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Hello, Home Skilletz!

It's been a while! Again. But that is surely no surprise to you all by now. :P

How has everyone been?! Can you guys believe Christmas is only 12 days away? OMG guys. O.M.G. I just finished up my Christmas shopping 2 days ago, now all I have to do is wrap everything. Which really doesn't make sense, because by the time I'm done wrapping something it looks like I've taken wrapping paper from last year's fiasco, and reused what everyone tore up. :lol: Oh well... it's the thought that counts right? :P

So, lots of gaming updates to talk about! :D Okay, maybe not *alot*, but more than usual. :P Let's see, what to talk about first? Ah! Back in June, when PSN finally came back online I had downloaded inFamous, cause you know... who doesn't like free games? I had started it and only played the first 20 minutes and got bored. Big mistake. I started playing it again about a week or 2 ago, and now I can't *stop* playing it. Haha, it's really great. I'm happy I gave it another chance, cause it really delivered this time. I suspect I'm about halfway through the game by now (I'm going for the Hero ending, I just can't be evil, even if it *is* a game :P), and I'm really excited to play inFamous 2. I was shopping with my brother-in-law at Target and they had a TV and PS3 set up, inFamous 2 was in, so I told my bro to play it so I could watch. :P Haha, he's a 360 player, so it was cool to see him kind of wish he had a PS3. Anyhow, inFamous 2 looks *really* good. Cole looks way better in that one. :P

I've also gotten myself a Christmas gift this year (:P), Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

This game is *awesome*. :D I played a little of it a few months ago, and I finally found it on sale for only $20! Which is a fantastic buy, cause this game is great. Human Revolution is *all* I've been playing the past few days, and I'm about 15 hours in. The story is really good, and so far its doing a good job at keeping me hooked. And well... Mr. Adam Jensen is also doing a very good job at that as well. :oops: He is a very handsome man, yes?

I love everything about the gameplay. The conversations, the character interaction, the combat, even the upgrading and character advancement. It's all very well put together, and very enjoyable. I also love how in almost every conversation, Adam says something like "I never asked for this.", for reasons you will have to play the game and find out yourself. So I found this picture quite funny. :P Like I said, the story is just *really* good, and I can't wait to see what it leads up to. This game is definitely getting a good review from me, and I will be getting the DLC after finishing the game.

I've also finished Uncharted 3, and it's quite possibley my Game of the Year 2011. I still have to decide between that, Dead Space 2, L.A. Noire, and maybe Deus Ex after I finish it. :P U3 is definitely the best in the series, and I highly recommend it to every PS3 player. The multiplayer is not that great, which is really sad because U2's multiplayer was fantastic. Check out my review if you haven't. ^_^ Oh, and this by far was the *best* scene in the game. :lol: :

And this too. :oops:

I've finished AC: Revelations as well, and to be completely honest, it's a disappointment. I had very high expectations for this game, and it just didn't live up to them. It's good, but a big letdown after Brotherhood. Assassin's Creed II is still the best of course. ^_^ First of all, WTF was up with Desmond?! I love him, but come on. He'd better get rid of that beard before ACIII, because it just is *not* working for him. -_- Second WTF was up with Shaun only being in the end of the game?! :x That really ticked me off. He's like... the third best character! :cry: Third, WTF! was up with that den defense crap? It just does not belong in an Assassin's Creed game. Honestly, the only thing I really enjoyed was the Desmond sequences. Now those were awesome. God, some of them were *so* frustraiting though. I think I almost busted my crontroller a few times during those. :P Oh! And the multiplayer! OMG guys! OMG! The multiplayer is so much fun! It's easily the best feature of the game. The characters are very cool, though the sentinal is the best. I use him *every* game I can. :cool: The best part though? It doesn't take more then 30 seconds to find a match. :P

I also remember telling you guys I had suspictions for ACIII, but they will have to wait, because this blog is getting a little too long, and I have to be getting my butt moving. I've got karate in lessd than an hour! :P

I will try and post a blog just for my ideas about Assassin's Creed III soon, but with Christmas so close, I might not have the time. Therefore, this may also be my last blog until after the Holidays. So if that be the case, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year! ^_^

P.S. : Don't ask about the blog title. xD




Yours In Eternity,

VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

Are you Real Steel?

