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Recommend me a good, realistic manga.

Hi guys. I'm looking for a good manga series to read during my leisure time. I'll probably take it on my phone to read outside. Anyway, the thing though is that I don't really know what to read.

I want to read something realistic and not a love manga; more like something about Yakuza or Mafia. I wish it to be as realistic as possible, no superhumans.

Or just anything that's good and not a typical shounen( I've read too much shounen, but if it's something like Hikaru no Go then I may like it). 

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks :)

Life updates

I hadn't really felt like writing a log for a while since not much has happened in my life, but I thought some of you might want to know me if we're going to be friends in here, so I'm going to talk a little about what has happened lately...

I've been hanging out a lot more than my usual self; I'm usually introverted, but for some reason, my friends and I've done a lot of stuff, starting with the Friday before last, when I had a little reunion with some friends and we drank a little; for the record, I don't drink much but they do.

Then on Saturday, we went to school. It was awesome because there was an event with another school and we played some games in teams, like Water Polo, Fishing and other crazy things which I don't feel like explaining. It was awesome, but I was kind of sad not to have been able to meet girls because well... I'm kind of shy and the girls were in groups. I guess I could approach a lonely girl but I don't really know how to approach a group... :(

Last week we went to Six Flags on Thursday. It was OK; kind of crappy actually because we didn't ride many games.

On that same day one of my friends hosted a little dinner and it was super fun. I somehow managed to overcome my usual introversion and told a lot of jokes. My friends even thought I was drunk but I didn't drink.

Then on Friday I went to a pool party with one of my friends. It wasn't too much fun.

On Saturday, I went to give classes (I work as a math teacher sometimes) in the morning and at night I went to my friend's 19 year old party. It was a legendary party. The only downside was there weren't many girls, but there was alcohol and it was fun overall...

Also, there's this girl I really like at school, but I haven't been brave enough to ask her out or even talk to her much. That, however, will change. I seriously need to man up... I'm already 18 and no girlfriend since long ago... 

Anyway, please tell me if this was a boring read.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

Just pre-ordered Soul Hackers

Hi guys. Welcome to my first non-review blog. 

Today, I'm celebrating because I pre-ordered:


So Excited to play this game. Anyone else got it inside their radar?

Anyway, that's it... and now my backlog will grow even more :( That's the bad thing about loving RPGs, they take too long and build a huge backlog... still I won't complain. 


Also, this is unrelated but, I'm writing a book! It's currently pretty bad though :( I mean, I know my story is good but it's just too darn boring to write it. Anyone got some tips to make it seem more fun?


Well that's it for now. Thanks for reading and please comment! :D

New review is finally out!

Hi everyone, my review for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is out. Check it out by clicking on the image below. Anyway, my next review is going to be for Bit.Trip Saga for the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully, I'll be faster at getting it out this time. Don't forget to give me your suggestions on my review and what reviews to do next (though I already have a bunch of stuff planned, so suggested reviews might take some time).

Thanks for reading.


New Review: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Hello everyone. My review for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is out. I hope that it helps anyone on the fence about getting the game! Please check it out if you have time and submit suggestions or comments. Thank you!

You can check my review here: