can't even remember my own Sister's Birthday, right? WellI can't help it, I got to dang many of em'. :lol:

Friday, I went out shopping with my Mom and Grandma, as usual. I went and bought Mass Effect 2, even though I have yet to finish the first. :P I'm loving it so far though. I've just gotten to the point where Commander Shepard is now the Commander of the Normandy. I havent been traveling to any other planets yet though, I want to finish up some of the side quests first, I dont want to miss out on anything in this game. :) I've also been playing a little bit more of Tomb Raider Underworld. I've just gotten Thor's bracelet, then those guards came and sole it. -_-So, that's only as far as I've gotten there. :P I havent really had time for gaming. :(

Last Wednesday, I started my babysitting job for my Sister. Just in case you were wondering why I was online all day Wednesday and Thursday. :P It was so boring. :P So yeah, while babysitting,I didn't really have time to do any serious gaming. So I've been putting in some late nights. But it's all good, I can finally sleep in tomorrow morning. :P I have been watching the movie Signs a lot lately though, so I might watch it again tonight. 8) I love Signs. 8) The storyline, and music is epic, very cool movie.

Guess what? :D My Dad didn't know that the PS3 had a BluRay player, so he was saying since I wanted a PS3 for the games, that he would possibly pay for half of the PS3, since he wants the BluRay. :D So I just might have a PS3 a lot sooner then I was planning. :D Uncharted 2 here I come! :D :P

I don't think I had anything else to say...

Oh, wait! :P

My awesome friend, Slyfur, has finally beaten Assassin's Creed, and gotten on to Assassin's Creed II! :D Of course, I'm only excited about this, because I'm the one who talked her into playing them. 8) :P So anyways... I hope you enjoy Assassin's Creed II as much as I did Fur! :)

Only three months, and eight more days until Assassin's Creed Brotherhood baby!!!!! :D I so can not wait. :P :)

Well, I think that's all for tonight. My Dad is wanting to get on and check out some things at work.

Yours In Eternity,