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I Dont Play Games Anymore :( except...

I can't believe this really, but since i started Uni (college for americans) i havent touched a console. ok so thats not that amazing- but i have a load of many unfinished games on my cube and XB, and it's annoying. Instead i've spent loads of time shooting a documentary on graffiti, and getting drunk, like i am now (hence sp).

I have however, started playing WoW after being finaly bullied into it by a friend, and i have to say, whilst its a great game (albeit one that rewards hows played as opposed to skill :P) i haven't got too addicted.

Luckily my bro bought a 360, which saves me cash and lets me get in on a bit of GOW action, so thats the plan when i go home.
ok, thats it.


Crazy story!

I entered a competition to win Football Manager on Xbox 360 ages ago. It was one of those do and forget things....

Anyway, this morning I arrived in college early so decided to check my email. Now, I use loads of accounts for loads of different things, as i'm sure a lot of people do, so I decided to check my Yahoo one, which I hadn't checked for ages (and had no idea it was the one i'd used to signup to GS with). Anyway, I logged in to see I had 96 new messages! Damn Project Rockstar and it's infernal daily updates :P

At this point I was about to give up and exit, when one particular message caught my eye....

Sure enough, it was from GS- regarding a competition. I opened it to discover i'd won one of five copies or something, and read it a few times to be sure. This was where luck had truly intervened.....

As I hadn't checked the mailbox, I had missed the original confirmation message, and this new one said I had until June 6th (today) to reply or the game would go to someone else. I quickly got a reply in, and about an hour later it was sorted! Gamespot FTW! I don't know how I would have felt if i'd read the message tomorrow!

Come to think of it, I probably won this on my old account, hence the unused email.

For 6/6/06 it was a very good day :D

My new profile banner

Wow, just uploaded my new profile banner, comprising of two pics of Grace Kelly......she is soooo beautiful :oops:

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks to- thought i'd keep to the black and white retro look, and i think the font works pretty well.

OT, Grace Kelly's first scene in Rear Window = Best movie moment ever.

Next up, I think it's time i re-worked my sig.

My Post counts not working....

If anyone happens to stumble over this and knows a way to fix my dillemma then please help! i should have around fifty posts but only have one! Think im gonna have to contact admin....

My New Account!

Ok, if you hadn't realised, i have now got a new account. As I explained on my former, imachelseafan, account, it's mainly for the username...