Whats up Home Skilletz? So have any of you seen Real Steel yet? I have. Twice in fact. And I plan to see it for a third time. 8) It's a fantastic film, and I absolutely love it. It's definitely one of Hugh Jackman's best, and quite possibly my favorite Jackman role. Before I talk more about how amazing this movie is, let me clear something up for those of you who haven't seen it yet... okay? Real Steel is *not* a movie about robots. I'm getting so sick of people saying the movie looks dumb, or that it's just another "rock'em sock'em robots movie", and they just are not going to be seen watching a movie about robots. IT'S NOT ABOUT ROBOTS. The movie is about Jackman's character's relationship with his son, and how Hugh's job brings them closer together. Charlie Kenton, (Hugh's character) is the corner man. He tells a robot what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Thats his job. The movie is about HIM and his SON. Not ROBOTS. Ahem. :P So... like I said. This movie is just awesome! I absolutely love the way the movie played out. The music fits so well with the film itself, and made the more emotional scenes so much more real. I may have shed a tear during a certain scene were Hugh realizes how much he loves his son, and that he wants to be in his life from that moment forward. It was beautiful... :P There were so many more scenes that made you tear up, or made you laugh your butt off. Seriously. There was this one scene where Hugh's son is practicing with Atom, and he starts dancing. Something about seeing an actual robot doing the robot dance is just hilarious. :P There were also some very funny one liners, but you'll have to go see the movie yourself to hear what they are. :P And for you people who couldn't care less about feelings, and happy moments? No worries. Real Steel has *plenty* of action. I was really surprised at how well the fighting sequences were choreographed. Some of them get really intense, and you find yourself cheering for you're favorite robot to win. It's all very exciting, and seeing it on the big screen more than once was amazing. There is so much more I want to say about this movie, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who has yet to see it. :P So, if you've seen Real Steel, how did you like it? :D Are you going to see it multiple times like me? :P Or, for those of you who have not seen the movie yet. You should. If your worried about sitting in a theater being bored after you've just spent $7.00 on a ticket for a movie that sucks, have no worries because that won't happen. Real Steel is a fantastic movie that should not be missed. I think it's definitely the movie of 2011. Even more so, it was number one at the box office for the 2nd week in a row! And, it has brought in over 56 million in one week internationally. I think thats pretty darn good. 8) Are you ready? Look at me, and repeat: I'm going to see Real Steel, and love it, just like VGN said! :P Thank you for reading, & God Bless! Yours In Eternity, VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

