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Wii music: probaly misunderstood

From the get go Wii music has been looked at very negatively. Some complaints that have stood out that I've heard/read is lack of know music and its too simplistic. I think it partialy stems from the fact that most people don't like to know they are indeed stupid. Don't think for an instant there isn't some body teaching a monkey to play Rock band or Guitar hero its that simplistic.

Where is the creativity? You just endlessly rehash somebody elses crap. Yes its fun, its your favorite songs. Wii music isnt trying to be that. I don't think Wii music should be compared to those game because the goals don't seem the same at all. To me WM is like a very easy to use music generator. Have you all forgoten the MTV music generator from back in the day?

Okay so there are structural differences. So what I'm getting is that the public could care less about making there own music, they would rather ride somebody elses coattails. " Oh I can get a perfect on highest difficulty on xxx game" you and a million other people and most them dont brag about it so it wont be known.

It would be terrible if Sony were to have a music generator right now. according to that End user agreement they would own all you do, so much for those aspiring to get into the music industry the simplest way possible. For those that just believe in just a game being a game the complaints are justified. Nobody wants to play a"learning" game. (wonder why Brain age sold so well?)

On another note, I cant stand that I play a game to have fun only to find you gotta get a job and pay bills same as real life. FORGET THAT! I just pick up nearest avilible weap and all is well..till the fuzz shows up. They so need to get a refund on their vests they dont seem to work hahah..ahem anyway the usual saying goes.. at least give it a try before bandwagon jumping. " I don't lik it because its for dummies" So are those books but you still buy them. :p