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Where in the world am I?

Life calls, it sux I cant play games like I used too. Of course I still cant stand "casuals". Main focus has been Phantasy Star (zero, portable 2, infinty(jp demo)). This whole Sony business is driving me insane. Hopefully that rumored Microsoft dev kit is for a handheld because this is one screwup by Sony I cant forgive. Dont folks relize that stolen information makes them a target. Those hakers now know who to target insterad of at random. I had to change EVERYTHING and warn EVERYBODY in my contact list. Sony has really unlawfully cost me. I have to drop them. For those who dont , you might want to start using those prepaid psn cards you can get from gamestop or 7-11. Hopefully Nintendo wont dissapoint. Looks like the Wii, Xbox360, PS3 era is about over. I dont own any of these systems and don't plan to. They all were a let down. Hopefully they have all learned from there mistakes and the next gen hardware will show such(yea right but heres hoping). Hope everyone out there is doing well, so get your game on!