I Will Always Return

Hello, Home Skilletz! :D Surprised to see me blogging? It hasn't even been two months yet! :P See that awesome picture? Yeah. Thats a Captain America picture. 8) My parents took me to see it for my Birthday, and it was awesome! Oh my gosh I loved it. For me, it ranks right up there with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story starts off really slow, but gradually gets better. I really enjoyed it. :D It's funny, when the movie first started Steve Rogers (Captain America) was really... small. :P Now remember, I didn't know anything about Captain America, or his story. So about half an hour into the movie I started thinking, "Oh come on... this guy can't be Captain America... look at him! He's looks like a twig!" Then finally, when that creepy Doctor (Sorry, I only seen it once, I can't remember his name. :P) preformed that experiment on Rogers, I was like "Oh yeah! This is more like it!" Chris Evans looks FIIIIIINE as Captain America. :oops: But yeah... really awesome movie! I demand you all go see it now! If you have already, then you are awesome! 8) And check out this really cool "old" Captain America movie poster! :D I think I like this one more than the "new" one. :P Oh! I stayed through the credits of Captain America, and holy chocolate starfish batman, I saw the secret ending! :D OHMYGAWD THE AVENGERS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! :D Iron Man, *and* Captain America in a single film is going to be so EPIC! 8) Sorry... Nerd moment there. :P So, I know I said I was going to throw a party in my Birthday blog last Tuesday. But I was sick. On my Birthday! D: So I apologize. :P I'm feeling a lot better now though, I still haven't got my voice back gosh dangit! I got to do nothing, and enjoy Netflix for a week though. :P But *only* a week. We got my Sister's account code or something, and were using that. But then she said I was watching a movie when she tried to watch one, and she said it wouldn't let her because it said she was already watching something. :| Confusing, I know. So now I don't have Netflix anymore! :cry: At least I got to watch a few of my favorite episodes of Monk. I only got to watch one movie too. :P I seen Brothers, that movie with Toby Maguire. It was sad. :( But I still liked it. Speaking of Toby Maguire, I have been in a Spider-Man mood lately, and I have no idea why. :lol: I've watched the movies like 10 times in one week, and I watched Spider-Man 3 like 4 times in one day. 8) It makes me mad though when I watch the ending of Spider-Man 3, cause I know there isn't going to be a Spider-Man 4. :x Who else thinks this new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie is going to be *terrible*? :x It looks retarded! Who the heck is that skinny little twerp who is playing Spider-Man? And where is Harry Osborn, and don't you dare tell me that that blondie in the trailer is Mary Jane Watson! Stupid people. :x AND what about Sandman from 3? His story was suppose to continue! Bah... it makes me sick. :x I want a Spider-Man 4... not this "Not So Much Amazing Spider-Man" crap. -_- Meh... sorry for the rant. -_- Anyhow. I've mostly been playing Super Hero games the past two weeks. I rented Green Lantern, and played through that. My God, the achievements in that game are so easy! After I beat it, there were only like, eight more achievements to get. I also played through Captain America, and I flipping love that game! I hate GameSpot for only giving it a 6.5! The story is really good, and the combat is *SO* awesome, and tons of fun! I definitely think it's the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 8) I'm also still playing through Force Unleashed II on both PS3 and 360. I have *no* idea why I own this game on both systems. Now I have to play through it twice as many times to get all of the achievements and trophies. -_- Oh, you guys want to hear something awesome? :D I kind of already told you in my last blog, but I've beaten Halo 3, and Halo 3 ODST both on Legendary my first time ever playing through the games! 8) I saw the secret ending for Halo 3 too, and it was cool. Some of you thought I said I beat Reach on Legendary as well, but I didn't. :P I still have yet to complete that campaign on Legendary, but I plan on starting that one with my nephew tonight. I also picked up Silent Hill: Homecoming. It's awesome, but I hate it. :P The graphics are so good... it's so scary. I hate how real everything in that game looks. :P I played it all day Wednesday with my nephews, and I had trouble falling asleep that night. >_> I think my nephew Gabe did too. :lol: I'm going to have to wrap this blog up early. It seems I'm going to spend the day with Gabe playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I call dibs on Iron Man and Wesker! Oh, since so many of you complained that there wasn't enough Hugh Jackman in my last blog, there will be alot more of him in the next! :P But for now, I leave you with a very sexy picture of Chris Evans! I love me a man in Uniform. 8) Thank you for reading, & God Bless! Yours In Eternity, VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

VGN Is Back! For Now... =P

Hello, Home Skilletz! Yeah, I know. Long time no blog right? :P Sorry about that. I would have written, but there was some kind of glitch preventing me from posting a blog. I couldn't even post in some threads because of it. I can even post pictures in this blog because of a stupid glitch! :cry: Of course, thats not the only I haven't been around here. My family and I are going through a rough time right now. I was gone for a few days, and some of you sent me messages to check up on me, and I appreciate that. ;) I think we will be fine, it's just going to take some time. So my last real blog was from almost three months ago? :shock: Dang, time goes by so fast. I'm probably not going to be able to remember half the stuff I wanted to talk about... I mean, it *has* been over two months. :P If anyone remembers, I went to Old St. Charles, Missouri, with my family back in May. It was quite fun! :D The weather was perfect for walking around the old streets of St. Charles, and the shopping & food were fantastic! Of course we stopped at one of the *best* Coffee shops in the world, Picassos, when we first arrived. 8) I had a Mocha Frape`, and it was very good! We did a decent amount of shopping, and I found some really cool stuff. You know those small chests that look like old books? Well, I got a Lord of the Rings one. 8) I don't have anything in it yet though... I still can't decide what I want to put in there. :P I also got a few other small things. One in particular is this really cool small statue of a winged cat. Yeah... I know that sounds kind of weird, but it's very pretty. I can't remember what else I got... :P But my point was, it was a very good trip! I also went to a flea market somewhere with some family friends... but I can't remember where it was, or when we went. :P I did get the *only* Hugh Jackman movie, and a few other movies I didn't have there though! :D I got Van Helsing, The Island, & Little Women ( which is one of *the* best movies ever made, mind you). That place also had amazing home made popcorn! I also went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, with my nephews! I seen it twice, and it was surprisingly very good! I was worried I would be disappointed in it like the second and third Pirates movies, but I was very pleased with this one. Philip is definitely my favorite Pirates character, and he had better be in the next movie! The secret ending was also cool. :P As for Gaming... you all probably know by now I'm on Xbox Live. I hope you do. If you didn't, now you know! So go add me! My ID is VideoGamerNerd. :P I picked up a few new games since the beginning of May. :P I downloaded inFamous when PSN first came back online. Thats the only one I got though... the other games just didn't interest me. I haven't played hardly any of it, because I haven't been on PSN that much since I got a Live account. :P I'll definitely get back to it though! Oh, and about a month ago, something happened. I became a Halo player! :shock: I know! I'm surprised with myself! :P I own all the Halo games now, except for Halo Wars. They are all very cool games. So far I've finished Halo: Reach, and Halo 3: ODST on Legendary. 8) I should really write some reviews, but they can wait. :P Thats all I really have time to write, I'm going out tonight to pick up a few things. Talk to me on Live tonight it you miss me! :P I promise I'll be back next week with a real blog! That reminds me... I'm turning 17 Tuesday!!! :D Thank you for reading, & God Bless! Yours In Eternity, VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

