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What a dream.

In my family, there are those that claim to get visits from those past on in their dreams. I just shrug my shoulders and turn up my nose. In actuality I say to my self" how come nobody ever visits me? I've never had a dream with people who are deceased in it. EVER.


So as it goes. I was on vacation and went to JP. I took my AE86 with me because I figure it will not stand out and was small. The locals wouldn't care. So I land at the airport and its more like a huge mall than an airport. So I'm in surprise about it all. So much so i decide to leave my car parked at the airport and decide to walk to really take in the scenery. So after walking out the airport and wandering around town (some quasi-suburban area, really clean) for about 13 hours, I figure I'm starting to get lost.

So I just go into some random little office (with the same color layout as a Wendy's) to ask for directions. I walk in. In there is a gentleman with glasses on the phone. My JP is worst than a newborn. So I'd figure i'd keep this as short as possible. So I say map? er mapu? He ends his call nods his head and starts typing on his computer. He starts talking in JP but slowly shifts to at least understandable english. So he's asking me questions and is setting up with a travel agent to help get me back home. I'm like "wow".

Afterwards we go outside and were have a great chat. At one point I told him I was here with my AE86 and point to one in a nearby parking space. He chuckles and says "that'd be too small for my wife and I to join you around your hometown". I say, oh my other car is a sedan with plenty of room(more was said but I'll cut to the chase). I then ask could I get his name, number, and address so I could send him a gift when I get back home. He gave a nice smile then I woke up. I said to myself "what a nice fellow, I wish I had gotten his name" Then as I recalled his face from my dream my eyes popped open wide as I recognised his face. Oh my...Satoru Iwata.