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Yup, Target is giving 10$ Gift Cards to those folk you Buy Dissidia for the PSP.

Most People who own a PSP should own this game, and this is the place to buy it.

Give me an Ad Block or Give me Death

Does anyone know a good adblock or Internet Explorer?

I know Firefox gets AdblockPlus free, is there a free one for IE? Lookin to kill some banners. Gamespot is getting a lil too ridiculous with it.

For Those About To Die, I Salute You

I'm talking about Battlefield 1943. Finally arrived in the PS Store (PS3). Got the game already and it really is a kickass game.

You can try the game if it isnt for you, there is a demo available 500+ Megs.

Until Wolfenstein arrives, GET THIS GAME.

Why I PSP more thanPC currently, any Suggestions for 1P games?

Ef anyone actually looks at my game list, you'll notice a gut of PSP titles. No, i don't dislike PC games, my current PC additios are only 'breakout' theme games from Arcade Lab I'm on 56k for the summer, so On-line games are no-go's right now.

I am the leader of THE PSP Union, so ya I love the awesome portable.

What i am looking for are some good single player games. I like a variety, and RTS games too. I won the GoldBox Empire Earth I, and tested and like the old old Subtitans., and still play Ceaser IV.

So lemme know what you think.

Why do People Pay to Play?

I don't unsterstand why people pay for software, THEN keep paying for it to play month to month. on-line
I remember the Diablo Days when pay was free.

Some companies like Sierra don't charge for server time (the Empire Earth series to name one).

If i pay so much for software why should I KEEP paying for it? My suggestion, dont buy it if you pay to play.

Ceasar IV : Still Going!

Wow started playing again and realized a lot people still play too.

Ceasar Challenges are up to the forties and still going! Each challenge runs for 2 weeks.

I realized how fun building can be. When it snow which is cool, people cover their heads and some put up snowmen! Totally cool!

The PSP Add-ons, the good with the bad

The Good is Skype Radio now on the the PSP.

The neat and foreign are the GPS add-ons are the TV and GPS plugi-ins

The good/bad is the camera. While I'm sure it has its uses, there has been a gripe about the low pixels count on the camera.

I think the point of this is the PSP screen reolution is what holds this back, but if you want better reolution than just but a Camera.

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