Bird Lives!

Yeah... bird lives! At least, thats what my Sobe bottle cap said yesterday. :lol:

Hello, everyone! :D

Hope you are all doing well! I know I am. These past few days here have been beautiful! Any weather where I'm able to wear flip flops, jeans and a tank top, is fantastic. 8) At the beginning of the week though, we had a touch of Winter! It was in the 30's and 40's for a while. I'm happy for some warm weather, but I'm not looking forward to the 80 degree weather we are suppose to have all next week. :P

In other news... my last blog I met a guy. I thought we might be able to get together or something but, well... now I want nothing to do with him. You see, the lady that owns the store, I though he was her son. Apparently not. :| He's like my age, and he's her boyfriend. And she's like... my Mom's age. :| Now, maybe it's just me (I seriously hope not), but I think thats just plain gross! So... once again, I'm back in the market, so to speak. :lol:

Yesterday was Friday! :D What's so special about Friday, you may ask? Well, it's really the only day I have to myself, besides the occasional free Saturday, and I like to spend it doing some shopping. 8) When I have the money that is... :P I went to a few thrift stores with my Mom and Grandma, as usual. I found some really cool books I'm excited to read! I found Duel at a yard sale. It's a historical book about Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr. It sounds really cool. 8) I also got a medieval book called The Religion. I haven't really looked into it, but the cover art looks awesome. :P At Wal Mart (of course), I picked up my first Sarah Dessen book! :D

Yay! :D You can pretty much guess at what type of book it is by looking at the cover. :P I've had a lot of friends recommend them to me, so I'm going to give them a chance, and I'm super excited about reading it. Also, look what I finally got in the mail a few days ago! :D

Ranger's Apprentice, and Warriors: Omen of the Stars! :D I just started The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, and I'm only on chapter 4. :P I'm kind of scared to read it, because you can very well see on the front cover of the the book, it reads "The Final Battle". :cry: I don't want it to be the final battle! Ranger's Apprentice has been my favorite book series forever, and I'm not ready for it to end. Warriors will probably go on forever though... what is this? They're 28th book? :lol: And there are tons more coming out later in the year!

Speaking of later in the year... WHAT THE FUDGE IS UP WITH MASS EFFECT 3 BEING DELAYED UNTIL NEXT YEAR?! :x Seriously? :x :x :x Bah! Humbug! :x I would have much rather waited longer for Uncharted 3, or dare I say it, Assassin's Creed: Revelations! :x Also, WHAT THE FUDGE IS UP WITH ANOTHER EZIO GAME?! :x

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited for another AC game, but come on! This will be Ezio Auditore's third freakin' game! Ezio is awesome, and I also heard that Altair is somewhat coming back as well, but I was really looking forward to some new characters. Maybe even playing the entire game as Desmond. I love Assassin's Creed, but they can't keep making all these spin-offs. It's getting annoying. I don't want the series to end, but I want to see the final confrontation, you know?

*Sigh* Calm down VGN...

Bah. :x

So...PSN is still down, dangit. I want to play with my friends! :cry: Two weeks is far too long! I mean, I know they are working on getting the security system up and running, and working on making the online services better, but seriously! Okay, I really need to stop saying that... but seriously! TWO WEEKS! :x

I have been playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 on my PS3.

