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Cake rubbing issues/complains/whining & feelings regarding some OT posters..

So,to begin, because of a few disgruntled users and a user who requested named, Cloudy(can't remember the numbers so I nicknamed him Cloudy) who apparently finds my cake rubbing annoying..I am at the moment going on a week "fasting" or undergoing a "chastity period" of GS usage without rubbing cake on biggie, it's not like I'm going crazy or anything like those ciggy people trying to give up or a sex addict on rehab, it's just that, after returning to prominent activity in OT in a long while, I found some users rather hostile and easily irritable with many small and petty things. It's sad but I hate to say that OT is really not the same as it use to be. There are still the friendly users but others are just meh. I mean, they can't even explain logically why they find Vancelvany's cake rubbing annoying! Me and my partner where surprised as well regarding the attitude of some users. Guess we were out for a long time. :|:?:cry::P

I go to the forums as a place to relieve myself from stress from the grueling daily battle that is life with many different people and I guess I was wrong to expect that it won't be the same in OT. Gosh, never thought there are users like that in OT now. Maybe I'm expecting some elderly treatment but I also think I'm just being whiny..:P

Since I am an honest person, I shall be frank about this. are some of my observations..

- I find some posters in OT rather cocky, full of themselves. It's like they know so much. But in truth, they don't. Keen observations on who they refute and how they react to certain topics gives slight clues on the person's mentality and portion of their way of thinking.:x

- Some users take on a facade, since in real life, they have a different experience. They want to be winners in this field since it could be possible and plausible that out of cyberspace, they have a varying experience that is not of the same sort to the aforementioned.

- The Internet is a complicated place and it seems some people are forgetting that many people do not show the real them. I deem any online accounts as a form of a passport to access to a region in cyberspace, such as GS. The thing is, the person can alter many details and project themselves another person. I'm just amused and bewildered at how some OT users take that internalization to the next level, I guess that will include myself(with the excemption of my girlfriend since she is rather very honest and doesn't concern herself with petty issues like this when she's the one using the account).

Many things to say but I leave it at this since I feel better after ranting. Just wanted to say that I'm aware some people think Vancelvany is a fool, well, I'm going to have the last laugh in the end. Just to share, the Fool in tarot cards is numbered zero. Zero may be an empty number, but it has infinite possibilities. Better a fool than a person who's cup is full. :o :P

I'm not trolling nor spamming when I'm rubbing cake. No one's getting hurt nor do I bash anyone. I mean, it's online for Interwebz sake. I guess some pople use their imagination too much. Either way, Vancelvany will be in GS, for a very long time. Cake rubbing won't stop, even though some claim that the cake is a lie. I like cake, this is the Internet, I'm a good citizen of GS, and dedicated too. I will remain being me and kind to other people, who else will? Peace people. :)

PS: this is the longest blog Vancelvany has ever made! :o Also, first time in a blog that I revealed who's typing! :D

We leveled up to 21 btw! This is a great achievement! 8)

Lastly, we wuv you all!:oops:

No cake ruubing though...I keep promises...:)

Level 19 after nearly 6 years?!?!

So, Vancelvany is now level 19, after 6 years!


That didn't take too long right? :D

We mean, Vancelvany checks GS frequently but doesn't go to OT much lately but its alright since it's the games that Vancey checks out. :)

Level up for the start of 2011! :)

DEAR GS, If I\we ever return to being active here...

It's been years since we(Vancelvany) graced the forums and became active in GS...

We haven't updated our collection but has been visiting the site frequently for the reviews and

sorts..We got a PS3 long ago

and is thinking of rating and adding our collection to show-off again and share our rather weird

gaming opinions..

but after all these years, Vancelvany misses the fun and thrill of being an active GS user...

We did mention before there is life outside in the real world and we have been living it...

If Vancelvany does return, will we be accepted? Will GS and it's other love us? We know it's

been long since we were active

that we're positive no one remembers us. Just so everyone knows, Vancelvany craves for

that GS fun and cakes again...

Tell me please oh baby.

P.S.: We desire to bring back the cake. It's been 5 years already since Vancelvany was born

and the prodigal GS

sons/daughters/being/users desires a return, a comeback..

I'm sorry Gamespot....

Dear fellow GS users,

it has been long since i've used my account...

I am really busy lately..

and will be like forever...

I am sad to say so...

that i can no longer be active like before..

i will still visit GS...but only to browse for games and find out date releases...

no more regular OT forum and blog posting..

I miss GS...but you see, there is life also outside GS..and i am living it...

Thank you...:)

New GS aint working for me...:(

The new look doesnt work well for me...its too cluttered i think...and access to the site somewhat became kinda bores me too...this is affecting my mood...i feel like GS lost something...and i dont what it is....cant describe it...

Do you remember????????

So, I've been gone for a very long time....

And there are 2 reasons;

- super busy

- research

The research part is this;

I show up regularly on GS for a month and slowly fade away and then vanish for a long time..Then come back and see if the other users are still familiar with me....Pretty lame and shallow huh? Its all part of the plan...

Post a comment.... :)

Exploring Gamespot....

Its not a bad place to hang out when your bored and no one to chat with in the net...

I use to just go in the forums...and type in a few blogs but that its...Now, i've explored GS....its ok....

So I tried and read many blogs....Wow, GS is full of unique people!! :)..its fun here...though there are flaws too....

Its a nice place but with so many accounts( Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Multiply.....) to maintain...its not easy...:(

But I'll keep visiting this site every now and them...:)

So, i'm taking over this profile for now...

Since my partner only can only sneak in some time...

I'll take over this profile for now!!! *claps hands*

(I've changed the profile info a it please...)

Hurray!! *cheers*

At least this profile won't be idle...

besides, I wanna know what GS is really like...

but dont expect me to be as frequent as him....


and btw, CAKE!!! :D


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