I beat the game, and now I'm playing on Hard mode. After that I plan to finish the game on Unleashed. Sounds scary doesn't it? I'm surprised with myself for only playing it once, because I'm really loving it even a third time trough.:P I also gave Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars a rent. It was fun, but I didn't get very far. :P My favorite is still The Original Trilogy. 8) Speaking of Star Wars, May 4th was Star Wars Day! :D That is just plain AWESOME! "May the Fourth be with you"? That was cool freakin' cool! :P

Oh! While we are talking about games (this is GameSpot...), I told you in my last blog, I was going to start showing off some of my favorites games, and my collection. It's not much, but being one of my favorite games series EVER, here is my Mass Effect collection! :D

My Assassin's Creed collection is much more epic, I assure you. :P I was just to lazy to get *all* of my AC stuff together for a picture. I will do that in my next blog. Maybe. :P

I haven't really done anything very exciting this week, I'm sorry to say. Thursday I watched The Princess Diaries movies with my Mom. :lol: 8) Thats about it... :P Next week, I'm going to St. Charles though! So I'll have some great pictures, and stories to tell by then, I'm sure! :D

Well, I'm sorry to say, I must take my leave now! My sister just called, and we are having them over here for dinner tonight! :D So I need to go clean the house! :P

Happy Early Mother's Day! :D

Thank you for reading, and God Bless!

Yours In Eternity,

VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

Strangers To Friends

Hello, Home Skilletz!

How is everyone? :) My day has been great! Remember a few blogs ago I told you guys about this old Antique shop called Sullivan's? Well, I know I said I hated it, and that I would never go back, but... well I did, and am extremely happy I did! :D This is why:

What's so special about this card, you may ask? Well, I met someone. :D The lady that owns the store, her son works there, and went I went up to pay for some stuff, he asked me about my amazing Mass Effect 2 shirt. :P We talked, and I asked him if he had an online ID, and he wrote his XBLive GamerTag on the back of this card. :D I wish I had Live at my house, because I want to add him so bad! :P I never really payed much attention to him, and for that I feel kind of bad... he seems like a really nice person. And he's cute. :oops: :P

So yeah, I do have an Xbox Live account now! I just don't have it at my house. :P I'm putting back money so I can get the wireless adapter, then I'll be set. I sent some friends requests to some of my GS friends, ones that I remembered had a Live account anyway. :P So accept me! :D Please! :P

I haven't really been doing much else, since my last blog two weeks ago. Easter went rather well. We had a big family get together like we always do, and had a fantastic time. :) I went out shopping for the first time in ages yesterday, and bought tons of clothes, and picked up Force Unleashed II on the PS3. 8) I've also been playing Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. There are lots of Gold Trophies in there! :shock: I also beat Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, and I was amazing even a seventh time trough! 8) I swear, I still get goosebumps whenever I play Suicide Mission, and the end of the game. Such epicness cannot be matched. Lair of the Shadow Broker was very cool! I was happy with the way it ended, and I'm sure it will have a big impact on Mass Effect 3. Also, Ferron is cool. 8) Kasmi, and Zeead were really cool as well.

Speaking of Mass Effect, did anyone see what was GameInformer's May edition?! :D

*Epic music plays in background*

Aaaaaahhhhh! It's Commander Shepard!!!! :D I was at GameStop when I seen this, and absolutely *had* to get it! I had already bought the Mass Effect 2 game guide with my money though, so for Easter my Mom got me the Pro membership at GameStop, and a year subsciption to GI magazine. :D I know, she's awesome. 8) But, guess what was even *better* than seeing Commander Shepard on the cover?

IT'S KAIDAN!!!!!!!!! :D I think I died a little when I seen his picture! :lol: He looks even more sexier than I remember him in Mass Effect. 8) I hope he is in ME3 a heck of a lot more than he was in ME2, or I swear I'm going to kill. :x I also read that Ashley, Garrus, Liara, Anderson, and Legion are back for sure. No news on Tali of Thane yet. :( I stared my female Shepard over in ME2, I'm planning to stay faithful to Kaidan Alenko this time... sorry Thane. :P

Oh! For a while I've been wanting to do this idea I've had for a few of my blogs! I was going to take some pictures of my game collection, favorite games, and game collectibles, etc. I don't have the time to do it in this blog, but I will in the next! :D

And whats with this PSN outage? I mean come on it's been almost 2 weeks! At first we hear nothing, then they tell us that all of our personal info, including credit card numbers are compromised? I was ticked. :P But, now that Sony has been giving us daily updates on whats happening, I'm okay with it now. I just hope it doesn't take them much longer to get PSN back up and running, because I want to get the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2. :x

Well,thats about it for tonight. I don't have much else to talk about, and I want to do some... things. :P

Thank youfor reading, and God Bless!

Yours In Eternity,

VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

This Is The Story Of How I Died...

No, not really. :P Though with my recent inactivity, you'd think I was dead. But I'm still alive, I promise. :D :P

Hello again, Home Skilletz. :) Again, I'm really sorry for not being here. You see I've been enjoying some very beautiful weather here, and of course the usual Resident Evil 5, and Uncharted 2 gaming sessions I have with my awesome friend Marko. 8)

We've finished the game on Normal, and so now we're on our second playthrough, and we are going for the Veteran Trophy. :D Playing with a friend in RE5 is a blast, but sometimes it can also make the game more difficult. For instance, during the final level in the Boiler Area, there are these giant bugs that come out of nowhere after you pull a set of levers. Marko and I both kept wanting to go a different direction, and wanted to try different things, resulting in a very bad level score due to dying so many times. :P I think our total deaths in the one level was like... 23? Yeah. So we didn't get any S ranking. :P But it was still a lot of fun! I played as Chris, and Marko was Sheva. xP We have also played through Lost in Nightmares a few times together, and we've completed it on Professional. 8) That time though, I made Marko be Jill, cause she is the one who has to do all the work in the level. xD I think today we are going to try the Desperate Escape DLC. I get to be Jill though! :x I hate stupid Josh. :P So yeah, we are definitely going for the Resident Evil 5 Platinum. :D

So as you can tell, I haven't been doing much. I did go out and buy Tangled, Tron: Legacy movie and soundtrack, Pirates of the Caribbean, and lots of new Summer clothes. :P

Tangled is awesome! :D One of the best movies ever! Flynn is definitely the best Disney 'Prince' ever. And Pascal is also awesome. 8) I think I've watched the movie about 50 times now since it came out. xD It's addicting! I love it, it's a very cute, funny movie. :)

Tron: Legacy is also very good! Once I seen it, I was so regretting not going to see it in theaters. The music was flippin' epic, and it would have been amazing in 3D on the big screen. Like I said, I loved the music so much I went out and bought the soundtrack as well. I don't know I why I bought Pirates, I've just been in the mood to watch it lately. :P I want to get the Tangled soundtrack too! I love all the songs, (excluding Mother Knows Best) and the song in the credits as well. :D I also want the game on the DS, and Tron for the PS3. Yeah I know, I want lots of things. :P

Oh, next month we are going back to St. Charles! :D It's a small historic town somewhere in Missouri, it's fairly close to St. Louis. I haven't been there for a few years, so I'm super excited about going back! It should be beautiful down there at this time of year, and I'm definitely bringing my camera to get some pictures. I'll probably post them my blog. :D Here are a few pictures I took last time I was down there. :)

There are lots of little shops and restaurants in St. Charles, and this place has Italian sodas! They are amazing, I will bring all of you back one when I return. :D

This is my favorite picture. :D It's from the one of the gardens outside a shop. We sat out here and looked at all the stuff we bought last time. :P

My car! :D No, not really. :P You can't see it from this view, but there was a teddy bear in the driver's eat of the car. xP

My turtle friend! We named him Austin. xP

There are more pictures, and I'll post them in in album if you guys want to see all of them. St' Charles is really an awesome place, and I can't wait to go back! :D My next blog probably won't be until then... :P I don't really have much more to talk about, so this blog is going to be very short. :P

I haven't finished Dragon Age II yet, I know I know, I'm a slacker. I got Assassin's Creed II for the PS3 last month, and I almost got the Platinum. I got Dante's Inferno, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and Mass Effect 2, and haven't touched them. :P But, I will get to them all very soon because I'm not letting myself by any more games until I finish what I do have. Yeah... I'm getting tired of blogging now. :P

Oh, before I forget, I want to thank all of you guys for all the comments on my last blog! :D It's nice to know you guys care, and I want to say thank you for a the congratz. :)

Before I go, I want to show you guys this incredibly cute picture I woke up to a few days ago... :P

Apparently Frodo likes to hide in my blankets when it's cold outside. :P

Okay, now enough blog! I'm tired! :P

Thank you for reading, and God Bless!

Yours In Eternity,

VideoGamerNerd ~ Sarah Lynn

By George, I've Done It!

Hello, my fellow Home Skilletz! :D

So, I just got back home from Karate and...


Yayz!!!!! :D :D :D

Haha. xD Yeah... I just really wanted to say that. I'm so happy! :D

Thanks for reading! xP

Yours In Eternity,